My Wonderful Trip To South Africa That Didn't Happen Thanks To The TSA And Delta Airlines

Here’s a ridiculous story about the TSA, the San Diego Airport and Delta Airlines. It even involves allegations of “death threats.”

At this point the husband of the family, my hero – got love New Yorkers (living in Florida). Screams at the top of his lungs “He’s with us, you let him up here right now!” directly into the face of the TSA bouncer that made the announcement earlier.

The TSA officer says to the husband, “Sir, lower your voice.”

“Fine go through”, Jackie says knowing she could no longer deny me and had lost.

At the same moment I walk through the First class line behind the TSA officer. I hear the husband ask, “Why are you guys doing this to this guy, he just wanted to get on his flight?”

As I walk by, I hear the TSA officer respond – “Sir, that gentleman made a death threat on my life”. AN OBVIOUS LIE! I ignore it, as at this point I am shaking from the stress of the situation and I am nervous that I am not going to make my flight.

“Oh, I didn’t know anything about that”, the husband says.

The family and I are now parallel in the lines. I say thank you to both the husband and wife for their help and they try to calm me down, I was visibly shaking. I give the husband my business card and say please get in touch so that I can thank you. I hope he reads this and does.

It just gets more and more ridiculous. The guy misses his flight, and the second flight has mechanical difficulties. He tries to get a refund but gets the run around, then is fined $200. His luggage ends up in South Africa. Or maybe Atlanta. He probably needs a hug.

My Wonderful Trip To South Africa That Didn’t Happen Thanks To The TSA And Delta Airlines [NetStumbler]

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