Lazy Home Depot Employees Declare Fully Functioning Saw Inoperative

Home Deport employees didn’t feel like using the saw, so they hung a sign that claimed: “saw not working.” This offended marketing guru Seth Godin:

When I noticed this sign on the big saw, I took a picture, intending to write about how important it was to have key customer service feat ures up and running. Then, a few minutes later, a guy in an orange smock walked over, took the sign down and asked what he could cut for us.

It turns out (at this Home Depot, anyway), that whenever they don’t feel like using the saw, they pretend it’s broken. (Yes, technically, they didn’t say ‘broken,’ they said ‘not working,’ which is sort of true. Except it was the saw operator who wasn’t working.)

Oh, Home Depot. Really, what were you possibly thinking?

Lying to your customers [Seth Godin’s Blog]

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