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PacSun Files For Chapter 11 With Restructuring Plan That Will Keep Stores Open

As we suspected earlier this week, ’90s mall staple Pacific Sunwear — known as PacSun to all the cool kids — has announced it’ll be filing for Chapter 11. Don’t start your teary farewell speech just yet — the company has a restructuring plan already in place to avoid liquidating its inventory, and will keep stores running throughout the process. [More]


Google Scoops Up Online Mapping Service Waze Just Like Everyone Expected

Despite the fact that online mapping service Waze has been all up in the news lately for flirting with several suitors, the announcement that Google has emerged triumphant after a short courtship is barely a surprise. It’s like the new girl at school being polite and talking to the various guys trying to make a great first impression, until the quarterback walks in and everyone knows it’s all over. Google just always seems to get the girl. [More]

Expedited Passports Now Take 3 Weeks To Arrive, Not 3 Days

Expedited Passports Now Take 3 Weeks To Arrive, Not 3 Days

Travelers paying $60 to expedite their passport application should prepare to wait three weeks, not three business days, for their passport to arrive. The State Department published the change last week in the Federal Register, shifting the target processing date for expedited applications from “three business days” to “a number of business days,” which, according to the Washington Post, means three weeks. Members of Congress lambasted the change: