Man Attempts To Return Walmart Ammunition At 1300 Feet Per Second

It’s Walmart’s policy, clearly visible on their website and in their stores, that all sales of guns and ammunition are final. One San Diego man didn’t like that policy so he tried to return the ammunition in another way. By firing it in the Walmart parking lot.

According to the Union-Tribune in San Diego, a man tried to return shotgun ammunition to his local Walmart. After he was refused he became enraged and told the employees he would be back to kill them all.

Then the man fired off some shots in the Walmart parking lot. No one was hurt, but witnesses were able to write down the man’s license plate number and police located him at his home.

The San Diego SWAT team surrounded the man’s mobile home and eventually had to use tear gas to get him to surrender after an 8 hour standoff.

Sorry, scary gun guy. Walmart’s return policy on guns and ammo is clear: All sales are final. It pays to read the signs.

Santee SWAT standoff ends with arrest [Union-Tribune] (Thanks, jpac!)


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  1. ArtDonovansDrunkenLovechild says:

    How is this a consumer story

  2. Shot in the air? Wish he would of at least shot out the Wal-Mart sign or something…

  3. Asvetic says:

    @ArtDonovansDrunkenLovechild: How isn’t it… Buyer Beware, more maybe I should say, Seller Beware.

  4. @ArtDonovansDrunkenLovechild: Deals with returns and exchanges (as stated in the title). Plus, it happened at Wal-Mart. It makes Consumerist by default.

    @AngrySicilian: They’ve already got him on discharging the weapon in the parking lot. Doubt he’d want to get pinned on destruction of property as well.

  5. nickripley says:

    Steve Jobs has already issued him a $100 credit toward an iPhone, don’t worry.

  6. Trai_Dep says:

    No word on whether or not a Wal-Mart associate demanded to check the receipt…

  7. ncboxer says:

    @ArtDonovansDrunkenLovechild: It could be a story if you think- I should stay away from stores that sell ammo.

    Or maybe just a typical Walmart story- look around carefully when going from and to your car for someone with a lot of ammo.

  8. Beerad says:

    Hey, isn’t that item number 7 on the list of how to get excellent customer service results? Threaten to come back and kill everyone? No?! Uh-oh. This explains why nobody returns my calls.

  9. forever_knight says:

    walmart customers own shotguns? that is a dangerous combination.

  10. GuruSteve says:

    For those of you that don’t know about guns, bullets can be reloaded (most of them), and reloaded bullets are considered inferior to commercial grade to gun enthusiasts. That is why they don’t allow returns. A knowledgeable gun store owner would be able to spot reloads, but a Walmart return-desk employee would not.

  11. badhatharry says:

    @Papa Midnight: “They’ve already got him on discharging the weapon in the parking lot. Doubt he’d want to get pinned on destruction of property as well.”

    Yeah, because he really thought this plan through.

  12. shiwsup says:

    great headline

  13. Steve518 says:

    Coming soon to theaters…

    All Sales are FINAL…

  14. gusgus says:

    He makes a very compelling argument for accepting all returns of guns & ammo.

  15. Dibbler says:

    What wast the guys problem? Obviously it was the right ammo because he could load it in his gun and fire it. Shotgun ammo is pretty cheap so if he wanted ammo for deer hunting and came home with bird shot he should have just went in and bought the right stuff because, as I said, the ammo is really cheap and much better than going to jail…

  16. ironchef says:

    gotta love them 2nd amendment gun nuts.

  17. iMike says:

    One of the better headlines I’ve seen on Consumerist recently.

  18. InThrees says:

    I’m what I guess you would call a 2nd amendment proponent, but the 2nd amendment offers no protection to irresponsibly firing a gun like that, nor should it. If you’re going to troll, at least troll responsibly.

  19. FROST1 says:

    He didnt even shoot a few car tires out? What kind of guy is this? when you return something to walmart and they wont let you, your suppose to go on a rampage and show customers how bad walmart is, but in the end, they see how bad you are for shooting their tires flat and causing them to be stranded in a walmart.

  20. nursetim says:

    The guy lived in a trailer, thus completing the “Stereotypical WalMart Shopper” profile

  21. nffcnnr says:

    Some peeps is sofa king frazos, they shouldn’t be totin’ guns. This guyz one of um.

  22. DeeJayQueue says:

    @nffcnnr: is your english broken?

  23. ironchef says:

    oh thanks.
    I mean
    Gotta love them 2nd amendment proponents/gun nuts.

  24. ShadowFalls says:

    ahh Meg Marco, but you forget, you are under the impression that everyone can read, and can read english for that matter.

  25. krom says:

    More reasons to avoid Wal-Mart like the plague.

  26. joeblevins says:

    I don’t know any stores that allow return of Ammo, even if unopened. Too many things can happen when it is out of the control of the store.

    I love my guns, I carry them, but I don’t shoot them in the parking lot of the Wal-mart.

