Don't Spend $1,000 On $8 Glasses

Most people spend too much on glasses, failing to shop around even though they are legally entitled to take their prescription anywhere. Local opticians usually provide the best service, but offer the worst deals. 147 million Americans might save on glasses by following these simple tips from the Chicago Tribune:

  • Ignore brands: Choose the best look, not the best brand. Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren license their name to a manufacturer; they don’t make their own frames.
  • Weigh Discounts: The discounts from AAA may be more valuable than your employer’s vision insurance.
  • Try Big Box Stores: Costco and BJ’s offer good customer service and don’t always require membership to purchase glasses.
  • Great deals can also be found on the internet, but be wary of unnecessary add-ons, which can significantly raise prices.

    Price ranges for glasses prove real eye-opener [Chicago Tribune]
    (Photo: MJorge)

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