New Hampshire Bankruptcy Receivers Forced To Use Credit Cards

The main parking garage for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New Hampshire only accepts credit cards, reports Credit Slips.

Consumer debtors receiving a bankruptcy have to attend various meetings in the building. Also, to get a bankruptcy discharge, they may need a credit card.

Of the debtor’s interviewed as part of the Consumer Bankruptcy Project, over 92 percent said they received a credit card offer in the mail afterwards.

The problem is that the only creditors who are going to give someone with a bankruptcy on their record are going to set usurious terms, owing to their bad credit history.

We’re all for personal financial responsibility, but to expect a bankruptcy receiver to have the discipline to resist using a bad card smacks of out and out victimization.

Writes Credit Slips, “Should Chapter 7 debtors accept one of the dozens of credit card offers they get in the first month of their bankruptcy or should they walk, bike, snowmobile, etc to the bankruptcy court?”

Bankruptcy Court Tells Debtors To Charge It [Credit Slips]
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