Microsoft Presents: UPS And The Case Of The Vanishing XBOX 360

Reader Daniel’s XBOX 360 went missing after he shipped it back to Microsoft via UPS. UPS did not give him a receipt. Now that they’ve lost the package, Microsoft won’t send Daniel a new XBOX 360 because he has insufficient proof that he shipped it in the first place. Daniel has a signed letter from the UPS manager stating that UPS did indeed pick up the package, but that’s not good enough.

July 5th – 360 kicks the bucket with the three red lights. I call Xbox, determine that its really broken, and get a person who helps me set up the repair order.

July 13 – Receive the box.

July 19 – I have the box all set up; I have the 360, sans faceplate and hard drive, in the Styrofoam padding and placed in the box. Box is sealed up with that awesome tape that came with the return box. Box is brought to Business and shipped via UPS. The unit was picked up by the driver, NO pickup receipt was given, and apparently the box was NOT scanned on pickup. I have been told that they do that at the distribution center to help the drivers work faster.

July 25 – I check on the status of my console, still says shipped to customer. So I check the tracking number, Billing info received, nothing else. I call UPS to verify that this is correct, and it it. I am told to wait one more day and to call back.

July 26 – I call UPS and I am told that since the package isn’t in my name, it is in Micrsoft’s and I have to contact them for further information. I call Xbox support and I am told that I have to call UPS because the xbox support doesn’t deal with this.

July 27 – I call MS again and I get someone who decides it’s a nice idea to help. So I am told that I need to have a “tracer” placed on the package and to wait for the results. I call Ups, and they happily do it for me. I am told to wait 5 business days to call back to check the status.

July 31 – I notice that the tracer is closed; package not found is shown on the UPS site. I call UPS and I am told to call Xbox. I call Xbox and I am told that they will search the repair center and to call back in another 5 business days.

August 2 – I call MS back and I am told that the repair center does not have the console and I am transferred to a supervisor because the support person I was talking with wasn’t able to handle this. I am transferred to a super, and she then decides to have a conference call with UPS. WE come to the conclusion that UPS must have the package and the UPS tech places a new tracer on it. I am told the UPS claim number of [redacted].

August 10 – I call MS back because the tracer is again finished but no package. I am told that the repair center does have it, and that I do not need to call in anymore.

August 12 – I call Xbox back because the website to check the repair status still shows it as “Box shipped to customer”. I am transferred to a different call center now apparently because the basic techs are unable to help. I am connected with Jeff, [redacted]. He says that he handled a case just like mine recently and that he would take care of this. And he also states that I was misinformed by the last tech and that they repair center does NOT have the console.

August 15 – I call Jeff back, and I leave a message asking about the status of my console and for him to call me back.

August 17 – I am contacted by Jeff. I am told that he is working with his superiors and that he will ship me out a console soon. And when he finalizes it, he will call me back and let me know.

August 21 – I am called by MS and I am told that in order for Jeff to get me a new console, I need the pickup receipt, which I told the techs from the start, I do not have.

August 22– I call UPS corporate offices and I ask for the Office of the Chief Operations Officer. I am transferred to a person who pulls up the shipping record and listens to me explain the whole ordeal for about the 11th time. He says that he will send out some corporate emails and he said that the account holder will be called by Friday, the 24th.

August 24 – I call back MS, and I ask how I would get any pickup information to Jeff. I am told to call in when I have it and they will give me the faxing information.

August 23 – I call UPS to ask if they called Microsoft, I am told that it will be done Monday evening.

August 28
– I call MS, and I ask about what is going on now. I am told that without written proof that UPS has my package, they refuse to do anything. I then ask is there a way to track down a console if it is used on Xbox Live, because if it was stolen they could possibly track that person down. I am told that even though they can ban the consoled by the serial number, they cannot track them down with that. I call UPS, I ask is there any way that I can prove that I sent the package. I am told that a written document from the business that I shipped the package from stating that the package was picked up by UPS will be sufficient to allow a claim to be approved.

August 29 – I call Microsoft now that I have the paper signed just like the helpful UPS support tech said. And I am told by Jeff that this is not sufficient for MS. And that I am to call UPS to handle it. So I call UPS support, get transferred to claims, and explain the entire story again to a new person. This person says that what I was told before is all a lie. That paper signed by the manager at the place it was picked up from is NOT sufficient enough. So I call UPS corporate again, and get connected to a new person yet again. This lady takes all the info down once more, and says I will be called tomorrow by her superiors so they can discuss whether my claim is legit.

Total time spent with this issue: 1 Month, 1 week, 4 days.

Daniel, it’s time for an EECB. Let Steve Ballmer know that your XBOX vanished and is hanging out with Amelia Earhart. Heck, let UPS know you’re not happy either. Any other advice for Daniel?


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