Annoyed With Toy Companies Trying To Poison Your Kids? Make Your Own Toys.

Craft magazine has put together a round-up of safe toys that you can make for your kids. The downside is that you have to stop being lazy and learn to do something yourself. (Awful, we know.) The upside is that unless you’re buying the cloth from New Zealand, the odds of you poisoning your own child are low.

Natalie from Craft says:

“With al the recent scary news of the toy recall, now more than ever is the time to take back our children’s safety in our own hands and have fun in the process by crafting our own toys! To get you started, here’s a roundup of some great toy projects you can make.”

It’s not a solution to the contamination problem, but it might actually be sorta fun.

Safe Toys You Can Make [CRAFT via boingboing]

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