Yes, You Can Insure Your iPhone Against Accidental Damage And Theft

AppleCare’s iPhone coverage is limited to hardware issues and technical support; if you drop your iPhone on the sidewalk, you may be out $600, unless you have insurance against accidental damage and theft.

Surprisingly, the niche market has yet to develop specific plans for the iPhone. From The Unofficial Apple Weblog:

As far as coverage through companies like specialized electronics or computer insurance providers is concerned, I had a much harder time finding anything substantial. Most of the companies I spoke with didn’t have policies in place, and only Safeware confirmed that they were “seriously considering” introducing iPhone coverage.

Most traditional insurers, however, would tack an iPhone onto an existing homeowners or renters insurance policy. Allstate, Geico, and State Farm were willing to insure the iPhone for an extra $5-$20 per year, with a $250 deductible that could be reduced to $100 with an appraisal. To take advantage of a traditional insurance plan, you must already be a primary policy holder.

Damaged or stolen iPhones are terribly expensive to replace; insurance might be worth the extra price.

Insure your iPhone, because AT&T won’t [The Unofficial Apple Weblog]
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  1. gatopeligroso says:

    Added my phone to our Renters Insurance Policy 15 minutes ago. Cost me an extra 11 Dollars a year. (Oh, and a deductible of 100). Thanks consumerist!

  2. BarelyFitz says:

    $20 a year with a $250 deductible seems a bit steep. But I’d probably bite for GATOPELIGROSO’s $11/year + $100 deductible. If I had an iPhone, that is…

  3. shirou says:

    Haven’t we already established that you can’t break the iPhone by dropping it on the pavement? ;)

  4. stolen, user damaged or broken? You deserve to pay the price…

    I’m (the iPhone) wind; there at every turn. It’s only a matter of time

  5. icruise says:

    State Farm charged me $45 for a floater policy on my iPhone, but it has no deductible.

  6. TimmyGUNZ says:

    I have USAA. I added my iPhone on Thursday. Costs me around $25 extra a year (on my renters insurance) but it covers me from theft and accidental damage with a $100 deductible. $100 is a lot easier to swallow than $600!

  7. RebekahSue says:

    I’m not sure why this is news; I have insurance on my (non-iPhone) Cingular phone… through CINGULAR.

  8. Nextlevel says:

    It is news because CINGULAR does not insure the iPhone.

  9. sliceofbread says:

    You insure cars, houses, health, dental…. You really shouldn’t be insuring something that most definitely does not make money for you, quite the opposite it costs you money by having a complex GUI instead of a very simple finite state machine. Oh and what of all the other devices on the phone? Are they worth $60 a MONTH plus the original overhead of buying the phone? You people are getting scammed in the worst way, iPhone is just a money sucking product bought by the worst pretentious a-holes I ever did see. Do you really think a tiny LCD is worth more than the deductible of (1)$100, (2)$250? They are worth more like $40, and they’ll keep your iPhone to get it fixed using some cheap labor. I can’t wait to see how consumers will get a broken LCD, send it in to get fixed and then Apple will charge $300 to fix it, so basically you are still going to pay (2)$50 to (1)$200 to get it fixed, unless there is a sign of water damage (which will break everything in the phone), you will basically be buying your new iPhone for at-cost, congratulations, you wasted your money.

  10. BrianH says:

    Timmygunz: I’ve got USAA w/ renter’s insurance as well…. but I don’t remember itemizing items like computers and watches & cellphones etc…. just a dollar amount as far as I recall. Has something changed? The only thing I remember calling out seperately was my wife’s engagement ring, I needed some kind of rider/addendum for that.

  11. Trackback says:

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  12. hoya4life says:

    $250 deductible, lol. I broke my Iphone (water damage), and sent my phone in. They will replace any damaged phone for $230 including tax. I guess that doesn’t help you if your phone is lost or stolen, but still.

  13. Jonathan Herod says:

    Just got off the phone with USAA and they won’t cover any accidental damage to the iPhone. It’s covered if the house burns down, etc, but they won’t give me a rider specifically for the iPhone. Frankly, I’m surprised. This is the first time I’ve ever had to say I’m disappointed with USAA.