Toyota To Recall Floor Mats In 2007 Lexus And Camry

Toyota is recalling optional “all-weather” floor mats used in the 2007 Lexus and Camry because they could slip and trap the accelerator pedal. This, quite obviously, would be very, very bad.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would also appreciate it if owners of the Toyota hybrids Prius and Avalon would double-check to make sure their floor mats are installed correctly.

The floor mats aren’t defective, but when stacked on-top of other floor mats they can come loose and the results are not pretty.

There were seven crashes and 12 injuries in connection with crazy pedal trapping evil floor mats. Safety officials said, “drivers traveled for miles and reached speeds exceeding 90 miles per hour before the car stopped.” Holy crap.

If you have one of these cars, Toyota is going to design a new floor mat and send it to you. Try not to die before then. Make sure your floor mats are gripping the floor!

Toyota to recall floor mats in 2007 Lexus, Camrys [Reuters]

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