Target Matches Walmart's $9 Birth Control Pill Program

Attention women who like the idea of $9 birth control: Target has announced that they will be matching Walmart’s program. Target will also be matching the additions to the $4 generic program.

Here’s the bad news, those of you who reside in states that prohibit stores from selling prescription drugs as loss leaders are not getting the $9 birth control:

Laws in Minnesota, Wisconsin and seven other states prevent pharmacies from selling drugs below their true cost. As a result, Wal-Mart will charge more to consumers here for nine of the 24 drugs being added to its generic discount program.

In the case of a generic birth control pill called Tri-Sprintec, two Wal-Mart pharmacies in the Twin Cities on Friday were selling a one-month supply for $26.88.

“We cannot provide the $9 for the three women’s health drugs in those states,” said Wal-Mart spokeswoman Deisha Galberth, referring to Tri-Sprintec as well as a second birth control drug and a fertility treatment.

Target matches Wal-Mart drug cuts
[Pioneer Press]

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