Secret Email Addresses For IKEA US Top Management

Turns out that for security purposes, the shiny brass at IKEA use email addresses that stray from the format we posted yesterday. If you’ve got an IKEA complaint that needs to go the top, use the addresses inside while the getting is good.

prenille lopez – President –
hilde abbeloos – US Deputy –
lars ridoff – US Deputy –
Frank Briel – Manager IKEA Stoughton –
Gail Franc – Manager IKEA New Haven –
Mark E Mccaslin – Manager Ikea Canton –
Lars Meyer – Manager Ikea Long Island –
Max Urban Hedberg – Manager Ikea Bloomington –
Patricia M Lobell – Manager Ikea Paramus –
Robert Kay – Manager Ikea Elizabeth –
Heine Roikjer – IKEA West Sacramento –
Jill Matherson – Manager IKEA East Palo Alto –
Kenneth Bodeen – Manager IKEA Portland –
Laurie Helm – Manager IKEA Seattle –
Michael La Cour – Manager IKEA Orlando –
Michael O’Rourke – Manager IKEA East Bay –
Peter Steinweg – Manager IKEA Sunrise –
Jenifer Woods – Legal: Service Office USA –
Tracey Kelly – US Leadership Service Office USA –

(Photo: Odhran)

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