Time Warner Repairman Jailed For Sexual Assault

If a creepy Time Warner repairman says he wants to ‘be with you’ while on a service call, you probably shouldn’t let him back in your house. After making the comment, Steven James Hernandez was dispatched back to the house to fix a problem outside; instead, he decided to bang on the 28 year-old woman’s door. From KENS 5:

Police said the banging at the door lasted at least 15 minutes, and the man at the door was Hernandez.

“He started to yell at her, and was belligerent, demanding why was it that she didn’t open the door sooner,” Gutierrez said.

The warrant said Hernandez was there to fix a problem outside, but the woman said he forced his way in, saying he needed to look at equipment upstairs.

Police said the woman later went to see if Hernandez was done and sat down on the edge of her bed as he worked at a desk. The warrant said Hernandez turned around, started to strangle her, and put a cable tool to her neck as he tried to remove her pants. The woman said Hernandez also hit her with a cell phone.

Investigators said the woman broke free and ran downstairs, but Hernandez caught up with her, threw her on a couch, and tried to force himself on her.

Police said the woman pushed him away and he left. The woman said Hernandez threatened to return. The woman then called police at about 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

Don’t ever hesitate to report any technician that acts suspiciously. If you feel uncomfortable, invite a neighbor over to keep you company while the tech works.

The police, with the help of Time Warner, tracked down and arrested Hernandez for attempted sexual assault. He has been fired, and faces up to ten years behind bars.

Repairman charged with attempted sexual assault [KENS 5]
(Photo: the_kid_cl)

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