Updated: Contact AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson

Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO
rs2982@att.com (direct)
phone: 210-351-5401 (direct to his secretary)
fax 210-351-3553
alternate phone: 210-821-4105 (headquarters, press 3, ask for Mr. Stephenson’s office)
175 E. Houston
San Antonio, TX 78205

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  1. dscosson says:

    It’s a shame it has to come to this, really. This, I imagine, is enormously disruptive to Mr. Stephenson. There has to be a middle ground, but because Mr. Stephenson and his company don’t try hard enough to implement a reasonable middle ground, this is what happens.

  2. agb says:

    Might it make sense to have a web site that catalogs executive contact information instead of blog posts to sort through?

  3. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    A friend wrote an actual letter to him.
    Then was called back by a woman who lied about everything.
    What a disaster of a company!

  4. crazybelgian says:

    man I’m glad I found this, I’m currently being lied to and gotten hung up on by customer service!
    And I’m actually being nice and haven’t been swearing.
    Mr. Stephenson will definitely be getting a letter and I’ll make sure I record the next call to their customer service.

    • AugustaCassiopeia says:

      Mr. ATT-CEO cannot be bothered by customer feedback. If you give your name, he will threaten to send you a cease & desist.

      Thats how important you are to this asshat..

  5. yoshi says:

    I can assure you, if you send an email or letter to Mr. Stephenson he will contact your personally.

    That’s the kind of guy he is.

    • Sam Savoy says:

      @yoshi: I contacted him two months ago and got a canned response asking for my account information (at the address listed above)

      • ExCingularCust says:

        @Sam Savoy: This doesn’t surprise me one bit, esp. since Randall loves to be a joker. He has no more care for anyone other than his back pocket and whats goin in and coming out of it. So, none of this is just SOP for this guy. This has also become the norm for corp America, “who cares what the little guy says or thinks, just as long as I’m happy nothing else matters”.

  6. attorneyseda says:

    I am an old attorney and regularly have to get to someone up the corporate chain to resolve problems created by the customer service/customer system. Often getting to the right person is difficult because they tend to hide. This site had accurate information to the right person who was very responsive. I hope that the site keeps being updated as those whose contact information is provided change their contact information!used this site. Kudos!

  7. attgirly says:

    I work at the Lubbock, Texas AT&T callcenter. As an employee we are trained to report any harassment that we are victim of or if we witness someone being harassed or threatened. I have reported over hearing a rep named Sloane who works in my combined bill department threaten harm toward another employee. I overheard her and her friend Eddie threaten to physical pay her back. I reported this to my manager who said they would not get involved because she heard Sloane’s step father Bob Ward a trainer at the callcenter and his wife along with Sloane were harassing another employee named Stephanie Lara who reported the trainer Bob Ward for sexual harassment. So then since my manager said she wouldn’t get involved I reported it to Jack Wright, Jim Davidson, Dave Heston, Gregory Frager, and a long list of management including Mr. Randall Stephenson. Then later on during my lunch I overheard outside between our work mods Sloane on the phone threaten to payback Stephanie by beating her up and having some if her friends gangbang her. I reported it anonymously to our ethics hotline, even got so worried about something horrible happening I sent an anonymius email reporting what I over heard and I begged for Mr. Stephenson and all upper management to warn Stephanie and to keep everyone at the callcenter from harassment like that. Yet no one ever responded or helped to bring attention to the matter. I know my team members tell me that Sloane and her family had a feud with Stephanie after she reported the trainer for harassment and they took it to a deadly leve and wrecked Stephanie causing her some type of injury. Why are employees stephanie not protected from sexual predators or from payback for reporting the truth shouldn’t AT&T protect us as employees.

  8. data-man says:

    Great job tracking down corporate thugs! I put up with 10 years of ATT’s terrible customer service undependable DSL service that required numerous calls to a service center in India, where I got either wrong information or put on hold and then hung-up on. Mr. Stephenson has already gotten an email from me, thanks to you!

  9. jylk says:

    I contacted Mr. Stephenson to address a dispute I had in regards to 24/7 roaming charges on my iphone while I was recently travelling overseas (the WIFI was constantly scanning for service–at astronomical rates). AT&T’s customers service department were beyond useless; however Mr. Stephenson and the entire staff in the President’s office were polite, professional & took care of my situation within a week’s time. Because of the way they handled my situation, hey have definitely regained my respect.

