Earthlink's Worthless Customer Service Drives Man To Record And Post Calls

Unfazed by the idea of giving money to a company run by Scientologists, Steve signed up for Earthlink DSL back in May ’06. 4 months ago, his DSL started cutting in and out and he got static on the landline. Perhaps his router was possessed by body thetans. As Steve’s calls to customer service got more and more hopeless, he began recording and posting them online. Selected highlights…

Call 1 19:20 min: “I’m sobbing and thinking of ending my life.”
Call 2 16:22 min : “I’m now literally punching my way through walls with my bare hands.”
Call 3 23:00 min: “It is all I can do to keep my temper with this guy. I am inventing new swear words in my mind.”
Call 4: “She cuts me off when I ask to speak to a supervisor.”
Call 5: “Today I got Comcast. Already a million times better than earthlink.”

If Steve was even more clever, he might have tried reaching an executive and mentioning that unless satisfied, he might have to perform his civic duty and warn other customers away from Earthlink by posting his experience. Then it would have evolved from mere revenge tactic to a point of leverage.

The catalog of Steve’s adventures in futility remain forever immortalized at his site

(Image: The Illustrated History Of Scientology)

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