Qwest Launches Customer Internet Protection Program

Qwest would like you to know they’ve launched some fancy new “Consumer Internet Protection.”

According to Qwest, the new program notifies you that your computer is infected, gives you information on how to remove the infection, and then provides you with anti-virus software.

From their press release:

The Qwest(R) Customer Internet Protection Program (CIPP) notifies Qwest Broadband customers about viruses and malware that may be on their computers, informs them of safe Internet security practices and helps them clean viruses and malware from their computers. The CIPP is part of Qwest’s ongoing commitment to make the Internet safer for customers and is available to residential and small-business Qwest Broadband ADSL* customers at no additional charge.

“Internet security is a top priority for Internet users and for Qwest,” said Melodi Gates, Qwest director of risk management and chief information security officer. “Most people don’t even know when their computers become infected, so Qwest’s goal is not only to help customers get rid of the infections, but also to make sure customers are armed with information to maintain strong levels of Internet security going forward.”

Qwest says the program is a big hit with consumers. Anyone used it?

Qwest Customer Internet Protection Program Increases Security For Broadband Customers, Combats Spread Of Viruses And Malware [Qwest]
(Photo:Ken Lund)

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