  10. xrodion says:

    I just want to say I spoke to one of the execute staff in his office. They were very helpfull and very polite and they are taking now appropiate action all you have to be when you talk to that office is just be polite and very nice and stay on the topic you called.

  11. CruiseMates says:

    I have been dealing with AT&T customer service all week, calling them at least four times a day, just trying to restore a DSL account that never should have been disconnected. It has been absolutely the worst customer service experience of my lifetime.

    The account is in my vacation home, where I have been paying some $28/month for over a year to have DSL service, which I only use a few weeks a year. I work as a webmaster, I NEED web access 24/7.

    I arrived at my vacation home last Sunday, July 26, and found my phone working, but my DSL turned off. I called AT&T. I was jockeyed between sales, billing and collections for well over an hour. I started in Bangalore (I suspect, or some other Indian province) and finally ended up with an American in “collections” who told me my DSL was turned off in May for non-payment.

    Interesting, my account is up to date, and I have a record of paying all my bills. There was a period when I was late, so a few bills were combined. A large bill ($111.36) came and said “late AFTER April 16th”. I paid it by credit card on April 16th. It is all in my records.

    I had no idea my DSL was disconnected three weeks later. I only found out when I arrived at my vacation home.
    I could put that behind me as long as they turned it back on. I called them to ask why, and they said it was turned off because I had not told them I wanted to continue with the service. “What?” I was not told it was going to be turned off, or notified it was turned off. Then they told me their procedure is to turn off the telephone number’s extra services – long distance, etc, and that is supposed to trigger the customer to call AT&T. This is my vacation home, I don’t have any extra services (I use my cell), I only have the phone line for the DSL.

    No matter, I just asked them to restore my service. They said OK and gave me an order number starting with R (for “restore”).

    That was on Sunday July 26. I have the working line and DSL modem already hooked up, but then I get the bad news. It is still going to take 4 DAYS TO TURN IT ON – July 30th. Why? “Because this is AT&T, this is how we do it” was again the reply.

    4 DAYS LATER I wait all day and the DSL does not come on. I call technical support to see why. Mind you EVERY DAMN CALL requires first talking to a robot who asks you several questions until you finally have a chance to say “customer service” – then you get Bangalore, and they ask you THE VERY SAME QUESTIONS:

    What is the phone number you are calling about?
    What is the name on the account?
    What is the address where you have service?
    What is your customer code?

    Since this is “technical service” they asked me “do you have a modem (yes to all the following), is it on? is the first light on? second light… etc…

    Then he says “I can’t help you, I don’t have an order for this account”

    I say “What? I spent five minutes on hold to talk to a robot, 15 minutes on hold to talk to you, I answer all the same questions twice, and all you can say is “I can’t help you?”

    “It’s a billing issue” he says, “you have to talk to them.” I start to say, “I already talked to them, my account is in good standing, I am fully paid up, I placed an order for new service, I have an order number…”

    But I can’t say that because he has already put me on hold. 20 minutes later I am talking to the billing department answering the same questions again. Finally billing says, “Well, I don’t what happened but it looks like you need to talk to collections.” ZAP – I am on hold AGAIN.

    20 minutes of hold music later “collections” picks up. By now I am irate. We hash it out, “Yes, you are paid up to now, but we disconnected your DSL because of a late payment and you never requested that it be turned on again.”

    “First of all, it wasn’t late, I paid that bill before it was late. Secondly, you disconnected my DSL three weeks later. What sense does that make? Thirdly, I was not notified you disconnected it. “We don’t notify you” collections tells me, we just turn off any extra services on your phone; long distance, caller ID, voicemail, etc. We know that if we do that a customer will call us and that way they will find out their service has been disconnected. We leave local service on as a courtesy.”

    “This is my vacation home,” I say. “I do not have any of those services on my phone because I only need the line for my DSL. Why couldn’t you contact me at my registered contact number at my regular home?”

    “Because this is AT&T, this is how we do it.” Was his answer and I swear I am not making this up. “If you want your DSL back on you are going to have to order new service.”

    “I did that four days ago, the order did not go through.” I say, “Is my account not paid in full and in good standing?”

