Negotiations have broken down between the “Big Ten Network” and Comcast, so fans will want to make other arrangements for watching the games. Or switch. [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. Scott says:

    The Big Ten Network is a horrible, horrible idea. All athletic footage now belongs to the conference instead of the schools.

    Used to be, public TV here in WI would broadcast the games late at night (like midnight) for anyone to watch. I loved it because I don’t have cable and therefore didn’t get to watch the nationally televised games and because they also would air hockey games.

    I have friends who are huge Badger sports fans who are considering boycotting because of this.

    And now the Big Ten is talking about expanding to 12 teams again. But this time, for the sole reason of adding another media market to sell the Network to.

  2. jtlight says:

    The Big Ten Network is a joke. I am a huge college football fan and there are quite a few channels I’d want on basic cable before this crappy channel, which will have about 5-6 things worth watching a year.

  3. mconfoy says:

    @Scott: Well if you went to Michigan, you might care. @jtlight: So you would rather have the Home and Garden Channel? Or one of those religous channels? If so, why are you even commenting on a sports channel when you clearly don’t watch sports?

  4. swalve says:

    $1.10 (or anything close to it) is way huge expensive for such a niche channel. Maybe 1.10 per actual viewer.