Chrysler Introduces Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Effective immediately, Chyrsler is upgrading its three-year, 36,000 mile powertrain warranty to a lifetime warranty. The warranty only applies to original owners and lessees, and specifically excludes rental companies and corporate fleets. Still, it’s a good news, right? The car experts at Jalopnik think it could be better:

You must have your vehicle inspected after five-years of ownership by an “authorized” Chrysler dealer. And check out this nugget, “The inspection must be made within 60 days of each 5-year anniversary of the warranty start date of the vehicle. ” So, you void your lifetime warranty if you forget about leap year.

Somehow, the AP’s coverage managed to omit that important little caveat.

Chrysler offers a lifetime warranty [Boston Globe]
Chrysler to Offer Lifetime Powertrain Warranty; Covers Most Cars and Trucks [AP]
(Photo: kerinin)

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