    “Yes, it is” he agrees and says again, “but to get your DSL restored you will have to order new service.” I had done that on July 26th. He transfers me back to sales & service. 20 minutes on hold then Jeff picks up. “I am shocked about this,” he says. “I don’t even see an order number on your case. Tell you what, I am going to just make a new number and I guarantee you it will be on first thing in the morning, plus I will send you a $50 Visa gift card.”

    “Great, thank you” I say. Finally a problem solver.

    Tomorrow morning still no DSL. About 11:30 I called sales & service again. I say “I was told it would be on first thing in the morning.” The person says, “It will be on within 6 hours,” “but the salesperson said first thing in the morning” I get another “please hold” she comes back in ten minutes and says “No, sir, it will take at least six hours.”

    And so I wait until 5:30 pm. Still no DSL.

    I call back and demand to speak to a manager. I explain the situation. She can see I first called on July 26th, called again on the 30th, and that I was told it would be on in 6 hours. She comes on and does a three-conference call with a customer support person. They say, “We are so sorry, this never should have happened.” They make a case number, and promised to have it turned on, but then they gave me the bad news, IT WON’T BE TURNED ON FOR TWO MORE DAYS – AUGUST 1ST”

    August 1st arrives. I wait until noon – still no DSL.

    I call back and demand to speak to a manager. He comes on and does a three-conference call with a technical support person. They say “We never had any records to turn this account on – you have to contact collections.” At this point I believe I finally have a true manager who will fix this for me right away. I tell him to call collections on his own and straighten this out and call me back. I had been on the phone for 2 hours, mostly on hold, using up cell minutes (AT&T Wireless) I will probably have to pay for.

    Finally he calls me back – the first and only AT&T person to do so. And he says, “I straightened out your account, I am really sorry, none of this was your fault. Here is your NEW order number (this is now my THIRD order number in one week). So, I can have my DSL right away? I ask. It is just a flip of a switch, I have the modem already connected.

    “NO,” he says. “We can’t get it turned on until Aug 4th.” Guess what? My vacation is over by then.

    Just absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered. You hear about waiting all day for the cable TV man to show up? I spent an entire week’s vacation trying to get AT&T to turn on a DSL account that never should have been disconnected, and all I got was run around, blame shifting, misdirection and even verbal abuse.

    And I still don’t have my DSL back on. As I type this it is courtesy of PeoplePC dial-up. At least they deserve a free plug because their service works, and I never even had to talk to a single human being!

    I cannot go through every phone call I had with AT&T in this process. In the end I talked some 30 people. Here are some samples:

    Talking to Bangalore technical support I asked to be transferred to a manager. He tells me he will call billing and clear up the issue. I say “Thank you, what is your name again?” He says, “Ben.” I didn’t quite hear him, so I say, “Did you say Ben?” and he says, “Oh, I meant Albert.”

    A few days later I was on the phone with Bangalore again. The tech support person was going through his tech support checklist. I knew it wasn’t a technical issue (I know tech) so I asked to be transferred to a manager but was told none was available. He went back to “is the DSL light on?” and I said “I asked to speak to a manager,” and he said “OK” zap, I’m on hold. Five minutes later he comes back, he has a truly unmistakable accent, like a Bangalorian “Norm” from Cheers. He is pretending to be his manager! In the same exact accent, but talking a little faster and slightly more authority he says, “I can’t help you, I don’t have an order number for you.”

    Every person I talked to asked me five minutes of questions to verify who I am. Why can’t this information follow the phone call if I am being transferred? Would a simple name suffice since the person transferring me already authenticated me?

    Every single person I talked to asked me for a callback number in case we got disconnected. I did get disconnected on three different occasions – each time after 30 minutes of talking to various people and spending most of my time on hold. Not one person from AT&T ever called me back.

    Furthermore – not one person ever asked me for an order number or the case number for the first three-way call I had with a manager. They were meaningless to anyone. Only the phone robot ever asked for a reference number, which always stated with a LETTER – and he asked that it be inputted by keypad.

    The one thing that I figured out about this is that a number of mistakes were made, but it was “collections” who really screwed me. They disconnected my DSL AFTER I had paid a bill, and they never notified me it was disconnected. Then they made sure every subsequent order I placed did not go through. Whoever I talked to at collections should be fired.

