British Airways Sued For Chronically Losing Luggage

Three travelers claim British Airways acted recklessly in losing their luggage, and have filed a class action lawsuit against the airline, Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.

If approved, they can expect many others to join. British Airways lost one bag for every 36 passengers this spring.

BA travelers passing through London’s Heathrow airport complain their luggage often doesn’t arrive with them at their final destination. When it’s finally delivered, it’s often soaked and mildewy, owing to it being left outside the overflowing terminal for days, exposed to the elements.

Lost luggage prompts lawsuit [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

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  1. Maurik says:

    The loss rate is terrible, especially for the prices you pay.

  2. Raignn says:

    Good to see someone finally stood up to such horrible customer service. It’s bad enough they lose so many bags, but they just put salt in the wound by leaving them out in the open to get ruined as well.

  3. andymadrid1 says:

    My friend just arrived last from Paris via London on BA and they lost his luggage too. Bad news for me because I mistakenly bought Two Tickets for a European Xmas Vacation months ago, and I am afraid I have a stop over in London as well. I’ve been following this story for a few weeks and there is no way I want to use these tickets. I asked for my money back and they say that they will only refund my taxes because of my discounted fair. I called Amex which I use for travel and complained but have not heard any resolution except yesterday when I received a email directly from BA spelling out in detail their policy in regard to lost or damaged luggage.
    I have expensive luggage and there is no way i want to check anything with them, but as many of you already know, BA only allows ONE small carry on, which of course makes it worst! I’m ready to eat the loss and just cancel, but this situation has to be criminal.

  4. mkguitar says:

    I’ve commented here on my problems with BA losing my bag, giving me the run around- and then delivering a wet bag full of damage 18 days later.

    I’ve put in my claim- and if it is paid, then I will go my way.
    If I have any problems with BA honoring that claim I will join the class action.

    Yesterday I booked travel to the UK- £4000 to Virgin, revenue that BA could have had.

    I read BA’s statement of corporate ethics the other day- it states that officers of the company may suspend that policy if needed.



  5. abz_zeus says:

    The problem isn’t just BA it’s BAA as well []

    Heathrow was designed for 45 Million and is coping with 63 Million passengers – the runways are at 98.5% of clear weather capacity. Some fog and reduced visibility means problems.

    Add in some unions on BA’s side, a stone age baggage system and you’ve got problems

  6. magic8ball says:

    BA lost my friend’s twice on the same round-trip flight – once on the way into Heathrow, and again on the way back to the States.

  7. magic8ball says:

    That should say my friend’s luggage, obvy.

  8. mkguitar says:

    @abz_zeus: Please note that BA handles all their own luggage at LHR.
    BAA handles luggage for other carriers who have not had anywhere near the problems with 1.) misplacing luggage, 2.) poor response to customers, such as phone lines not answered for days and 3.) problems resolving claims in a timely manner.

    BA has been the worst…how do you trust a carrier who strongly suggests that YOU buy extra insurance to cover you when they screw up.

    This is a strong argument for passenger/ bag matching. A better argument than the security concerns.


  9. Little_Nikke says:

    @magic8ball: Meh. Northwest did that to me TWICE – two Christmases in a row. The also managed to initially deliver the wrong bags so I was without clothes for two days. However, everything arrived undamaged (eventually). BA managed to lose a bag permanently for me.

  10. RagingTowers says:

    I’ve never understood how luggage can be lost. I mean I know how the process works behind the curtains, but the whole;

    “So You’re going to Nebraska, ok we are gonna send your bags to Tokyo, then to Nepal, then to Florida”

    “But I’m going to Nebraska…”

    “Yea we know..It’s a policy”

  11. factotum says:

    I went to Europe for a month in late winter/early spring. I packed all my clothes, sandals, belt, etc. into 1 carry-on bag on a Virgin flight. It can be done especially if you wear cargo pants (gents) and a jacket. Stuff those pockets!

  12. Trackback says:

    Upgraded: Your luggage in 25 minutes or less or your pizza is free United’s revised customer commitment (the “promise” which airlines keep revising to try to head off a passenger’s bill of rights) has been changed, with the airline pledging to get customers their checked…