Top Posts Of The Week

Southwest Airlines Thinks Your Outfit Is Inappropriate
“Maybe we’re missing something, but this is America and if a girl wants to board an airplane wearing a mini skirt, a bikini top and a football helmet, she should be able.”

13 Step Method For Buying A Car While Controlling The Sale And The Price
“12. If at any time they give you attitude or BS, walk out. They will chase you down. Tell them they have only one chance left because they gave you attitude. Now they will deal.”

1,300 Unopened Rebate Applications Found In Dumpster
“When confronted, the company’s owner blamed it on a lazy employee who no longer works for them…”

Customer Videotapes What She Says Is Escape From “Spot Delivery” Car Dealership Scam
“In this setup, a dealership lets you drive away before signing a contract, saying the “banks are closed.” Then when you come back, surprise surprise, the financing terms have changed, costing you thousands more.”

Circuit City Customer Arrested After Refusing To Show Receipt
“I’ve always taken the stance that retail stores shouldn’t treat their loyal customers as criminals and that customers shouldn’t so willingly give up their rights along with their money.”