    • songsmith89 says:

      I just read your post, and I have gone thru this very same thing. I share your frustration, it is hard to believe that this sort of thing can go on with a company these large companies. When I tell anyone what I have been thru, I don’t think they really believe it. I wanted to use as many posts as I could to include in my letter to Randall himself, and I want to ask you had a problem. Everytime I mention to C. service about there problems, they tell me they have never heard of any issues with there customer service. But I see it on several sights, people venting and telling the same stories that we have went thru with AT&T. I want them to know, they got major issues, and I am not an idiot. Thakn you in advance. @CruiseMates:

    • Mr. Gunn says:

      I’ve always been pretty happy with my wireless service, and even the customer service is helpful when they screw up my bilI every month.

      DSL, on the other hand, is apparently run by a whole different group of people. It’s not at all worth your time, I don’t care what kind of discount they offer.

  12. SnehaGreene says:

    I had an issue with text messages yesterday and called ATT customer service. After 45 minutes trying to sort this out the rep ended the call “Have a nice day” but before he hung up the phone he said “damn” very sarcastically. I know he did not expect me to hear that but alas I did. I was not going to make a big deal about it but since this was my 4th call about the same issue I decided to email my story to Randall.
    Today I got a callback from the executive office with apologies and said they would talk to the rep and give him, at the very least, additional training.
    That was good enough for me! I’m happy they called me. I just wanted to vent to them about the ongoing issue and they assured me that it was taken care of.
    Have a great day! damn….

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know how many on the job injured employees does AT&T have and have to deal with Sedgwick Claims? Not only am I trying to deal with my illness but do not feel AT&T and Sedgwick Claims really care about the person only the dollar bill.

  14. Anonymous says:

    My husband was a employee of At&t untill 2 weeks ago.
    he has been trying to get his vacation and personal pay that was do to him.He was told by union member at time of dismissal that they would discuss it with him later.
    He called human resource was told he had to call the union.
    He has called gets sent to voicemail and no return phone call.
    I don’t understand why it is so hard to get anything done thru At&t or their union.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am a former employee of AT&T i worked for them for about 7 months i was fire from the company. I did make mistakes with the company to justify my release. but that is not the problem being that are economy is in the toilet, i have to get assistance from the government to feed my family. AT&T being the crap hole company they are i have got the run around for close to 3 weeks . Now i receive a phone call from the agency i am working with saying that AT&T won’t release the information needed so they can go forward with my claim. I have called every person from my former boss to her boss and on up the ladder to the ceo and every single one of them can’t or won’t help me they tell me i have to go to the human resource dept. and that is the biggest joke of them all. they have there head soo far up there butts it is amazing they can even talk on the phone. also i can’t get copies of my check stubs through there wonderfull human resources dept. Also i have tried going through a system called the work number,now par for the course AT&T won’t let them release any information for family services.As a former employee of AT&T and knowing how they treat there customers and employees i would never recommend AT&T for employment or there services. they don’t care about you or there employees trust me when i say THEY DON’T CARE. My next step is to go to channel two news group and see where it will go from there. Now a word for the fabulous CEO of AT&T. Randall Stephenson should be in charge of garbage detail in the city landfill because he does such a great job of screwing things up.It is pretty sad when your boss tells you that you do to perfect of a job and that you need to slack on quality and do it faster, What does that say about customer service?Thank you AT&T for topping the list of crappy employers and the worse customer relations i have ever worked for.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have repeatedly requested that ATT STOP sending me text messages with propaganda concerning service I need to pay extra for. I DO NOT WANT ANY SOLICITATIONS FROM ATT!!
    I have called them almost EVERY day since I signed up on December 11 to state I do NOT want the solicitations. I am barraged on a daily basis with their junk text messages.
    I tried contacting the CEO, Randall Stephenson at rs2982@att.com but have yet to hear back from him or a response from ANYONE from ATT.
    I finally contacted the Public Service Commission and filed a complaint

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Stephenson’s office moved to 208 S. Akard, Dallas, TX 73202. i was unable to get his fax number, but the Exec. Office @ 800-283-6407 gave 214-741-0198 as the fax number for the Exec Offices. My letter went through O.K.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I had a horrible 6 month ordeal with AT&T and a DSL account that never worked. AT&T even agreed that it didn’t work and that I should be credited the money. Problem is, the credit never went to their billing system and so I kept getting collection calls. I kept calling and they kept trying to fix it, but it would fall back to collections where they would threaten to ruin my credit.

