Personal Finance Roundup

5 easy steps to finding an insurance agent [Bankrate] “A good agent will save you money while acting as a risk manager for your household. [Here] are some tips designed to help you find an insurance agent you can trust.”

Investing With Nickels and Dimes [Kiplinger] “Earl Crawley, 69, better known as Mr. Earl, earns $20,000 a year as a parking-lot attendant. But he has amassed a stock portfolio worth more than $500,000.”

The Care and Feeding of References [New York Times] “How can you ensure that your references help your chances of getting the job instead of hurting them?”

How to Get Paid to Live Overseas [Get Rich Slowly] “Traveling overseas can be a financial opportunity, rather than a liability.”

(Photo: What Rhymes With Nicole)

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