Expedited Passports Now Take 3 Weeks To Arrive, Not 3 Days

Travelers paying $60 to expedite their passport application should prepare to wait three weeks, not three business days, for their passport to arrive. The State Department published the change last week in the Federal Register, shifting the target processing date for expedited applications from “three business days” to “a number of business days,” which, according to the Washington Post, means three weeks. Members of Congress lambasted the change:

“What color is the sky in their world?” Rep. Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio) said to the Associated Press. “I can’t believe they’re proposing a rule where they want to charge you the same amount, and in return, you’re virtually guaranteed to get worse service.”

Travelers in dire need of a passport should reach out to the federal government’s executive customer service department, which, ironically, is the legislative branch.

Members of Congress have staff that excel at prodding executive agencies into action. Call your Member of Congress’ district office and ask to speak with a Constituent Liaison. As with all things passport related, allow for plenty of lead time to increase your chance of success.

Extra $60 for Faster Passport Service Doesn’t Cut Wait by Much [Washington Post]
(Photo: Maulleigh)

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