    Today, after being transfered 7 times and again not having anyone to help me via the normal channels, I gave up and called the general number listed above. From there I talked to the nicest, most friendly person in the Executive’s Office. She had the situation resolved in about 10 mins and gave me her personal extension (which I won’t post here, sorry).

    The moral of the story is that I hope the numbers listed here aren’t abused and only used when their system fails (as it did me). It’s good to have recourse when things go really really badly with the company. If there were more people like the woman I spoke with today, AT&T would be an unstoppable force for good. :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    wow what a wonderful site! Could you also find the contact info for Dell?
    If there is a down side to reaching Mr. Randall it is that he will have highly skilled people (plural) calling you all hours of the day to fix your problem even after the first person fixed it. I had no less than 3 people calling multiple times for weeks after the issue was resolved. Once again Att fails to communicate!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I had a enormous and complicated billing issue that included both my home phone service and high speed internet service. I spent nearly 5 hours on the phone with customer service trying to resolve the issues. That night I got my thoughts on paper and sent Mr. Stephenson an email explaining the phone calls to customer service and the billing concerns. In a 24 hour timeframe I did receive a call from his office and received all credits due. If you have an issue send him a email. Apparently he does read them.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Okay so I began working at a new company that had just purchased 2 phone lines from another company. When I came in here there were ALL KINDS of phone problems. I spent my first 2 weeks just dealing with AT&T. The no-call-back “customer service” reps. The “managers” that are worse then the good-for-nothing “customer service” reps. And FINALLY I found out who to contact. Basicall what happened was we attempted to port our numbers over to a different company to get those 2 additional numbers (that other company told us we could not get those numbers unless we did) In the middle of porting our numbers over the phones went crazy so the owner said to stop. So we stopped the porting process and went back to AT&T – nowww AT&T is saying we arent with them but if we want to be with them again we have to pay a 900 dollar cancellation fee – wtf!? we never cancelled. The porting process was never completed.. you would think the way that the economy is they would WANT business back – right? NOT. So now every place we have called to see who our phones belong to says “Bellsouth/ At&t” owns them. Hm. wonder why? I faxed and mailed Mr. Stephenson a 44 page document explaining everything – lets see what happens.

  22. Caitlin Krauss says:

    I’ve been having billing issues with AT&T for about six months since I switched to T-Mobile due to signal issues and dropped calls. AT&T claims I owe them $1,000 in fees and termination penalties even though I worked out a deal with them originally. I just sent this letter to Mr. Stephenson. Let’s hope something happens.

    “Mr. Stephenson,

    I am writing to you to address a six month issue that I am having that seems to get only worse. In November of 2008, I started having problems with two of the three iPhone 3G phones on my AT&T account. As Apple employees, we had the phones replaced, but the problems persisted- many dropped calls, no signal, unsent messages, etc. The third line had moved across the country and he reported great phone usage. I called AT&T and visited retail stores on numerous occasions to work out the issues and they were never resolved. I called Customer Care to go through the phone troubleshooting and no issues were found.
    As a small business owner, I couldn’t continue to have a phone that dropped my calls, so I called Customer Care and spoke to a supervisor named Riley who worked out an agreement with me that the account could be canceled without termination fees and if the third line wanted to continue AT&T coverage, he could transfer and set up his own account. I talked to this person, who agreed to set up their own account, and I called AT&T to transfer the line to him. My understanding is that the line was not transferred and still resides in my name.
    Since that time, I have received calls and a letter from a collections agency claiming that I owe AT&T in the neighborhood of $1,000. I have tried to resolve this issue with Customer Care on many occasions, and though my side of the story never changes, I always get a different answer about why they cannot call my account even and close it. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and am currently working with them, but the AT&T representative they assigned to my case does not seem to want to help and said that her “internal investigation” determined the fees were legitimate.
    I ask only that you and your company do the right thing at a time when corporate bureaucracy and the ability to hide behind a logo so frequently benefits everyone but the end user. For many years I was a promoter of your company, and as an Apple employee, this comes into question often, but during this time I have not been able to say good things about the people at AT&T. I know that somewhere your motto still stands- that AT&T is a family, and every customer is part of it. Right now I do not feel like part of the family, I feel like the exiled in-law that is no longer welcome. Please do not make this the case- I have had many excellent experiences with AT&T employees and hope to be a customer in the future if this can be resolved.

