Washington Mutual Fraud Department Doesn't Feel Like Reimbursing Elderly Parents Defrauded For $1,100

I am writing this note today on behalf of my 80 year old parents who have been banking with Washington Mutual. My parents account has had 10 forged checks passed on their 3 of their bank accounts. The fraud department has reimbursed one of the accounts for 2 checks after faxing a copy of the police report. However, today, after 20 days now, the fraud department has not reimbursed the other accounts. I have called fraud department many times now in an effort to recapture these funds in the amount of $1,100.00. Quite frankly the department was very rude and has been giving my parents the run around!

The police detective informed me that Washington Mutual has the very worst reputation of fraud reimbursement and he expected we would be stonewalled.
I am sad to report, the police detective was correct. The bank is unresponsive. They do not return my calls.
As the detective points out, the bank will be paid back by FDIC insurance. So why not just help out my aging parents like all the

Other bank will. Washington Mutual has the worst record of fraud protection according to the police. It is terrible the way the bank is treating my 80 year old parents.

Can you please help. The police officer suggested I report the bank to the media.

– Bev Sigler, a very concerned daughter of Claire and Jim Zivney.


Very sorry to hear about your situation. Please try calling the numbers listed in this post: ../../../..//consumer/washington-mutual/contact-wamu-executive-customer-service-244016.php
to help expedite your parent’s claim. Another reader previously reported success with these numbers (see: Son Keeps Retired Mother From Boiling In Atlanta By Beseeching WaMu Executive Customer Service For Overdraft Mercy). Let us know how it works out. And if any WaMu heads are reading this, how about a little hand here?

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