Don't Fall For The Nigerian Puppy Scam!

Bankrate has an extensive round up of the most common internet pet scams, including the infamous “Nigerian Puppy Scam.” (Yes, apparently this exists.)

Scammers post on Craigslist with a picture of an adorable puppy like Scooter (who belongs to one of our readers, not a Nigerian scammer), and a sob story. The puppy can be yours for only $100 in shipping! You go ahead and wire the money to the scammer.

Sadly for you, there is no puppy and you’ve been had.

Here are some pet-scam-avoiding tips from Bankrate:


  • Check out referrals
  • See the puppy in person


  • Pay via wire transfer
  • Buy from an overseas seller
  • Purchase a puppy, sight unseen

We can definitely see how this sort of scam works. One look at Scooter and your wallet flies out of your pocket and starts spraying money indiscriminately. Puppies are so cute.

Pet scams [Bankrate]

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