    Please feel free to contact me at the phone number in my signature. Thank you for your time.


    Caitlin Krauss”

  23. Anonymous says:

    The email address for Mr. Stephenson does indeed work. I emailed him on Sunday. I had Elite DSL & phone service at my home. AT&T was suppose to turn off my home phone (we use cell phones) and leave on the DSL. Well, of course, they dropped the ball and turned off everything. When I called to tell them , I spent 4 + hours on the phone with them , some who spoke English as a secind languauage and I could not even understand them. They kept insisting that I could not r get the Elite DSL at my house, it wasn’t available! I just had it 2 hours before!
    I finally got so frustrated that I found this site with Mr. Stephenson’s email on Sunday and sent him an email nicely explaining what had happened.
    Today (Thuirsday) one of his Assistants called me and completely straightened it out within 2 hours. I know not only have my Elite DSL back on, I am actually getting 3 times the speed I was before this happened!
    Just send a nice email and be kind when they call from the Corporate office- sure fixed my pronblem quickly.
    Thanks so much to whoever posted this info!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am excited that I found this info. I just called AT&T about the increase of the “Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge” and got no help. It went from $0.20 to $0.60 on all 5 lines that we have. Based on their 2008 report, they have 77 million wireless subscribers. That is an additional $30,800,000 revenue per month until they lower the charge. We are now on a very tight budget which means something else will need to be cut back. How can they possible need to triple the amount of that fee? I know it is only $2.00 more on my bill, but what will it end up being next month? I will definitely be sending an email and a letter to Mr Stephenson and I urge all of you to do the same.

  25. tajona says:

    I would have expected that the experience of “CruiseMate” must have been solved or improved by now, considering that his bad experience was in 2008. Well, I had exactly the same bad situation this week (June 29-July 2, 2009).

    I cancelled my account with ATT. Thanks ATT for ruining the 4th of July weekend of our children!

  26. Anonymous says:

    AT&T cell phone co charged me $175 to terminate a phone that was 20 days out from being out of contract. Gee, don’t you think someone at AT&T Corp. store should of told me that? Let’s see, pay $10 to finish out the month or pay $175? Customer retention is not their forte, and I question their swarmy sales tactics.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I am the secretary of a small subdivision and have had many complaints about all the poles that are being installed in the neighborhood ruining many residents views. These poles are being place less than 5o feet apart. I told the complaining residents I would try to find out why so many additional poles need to be installed. First there is no available numbers to call if you have these type problems. So I called customer service and have been routed to three different departments and have now been on hold for almost an hour and still no results. The last man I talked to in La California, I am in Austin Texas said he guaranteed that he would connect me to the correct department. Well that was over 30 minutes ago and I am still on hold. If we didn’t pay our bill you know that they would be calling us every twenty minutes but when you have a problem with their service it is a different story. It is very frustrating that they are allowed to get away with this type of service. Even if someone answered and wasn’t able to help it would be better than being completely ignored for this length of time. It isn’t like they don’t have the money to hire help with the outrageous amounts we are all charged for their services.

  28. Hank Zefron says:


    What would happen if an attorney helped to establish a way for AT&T customers to generate/initiate thousands of law suits against AT&T?

    Imagine a web form to generate law suits against AT&T or even individual suits directed at CEO Randall Stephenson?

    >Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO
    >rs2982@att.com (direct)
    >phone: 210-351-5401 (direct to his secretary)
    >fax 210-351-3553
    >alternate phone: 210-821-4105 (headquarters, press 3, >ask for Mr. Stephenson’s office)
    >175 E. Houston
    >San Antonio, TX 78205

    • designy says:

      I have my service suspended by AT&T Mobile for excessive charges. No one knows what that means. One rep told me that my limit per contract is $1000 and I exceeded it on my last international trip where the charges are supposed to be $1500 (unverified). But AT&T claims I should monitor usage inline and maintain my line of credit that I know nothing about until they suspend my service.
      AT&T has not issued the bill but requires that I pay first before service is reinstated.
      My claim is that they are in breach of contract for lack of specific performance. The contract does not call for advance payment on unverified charges. I have the right to review my bill before I pay.
      I am asking for damages for service suspension without cause or notice and the right to go elsewehere without penalty. In other words not reinstate the contract that AT&T has breached by suspension of service without any reason. I am not behind on my bills and they had actually suspended service before issuing a bill.
      I tried to send a Fax to 210-351-3553 but the number is no longer in sevice.
      I have written to Mr, Stephenson at the email addresses here and so far the mail has not bounced.
      Anyone have a new fax number.

