IKEA Customers Continue To Report Issues With Massive Malm Dresser Recall

Three months after IKEA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission took the unprecedented step in recalling 29 million top-heavy Malm and other models of dressers and chests linked to the deaths of six children, some consumers are reporting issues when it comes to receiving repair kits, returning the dressers, or receiving refunds.

Back in June, IKEA and the CPSC announced a full recall of Malm dressers and chests — along with a variety of other non-Malm items — that don’t comply with industry anti-tipping standards.

The recall came after IKEA offered repair kits and wall anchors to customers as part of a repair-initiative that just wasn’t getting the job done, as evidenced by the deaths of several small children.

As part of the June recall, IKEA agreed to come to consumers’ homes to take away old dressers and hand out refunds to replace the pieces of furniture. Additionally, if a customer wanted to keep the dressers, IKEA said it would send a crew out to ensure that the piece is anchored to the wall properly.

Refunds for the dressers were to work one of three ways: A full refund would be issued if the chest or dresser was manufactured between Jan. 1, 2002 and June 28, 2016; A store credit for 50% of the original purchase price if the product was manufactured before Jan. 2002; or a $50 store credit if the date stamp is unidentifiable.

Customers could take IKEA up on its offer by calling the retailer at a dedicated hotline or email the company.

While it’s understandable that reaching IKEA about the recall would be difficult right out of the gate, some customers say they are still waiting for action after contacting the company multiple times.

From delays in receiving refunds to waiting months for IKEA to pick up the recalled furniture, consumers are sharing their frustrations with the retailer on Twitter.



Consumerist has reached out to IKEA about the refunds and remedy issues, we’ll update this post when we hear back.

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