McDonald's Delivers Via New York City Subway

Reader Christopher snapped this photo of some McDonald’s employees making a delivery, via the New York City subway. Christopher is worried that the boxes contained what they say they contained—raw eggs and chicken fillet.

We hope that someone just ordered a ton of McDonald’s food for their office, because the idea that McDonald’s thinks the subway is as good as a refrigerated truck is a little too hard to believe. In any case, that’s a lot of McDonald’s.

(Photo:Thanks, Christopher!)


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  1. MonkeySwitch says:

    Reason number 7,629 to never eat at that disgusting “restaurant”

  2. hoosier45678 says:

    I’m guessing the same franchisee owned multiple locations and needed an emergency restock at one, from a different location’s supply.

  3. You can see the employee holding on to two carry-out bags and one can only guess that the person on the left in blue and the person to the right out of the shot are also employees. This would lead me to believe they are delivering a large order to an office.

  4. swalve says:

    A) Those boxes are opened, so they probably didn’t contain what they say.

    B) If they did, the chicken was frozen, and has plenty of time at room temperature before something bad happenes.

    C) Until recently in history, eggs were STORED at room temperature. By food safety standards, they have four hours out of refrigeration before they are considered unsafe.

    D) I doubt that’s any kind of delivery, as the amount of food there would barely allow operations to continue for a few hours.

    E) Its interesting that McDonald’s boxes haven’t changed a lick in 15 years.

    @MonkeySwitch: Hilarious comment! The irony is subtle.

  5. kc2idf says:

    Why would you eat at McDeath in New York, for crying out loud‽ Look around for thirty seconds, and you will find at least twenty better places to eat.

  6. bbbici says:

    So what?! People actually transport groceries– shocking! I suppose Christopher eats all his groceries in the market before he leaves.

    In NYC, the subway is probably the fastest way to move something anyway, so good for them!

  7. Falconfire says:

    @bbbici: yep was going to say that food has more of a chance getting there fast and fresh by subway than it ever would via a truck.

    There IS a reason they are trying to limit downtown traffic in NYC you know…. its because it can take a hour just to drive 6 blocks these days.

  8. catskyfire says:

    Because it’s cheap, tasty, and reliable? And where I live, one of the few things open after 10.

  9. not_seth_brundle says:

    What swalve said. Eggs and poultry can be left at room temperature for short periods without danger. I guess Christopher has never been out of the country as we are one of the few countries to obsessively refrigerate such things as butter, cheese, and even bread of all things.

  10. Megatenist says:

    Oh,good.There’s our new shipment of dirty towel buckets.We need them for our new shake machine.

  11. tekkierich says:

    Why would someone assume they are moving food? I have moved many a times my household items in McDonald’s boxes. They look opened, I imagine something else is in those boxes rather than MCD’s food.

  12. MoogleLally says:

    How do we know it was a delivery? Maybe the employee was heading home, and just grabbed a bag from work to carry some of their stuff?

    When I worked at Krispy Kreme, I often rode the bus to work/home in uniform.

  13. MoogleLally says:

    @MoogleLally: Oh wait, I didn’t notice the guy next to her was also in McDoogles garb as well. Weird. Never mind me!

  14. Megatenist says:


    He’s the delivery guy,and she’s the bodyguard.

  15. If they’re actually eggs he doesn’t seem to be too worried about putting a heavy box on top of them.

  16. Secularsage says:

    They’re clearly open boxes being reused for delivery. All of the original contents inside the boxes would have been in extra packaging (bags, cartons, etc), so the boxes are safe to re-use. McD’s delivers in New York; I’m guessing big office or church delivery.

    Would you rather McD’s threw all the boxes away and used other boxes for food deliveries?

  17. Balisong says:

    Why didn’t the photo-taker just ask what the situation was? End speculation. And even if those are eggs, they won’t self-destruct if left outside a fridge for an hour or two. This just might be the silliest story I’ve seen posted on here so far.

  18. mrmysterious says:

    It’s the start of a new fable “The Boy that Cried McDonald’s corruption”.

  19. rouftop says:

    If you had a huge delivery order to make for a company, and you worked at a McDonalds in Manhattan, what would you do? Rent a truck?

    I’m with Balisong. Can we have reports of real violations instead of pictures from some “concerned” dude’s cellphone?

  20. mcnee says:

    Let’s take a cell-phone photo that doesn’t show much of anything so we can come up with something that looks like it might conceivably maybe hint at a perhaps possibly being an issue and get our 15-seconds of fame online.

  21. Aladdyn says:

    I think some ppl are missing the bigger possible problem. I certainly wouldn’t want my food delivered in a box that had previously contained raw meats or eggs. I don’t care if said raw meat/eggs were in another package. Its not a healthy way to store food.

  22. jesirose says:

    @Balisong: Because in New York, if you talk to a stranger on the subway, they might shoot you.

  23. Kaitlin says:

    I think that Hoosier45678 has it right. My roommate was a manager at a McD’s and we often would fill up her car with boxes and go out and get or deliever product when needed by another store. Even driving between Kansas City and Topeka. So I wouldn’t be suprised if in NYC they used the subway. McD’s doesn’t supply cars and if you are trying to make up your mistake on your order your are own your own.
    Also my last couple moves have been entirely with McD’s boxes, they are the perfect size for college girls on the move.

  24. redknight says:

    I was under the impression The Consumerist was edited in Manhattan; you do realize that in Manhattan, the subway is probably the safest, and most certainly the quickest, way to transport anything in Manhattan.

  25. burbed says:

    I’ve seen Chinese restaurants get restocked via the subway – dirty white buckets of mystery getting off at the Canal St station. Mmm… tasty.

    They really should charge these people extra – or have a Cargo Metrocard

  26. HalOfBorg says:

    Maybe they’re on their way home, and hope that nobody notices the empty storage areas…..

  27. ViperBorg says:

    @Megatenist: Exactly what I was thinking!

  28. uricmu says:

    I’m a little surprised that you can get that much stuff through the subway. I mean, the guy has an actual trolley with him. Isn’t there someone in the subway station making sure people don’t come in with stuff? How did he even manage to get through the tiny gates with it ?

  29. smallestmills says:


    Um, he probably used the wheelchair entrance. With the swing door, not the turn style.

  30. Athlon12 says:

    I’ve see them transport stuff in cabs here in Chicago (I only saw them load buns before I went down to the subway)

  31. mattarse says:

    So ummmm, the guy taking the picture had a great chance to confirm what they were doing….. Just ask.