When riding a taxi, it’s a good idea to see if the meter has a sealed wire hanging from the meter, which shows the meter hasn’t been tampered with, especially when riding in the Wild Wild West of taxi cities, Phoenix. [The Arizona Republic]


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  1. synergy says:

    A sealed wire? Does anyone have a picture of what that might look like?

  2. mkguitar says:

    – Sealed wire is a small metal cable with a “seal” of a softer metal crimped in place stamped with an official logo. Items under seal and meant to stay that way and it is generally an offense to remove a seal. The seal prevents a device from being opened or tampered with.

    AZ has very poor enforcement, last week it was a lack of inspectors for nail and hair salons, they average 20 months between inspections.
    Weights and Measures is a little better but it usually takes complaints before inspections are carried out.
    Recently W&M found that most of the airport check in scales were reading high…an extra $50 for the airlines here and there…no fines were announced.

    Here’s a link: [www.abc15.com]


  3. evilfremen says:

    It must be nice to live in a city with taxi meters. Washington DC has the lovely zone system, where no matter how well you know the map and the city in general, you still have to argue with the cabbie for 10 minutes to get anything approaching the correct fare. Oh how we long for meters….

  4. synergy says:

    @mkguitar: Thanks for the clarification. Living in TX I rarely use cabs at all, but it’s good to know.

  5. ChapstickAddict says:

    I live in Phoenix and have had some really scary rides home from the airport. Unless you call a cab company and arrange for them to pick you up in advance, Sky Harbor sticks you in the next available cab, regardless of whether or not the cab driver seems awake enough to drive a vehicle. My husband and I finally found a small airport shuttle company that we like (clean vehicles, awake drivers, prompt service) and we use them every time we need to get to or from the airport.