AOL is STILL trying to extort money from people who canceled their account. STILL STILL STILL. [KUTV]


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  1. Flackette Goes Retro says:

    I got one of these letters years after cancelling AOL. The weird part was that it went to my parents’ address, which I have not used since college, and never used at any time that I had an AOL account. So…wtf?

  2. QuirkyRachel says:

    Comcast did that. I swear they were hoping that I would just pay the bill in hopes of getting rid of them. Good job I always called and confirmed that my account was closed and I didn’t owe anything (“Gosh, I don’t know why the system sent you a bill for $400…”)

  3. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    Sounds like Mail Fraud.

  4. LAGirl says:

    a few years ago, we purchased a new laptop for the office. it came with ‘free’ AOL for one year. we already had an AOL account, so we thought ‘great!’. we’ll just extend for another year.

    but every time we tried to get the free year, AOL gave us the runaround. came up with one excuse after another to deny the free year. we later found out that they had set up a second account, but they were charging us for it!

    the good thing was that it was billed to our Amex. i cancelled both accounts and asked Amex to credit our account for every month we were double-billed. AOL tried to dispute it, but Amex shot them down.

    what i can’t understand is how anyone still uses AOL??

  5. SVreader says:

    I used AOL’s free trial service once, and even with that they make it as difficult as possible to cancel. Every time I asked to cancel, they would have someone else give me a sales pitch. It took a lot of “No, thanks, I just want to cancel the service” on my part before I was finally told that I would have to send something in in order for my service to end.

  6. TSS says:

    I had AOL for years because there was no DSL in my boonie neighborhood until recently. Stories like this are why I didn’t even try to cancel. I killed off all but the main screen name, and switched to a free account.

    PS That Gephardt guy has a podcast (available on iTunes) in which he tests various infomercial/catalog products to see if they live up to their claims. It’s cheesy, yet highly entertaining.

  7. chandler in hollywood says:

    I moved and went DSL, went to my AOL online account and switched to Free AOL. No problems ever having to deal with people and the billing stopped on time. The only thing I wish they would do is figure out how to fix and bring back OpenRide. It was buggy but convenient for all my old screen names and mail.

  8. CumaeanSibyl says:

    We had AOL back when the alternatives were CompuServe and Prodigy, and we still had the same problem canceling — they just kept billing us until my dad threatened legal action.

    The weird thing was, we would uninstall the AOL software, but it would come back. I think the regular uninstall process left some files behind that stealthily connected to AOL’s servers whenever you went online and downloaded the rest of the program, or something like that. It’s like how you can’t uninstall Outlook Express without going in and deleting a bunch of DLL files, or else it’ll show up again. Anyone else have that happen, or am I crazy?

  9. jesirose says:

    That is a horribly written article…it looks like a middle school student wrote it. They spell his last name differently in different parts, forget to capitalize his first name and write stuff like “$10 bucks”. Ten dollars bucks? Nice. This is “professional” journalism?

  10. nardo218 says:

    @jesirose: Seriously, what horrible writing. It’s almost as bad as the Jezebel articles.