Vodkas may be tasteless, but perhaps none so more than Absolut New Orleans, whose profits will be donated to help rebuild the Ground Zero of the South. Tagline? “One Spirit Brings Back Another.” [Copyranter]


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  1. CaptainRoin says:

    It’s Mango mixed with Peppar. Tastes ok, more Mango than Peppar, but still good.

  2. kahri says:

    I don’t get why it’s “tasteless”. Because of the tagline? Or is it because you think they’re using new orleans?
    Although, mango and peppar? maybe prefer tasteless.

  3. swallowyourhalo says:

    Pithy response: Dr. Unk is the only mental health practitioner in the greater New Orleans area who doesn’t require insurance. Do not insult his generations-old practice.

    Serious response: Tacky? Sure. But have you helped rebuild my hometown? Did you even know the situation down there is still insane and deteriorating? And the term “Ground Zero of the South” is misleading. They’re only similar in that the federal government is largely to blame for both – obliviousness and faulty intelligence priorities in the case of 9/11… and gross negligence, faulty design and construction of levee systems, a sham guarantee (TM) of that levee system, obfuscation of authority after that system failed, denial of responsibility for the failure until faced with two independent panels of scientists, continuing politically-dubious oblivion to the situation, and clearly increased red tape for those still affected by it in the case of the events of 2005.

    9/11 affected what, three city blocks? Katrina itself devastated the entire Gulf Coast of Mississippi and several (mostly residential) cities around New Orleans. The aftermath of Katrina, the part that the federal government would’ve prevented entirely had New Orleans been protected from a Cat 3 storm (i.e. the federal guarantee on the levees that failed from a side-swipe by a Cat 1) took a knife to the gut of New Orleans. And all that the government has done since then is twist and twist that knife.

  4. klischke says:

    Hey, if they’re willing to donate proceeds to help rebuild, I don’t think a five-word tagline is anything to be offended over. Sure, I can see where their bottom line will benefit as well, but I’d rather support a product that’s facilitating *some* good over a similar one that’s not.

  5. swalve says:

    The only tasteless thing here is the phrase “ground zero of the South.”

  6. synergy says:

    Uh I’m not sure what’s bad about the tagline. I thought it was clever.