    When someone is breaking in your house, do you want a phone or a gun in your hand?

  27. Youthier says:

    This should really help WalMart’s “We’re upscale-ish! Really!” marketing campaign, huh?

  28. backbroken says:

    What makes you think he could read the return policy?

    At least this didn’t happen at Home Depot. They would have fired the clerk who called the cops to stop the guy from shooting.

  29. Waiting for the [] commentary on this one.

    The above is likely why more wal-marts are getting rid of their gun counters.

  30. FullFlava says:

    Best headline I’ve seen in a while.

  31. Sonnymooks says:


    Um, not to scare you, but walmart is the largest seller of firearms and ammunition in the country.

    No company, store or retailer, sells more guns and or ammo then Walmart (by far).

  32. mrstu says:

    I gotta ask… why in the world dosn’t this have the “Bad Consumer” tag?

  33. Nakko says:

    Holy crap!
    I’d say it’s a bad tip to buy a zillion bullets, then tell anyone you’re going to “kill them all” because… isn’t making death threats illegal to start with?

    On the other hand, if you can’t return bullets but you want to get your money back, I guess it’s not the sort of thing I would try to put on Craigslist…

  34. mrearly2 says:

    I found the headline very amusing.
    The man is obviously nutters, though. First, he shopped at Wal-Mart. Second, he became extremely emotional about what was actually his error–a futile attempt to ask Wal-Mart employees to sidestep their company policy.
    But he really could have let off a few rounds at the store sign–that would have made it a little more interesting.

  35. aikoto says:

    The title of this article made my day.

  36. STrRedWolf says:

    Any word on if this guy was literate or not? This just screams “back-waters redneck” to me…

  37. vr4z06gt says:

    thats an awesome title, bad article, AWESOME TITLE!

  38. gibsonic says:

    +5 editorial points for Meg

  39. cawpin says:

    @GURUSTEVE – I don’t know what you’re claiming to be a guru of but I can assure aren’t a guru of guns. Reloaded ammunition isn’t “inferior” in any way to commercial ammo. It can be much more accurate and consistent than commercial loadings. I reload quite a few different calibers and have had 1 failure to fire in about 10 years of loading. Compare that with half a dozen or so from commercial ammo and you get the point.

  40. cawpin says:

    @cawpin: why this didn’t show up in the correct place is beyond me…

  41. Protector says:

    Wait. Walmart customers live in mobile homes?

    Seriously, it’s very rare people EVER read return policy signs. They’re basically there so the store has a legal leg to stand on, which it clearly does.

  42. Shadowfire says:

    @Sonnymooks: To be fair, I don’t know of any other chains that are nation-wide, and sell firearms. And many Wal-Marts -are- getting rid of their firearms.

  43. edgarj455 says:

    @GuruSteve: good point

  44. edgarj455 says:

    @ironchef: thanks for sharing that, very deep,very enlightening.don’t burn your self.

  45. edgarj455 says:

    @joeblevins: I have both

  46. Lacclolith says:

    The biggest mistake is assuming that he can read the signs.

  47. synergy says:

    Just when I was getting hopeful that I’d be the first to make the obvious poor taste joke that Walmart customers can’t read, 3 commenters fusillade them out. Darnit.

  48. Ola says:

    @inthrees: “Please troll responsibly.” Heh! I like it, I like it. It needs a banner.

    Chalk me up as a 2nd amendment supporter who doesn’t shoot guns in Walmart parking lots. But I do like nuts…

  49. synergy says:

    Oh! And one more illiteracy joke made it in under the wire while I read the comments and made mine! lol

  50. edgarj455 says:

    my dear Friends am an IRA life member.Myself and my two Daughters are avid pistol shotgun and rifle enthusiast support the 2nd amendment as a right.along with the constution.that’s why we are what we are. free. This fellow did not understand that rights come with responsibilities IE the rights of others. I can’t believe this person didn’t have a history, mentle or crimel problems.We have so Meany laws, How could a person like this buy shells, Owen a gun, drive to walmat.He had a drivers licence? The system failed us. In court, what? 200 dollar fine, no. Maybe you need your head candled and you can’t have guns any more.

  51. Trowble (XBL/PSN) says:

    Is this going to be on one of those SWAT shows on A&E?

  52. forever_knight says:

    @Sonnymooks: “Um, not to scare you, but walmart is the largest seller of firearms and ammunition in the country.

    No company, store or retailer, sells more guns and or ammo then Walmart (by far).”

    i’d expect no less from the largest retailer in the u.s. and the largest private employer in the world.

    also, wal-mart shoppers + drano = another bad combination

  53. acambras says:


    Um, is that really IRA, or did you mean to say NRA?

  54. edgarj455 says:

    typo sorry my bad,and my best to all the Irish in Belfast.keep the peace, god bless.

  55. edgarj455 says:

    @acambras: typo my bad