Cheap Textbooks And Other Discounts For College Students

That first trip to the college bookstore for textbooks is a transformative, and possibly scarring, event–for many people, it may be the first time you really understand the phrase “sticker shock.” But today’s students at least have some alternatives, the most popular of which (based on reader comments, articles, and personal recommendations) is Our cousin, a junior this year, writes, “One book I’m buying this semester is 70 on Amazon, but like 25 or 35 on Abe.”

CNN Money also suggests and They don’t mention CraigsList — does anyone have any personal experience sourcing books from there?

For savings at other stores, CNN Money recommends trying out, a discount card that costs $20 a year and offers slight discounts at a number of stores and transportation companies. However, this student forum offers mixed feedback on the card, saying it’s really only useful if you have a specific set of spending needs. (In other words, it probably won’t help if you’re already a frugal shopper.)

For students living off campus, check apartment complexes for student discounts; be sure to check for other moving-in specials too. And a final word of common-sense advice from the junior in college: “Don’t waste money you don’t have on stuff like cable TV—do you really have time to watch it anyway?”


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