Get Easy Reverse Phone Number Lookups With Sullr

Sullr is a free and simple online site that lets you to do reverse phone number lookup without wading through ads or come-on pitches.

Just type in the area code and the number and Sullr spits out the person’s or business’s name and address. It even works for numbers in Germany, France, Italy and Argentina.

If the information is not publicly available, then it says “street address not available.” Sullr does not currently work for mobile phone numbers.

Handy and sleek looking tool when you’re trying to figure out who called you.

Sullr [via Lifehacker]


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  1. dmolavi says:

    useless…i put in numbers of family, etc that i know are listed, and appear in both print and online phone directories, and they come up as unavailable.

  2. ADM says:

    google does the same thing. and you don’t have to remember “sullr”.

  3. jcastle says:

    It doesn’t work in Germany, it works in Belgium.

  4. Wokcus says:

    It doesn’t work. I live in CA, my number is listed, but Sullr still can’t find it.

  5. ribex says:

    most of these web 2.0 cutesy names i can parse out, but wherefore sullr?

  6. orielbean says:

    I hope you guys aren’t putting in your cell phone numbers. All the home phone numbers I put in did work

  7. Musician78 says:

    I just use Anywho.

  8. timmus says:

    Most reverse lookup sites suck balls. At least tells you when the number you’ve put in is unknown but is in a cell phone block.

  9. AcidReign says:

        I played around with this site a little bit, late last night. It seemed really, really slow, often timing out. Usually, when I want to look a number up, it’s because there’s a repeat caller who’s been waking me up every day. (I work night shift.) I use:


        This site is basically complaint-based, and usually at least one commenter has figured out who the jackass is that is calling you!

  10. I like this…

  11. Antediluvian says:

    I like companies that have enough funds to purchase all the vowels they need in advance.

  12. jmschn says:

    mm useless…

  13. daze says:

    too bad it doesn’t work. i’ve tried 4 different numbers pulled right from the phone book (yes, i still have one — at work, anyway) and it can’t find them in this sullr thing.

  14. Kung Fu Cantona says:

    I’ve always found to work great, especially for telemarketers and such.

  15. I tired 2 of my own numbers and got blanked with both:
    “street address not available
    Are you sure its a USA phone number?”

    Judging by the other comments above I think the site is pretty worthless.

    Now if you are interested in seeing some Secret Security info from the Target Corporation you can take a look at the below for their AP Manual:


  16. gibsonic says:

    all the lookups you’ll ever need…ok maybe not…but there are a ton of good ones!


  17. royco says:

    I’ve had good luck using:



    [] the past. Granted they’re both ‘pay-per-use’ sites and not free, so they’re sort of a last resort sort of thing, only to be used when no information can be located anywhere else.

    And that phone search central one has a pretty huge list of free searches too, which I’ve used quite a bit: []

    But for the most part, google phone books has been by far the best possible resource for day to day ‘who the hell is calling me?’ sort of number lookups.

    Oh, and a great page that can shed some light onto what sort of telemarketer is calling you is [] – that website is nifty cause it lets you leave feedback on what telemarketer called you and what company they’re with.

  18. magic8ball says:

    I’ve had the same phone number for my landline for more than a year, I’m listed in the phone book, but sullr says my number belongs to someone else at a different address. They’re getting their information from an old database.

  19. waxer says:

    weak G