Man Attempts To Return Walmart Ammunition At 1300 Feet Per Second

It’s Walmart’s policy, clearly visible on their website and in their stores, that all sales of guns and ammunition are final. One San Diego man didn’t like that policy so he tried to return the ammunition in another way. By firing it in the Walmart parking lot.

According to the Union-Tribune in San Diego, a man tried to return shotgun ammunition to his local Walmart. After he was refused he became enraged and told the employees he would be back to kill them all.

Then the man fired off some shots in the Walmart parking lot. No one was hurt, but witnesses were able to write down the man’s license plate number and police located him at his home.

The San Diego SWAT team surrounded the man’s mobile home and eventually had to use tear gas to get him to surrender after an 8 hour standoff.

Sorry, scary gun guy. Walmart’s return policy on guns and ammo is clear: All sales are final. It pays to read the signs.

Santee SWAT standoff ends with arrest [Union-Tribune] (Thanks, jpac!)

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