Secret Email Addresses For IKEA US Top Management

Turns out that for security purposes, the shiny brass at IKEA use email addresses that stray from the format we posted yesterday. If you’ve got an IKEA complaint that needs to go the top, use the addresses inside while the getting is good.

prenille lopez – President –
hilde abbeloos – US Deputy –
lars ridoff – US Deputy –
Frank Briel – Manager IKEA Stoughton –
Gail Franc – Manager IKEA New Haven –
Mark E Mccaslin – Manager Ikea Canton –
Lars Meyer – Manager Ikea Long Island –
Max Urban Hedberg – Manager Ikea Bloomington –
Patricia M Lobell – Manager Ikea Paramus –
Robert Kay – Manager Ikea Elizabeth –
Heine Roikjer – IKEA West Sacramento –
Jill Matherson – Manager IKEA East Palo Alto –
Kenneth Bodeen – Manager IKEA Portland –
Laurie Helm – Manager IKEA Seattle –
Michael La Cour – Manager IKEA Orlando –
Michael O’Rourke – Manager IKEA East Bay –
Peter Steinweg – Manager IKEA Sunrise –
Jenifer Woods – Legal: Service Office USA –
Tracey Kelly – US Leadership Service Office USA –

(Photo: Odhran)


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  1. fluiddruid says:

    Nice. You can run but you can’t hide, executives.

  2. Buran says:

    More likely, they’re just different for whatever reason, and the addresses were just set up differently on old systems or whatever. We have a bunch of cases of that here where I work, and it is admittedly annoying when you’re trying to reach someone with one of the weird ones.

  3. Melov says:

    They’ll just forward your email to someone that can respond.

  4. Buran says:

    @Melov: With a smarmy comment included, I’m sure.

  5. PoppaWheelie says:

    Warning: I’ve reached Prenille’s Lopez’s office regarding a major series of f-ups. It’s Ikea, man. They don’t care. Don’t expect to even get the corporate blow-off letter… I got no response at all.

  6. whereismyrobot says:

    Hmm, anyone have the name of the manager for Frisco, TX?

  7. deanfortytwo says:

    When I worked at IKEA in seattle, all our email accounts used the 4-letter abbriviation, not just managers.

    @poppawheelie: Try Lars Ridoff

  8. phrygian says:

    @whereismyrobot: I think it’s Jim Tilley. April Berg is Frisco PR manager.

  9. Instigator says:

    Damn! The Orlando IKEA isn’t even open yet, and we already have the manager’s name and email address. I’m impressed!

  10. CoffeeAddict says:

    It’s good to see there are ways to speaking to the top when things go south.

  11. Darkstar says:

    I worked part time for IKEA for 3 years. In their internal email system an email is a memo. Instead of sending an email to your team you send a memo.

    Probably where they got that twist to their email addy’s.

  12. JohnnyJoeJoe says:

    I second PoppaWheelie’s comment. I’ve also reached Pernille Lopez’s office seeking help with major screwups. They don’t respond at all. They don’t care so I shop elsewhere.

    My advice: If you fell that you must shop IKEA, buy assembled items and inspect them before you leave the store or don’t bother. But really, go elsewhere.

  13. TatsesLikePanda says:

    As of January 2011, no longer works per an auto-reply I received when I tried it. Anyone have the new format? fyi, didn’t work either.