  29. BillC says:

    I have a bad issue with them. Two seeks ago I sent a USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation to Mr. Stephenson in Dallas.

    It came back today as “Moved Return To Sender”

  30. czechmate says:

    Why can’t a big company like AT&T keep an accurate clock? My AT&T phone is always two to three seconds slow when checked against the USNO Master Clock.

  31. grokit says:

    AT & T just doesn’t care about cheating people until you make a LOT of noise. That’s why I stay wi-fi/Go phone only, forget about monthly plans and 3g data and texting and I only pay $100 a year. I was considering an iPad 3g and then they jacked the unlimited data, they made my decision for me and I will just get the wi-fi only version.

  32. jmhinla says:

    The real irony is, the phone number: 210-351-5401 (direct to his secretary) is a VERIZON number that has been disconnected.

  33. anthonyleo says:

    Great job tracking down corporate thugs! I put up with 10 years of ATT’s terrible customer service undependable DSL service that required numerous calls to a service center in India, where I got either wrong information or put on hold and then hung-up on. Mr. Stephenson has already gotten an email from me, thanks to you!

  34. att cheats says:

    Spent hours on ATT site to try and find their CEO. Finally a friend suggested GOOGLE. So now I can finally write to one Randall Stephenson.Thanks Consumerist.com.
    Comments on ATT: A company that trains it’s sales reps to lie, cheat and steal and does not train their C/S people to be helpful especially when they know they are liars and cheaters. A company that sends out Bogus Bills, then sells their so call “bad debts” to collection agencies to harass customer’s for their bogus billing. A company that should be investigated for their underhanded ways by the FCC and the Better Business Bureau. What a shame! What a waste of the many hours I have spent with them. I was a bellsouth customer for over a decade. What a shame that I have to now waste more time trying to get in touch with Randall Stephenson

  35. lnhether says:

    I have had issues with AT&T and many other company’s and have used this site and their sectary will call you back and help get things figured out. this is what i wrote to the CEO of AT&T a min ago and i will post again when i hear back. but thought this was useful advice.

    Im a valued AT&T customer of 2 wireless iphone accounts. I love AT&T, never had an issue with my service but the customer service i  receive  every time i call in is not what the AT&T customer service values are and i know this as i have worked for AT&T. my current issue is: i looked at my online account and my bill date is changed from after the 15th of the month to the 13th which we dont have the funds to pay this bill till after the 15th..i was told by a manager Amanda Washer that i would have to pay $25.00 more dollars to change my bill date to the 15th instead of the 13th. and she told me i would be getting 3 bills in one month and i am sorry but no one now a days has money to be paying 3 bills in one month just to change their bill date 2 days later that it got changed to by AT&T without informing me, the customer. i need to get this issue resolved or we will be changing carriers without paying you ETFs and current bills and we will stop referring family and friends to AT&T and on top of that we will pay for the family that does have AT&T to cancel service and switch to SPRINT. we have always refereed people telling them how much we love AT&T and the iphone but since our account keeps getting messed with and bill dates being changed we are going to switch and stop referring if it dont get straightened out soon.

  36. roscoe says:

    AT&T is the company that split customer’s phone calls into a secret room to gather information for W’s illegal wiretapping program in ignoring the FISA laws. This company should be boycotted and Steve Jobs needs to find another carrier for his products. It should be no surprise to learn that the CEO is a prick and low on morals.

  37. Rich says:

    I had maintenance scheduled to start at 0800 this moring (26 Aug). It is now 4PM and no one has come to do the work. Called customerservice and only got excuses. I am now told perhaps at 8PM (12 hours late) I may get service.
    Order confirmation# C35093822. Some one does not understand how to schedule. That person should be removed. I will be glad to train them.
    Hope you can help me.

    Richard Crouch

  38. flicka_sugar says:

    ATT changed my number over a month ago without telling me why, promising within a week it would be changed back. It has yet to be changed back despite numerous phone calls. Also because my number wasn’t changed back I have lost employment that I had put applications in for. FOund that because they could not get ahold of me I was passed up about the jobs. SO they have cost me employment. I want my old phone number back and I want compensation for loss of employment.