Verizon Techs Blow Out AP Reporter's Electrical Box During Installation

Verizon FiOs techs have flubbed another install, hitting an electrical wire and leaving the electrical box smoking. This time, the customer was an AP reporter. Oopsy poopsies!

The technicians compounded this error by insisting that we pay for the electrical repairs, then bill them. We’d be reimbursed in 30 days, they assured us. My wife was having none of that. Verizon’s insurance company cut us a check for the $2,650 repair within days.

We got a brand-new electrical box out of the deal, for free. But our electrician tells us ours was not the first botched Verizon installation he’s been called out to fix.

Oh we know it. Another messed up Fios install caused a fire at a customer’s house, causing the fire department to respond, as these photos indicate. After all, as the saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Review: After Smoke Clears, FiOS a Hit [AP via Network World]

Verizon Continues Weird, Pointless Flame War With Networkworld Blogger
Verizon: There Was No Fire. Fire Department: Yes, There Was A Fire.
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(Image: Happy Tree Friends)


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  1. timmus says:

    How weird — since when did the AP get into the editorial & review business? I thought that was the domain of newspaper houses.

  2. Uriel says:

    WOW, VERIZON Causes ANOTHER FIRE, whats up with these people and FIRE, perhaps they should take some time to re-educate or FIRE their poorly suited technicians. FIOS just started coming to my area, sure hope they don’t SET FIRE to houses in my area, AND BURN the neighborhood down.

  3. Uriel says:

    contest time: see how many times you can make a post pertaining to this, using FIRE, BURN, INCINERATE, IMMOLATE, SET ABLAZE, etc. Try to uppercase them so they stand out to Verizon moles trolling the site.:)

  4. chrispiss says:

    I’m just curious if ANYBODY has had a good experience with Verizon? Other than their cell phone service (which everyone I know that has cell service with them loves it) it seems like there is nothing but bad stories. I myself cancelled my internet and phone service after six months and switched to Comcast. Those six months were a nightmare from day one. Constant internet outages, CS reps telling me to install the DSL the wrong way, sending me the cables to install, but NO MODEM, charged twice in two months, and the kicker which made me cancel the service: when we moved and called to take our service to our new place, the CS rep told me that the next available tech to come out and install would be available nine weeks after our move in date. Nine weeks without internet? Yeah f’in right.

  5. Charybdis says:

    Why are there commas around ‘this time’? :-P

  6. okie121169 says:

    well unfortunately this happens with all types of installations, not just verizon but cable companies also, contractors and inside employees.

  7. slowinthefastlane says:

    Sweet. Come to my house. I need a power panel upgrade! The FiOS would be the icing on the cake.

  8. pokysharpy says:

    I’ve had a perfectly satisfying experience with Verizon. I’m in Long Beach, CA and have FiOS 15/2 Internet, TV, and phone service. It has been fantastic since day 1, rock steady and incredibly fast, and cheaper than the individual services from my previous providers (Verizon DSL, Verizon copper phone, DirecTV).

    My only complaint is that the FiOS TV DVR pales in comparison to the TiVo-embedded DirecTV DVR we previously had.

  9. mikeluisortega says:

    As someone who installs similar products, I have no idea how this could happen. These people would have to be TOTAL idiots to hit electrical trying to come into the house. Check both sides before you drill.

  10. cryrevolution says:

    Niiice Verizon! Keep ’em comin!

  11. theblackdog says:

    I’m still going to get FiOS anyway when it comes out, it’s better than Comcast!

  12. Lin-Z [linguist on duty] says:

    I have to tell you that the phrase “oopsy poopsies” makes me extremely uncomfortable.

    But otherwise, that’s hilarious.

  13. When you hire the cheapest labor you can find (ie. contract out to the lowest bidder), an electrical fire is not far away. Be glad the house wasn’t set ablaze.

  14. HalOfBorg says:

    OK. I have Verizon DSL – and I love it. I’ve had it about 1 1/2 years, and olny had any real problems once. Kept dropping out. Did a full reset of the modem (per chatbot instruction). The instructions on how to reset it were wrong – but the modem called home and got the setup routine before I could find my DSL install disk.

    Other than that – I love Verizon DSL.

  15. Ickypoopy says:

    I have had the FiOS internet service for nearly one year now, and the only problem I have had was not being able to get them to send me a bill for the first eight months.

    Other than that the internet service is great.

  16. jamar0303 says:

    Please tell me what keeps FiOS from running as fast as fiber services in other countries. It seems that FiOS tops out at about 15M down while in Japan 100M both ways can be had (or at least 100/34) for about $50-60. It’s not coverage area- Verizon isn’t covering any of rural America.

  17. gorckat says:

    @chrispiss1186: I’m just curious if ANYBODY has had a good experience with Verizon?

    Yes. I recently canceled service with Verizon.

    However, you’ll probably see me bitching about Comcast in their next thread.

  18. hop says:

    so far i’ve had good service with verizon dsl….i had to call the customer service people a few times(because of stupid things on my part)and was satisfied…..they seem to be in india….

  19. Betty-Boop says:

    Has anybody checked out Verizon’s take on this incident? Click on [] to read what Verizon executive Eric Rabe saw fit to post. Let’s just say that the headline is “FiOS Smokes” and the first sentence is “Yikes!”

    These people still just don’t get it.

  20. synergy says:

    I have nothing to say to this post except:

    Yay! Happy Tree Friends!