Montana Man Finds Deep-Fried Mouse In Bag Of Potato Chips

Jack Hines reacted with cat-like reflexes when he discovered a deep-fried mouse in his bag of Lays K.C. Masterpiece BBQ Flavored Potato Chips. From UPI:

“I just about put it in my mouth,” said Hines. “I was sitting there watching TV in the dark and I grabbed for three fingers of potato chips and I grabbed a mouse. It shook me up a bit and I threw it over my head.”

Lays is handling the situation well. When Hines reported the mouse to their 800 number, they made sure he was feeling well and offered to dispatch a representative to retrieve the mouse and remaining chips. Hines has vowed never to buy barbecue potato chips ever again.

Fried mouse found in Frito Lay bag [UPI] (Thanks to Francis!)


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  1. dbeahn says:

    He’s damn lucky Lay’s didn’t charge him extra for that mouse. They’re more expensive than potatoes ya know…

  2. timmus says:

    Table ‘UPI_old.problem_stories’ doesn’t exist
    Hmm… this sounds like a new problem story to me.

  3. The link isn’t working, so here’s another.

  4. Ok, sorry, the original works now :)

  5. gamble says:

    Looks like Stuart Little finally got what was coming to him.

  6. welsey says:

    Once my friend found a worm in a can of grape juice. It was absolutely disgusting!

    I will only eat potato chips in good lighting from now on after reading this story.

  7. etinterrapax says:

    It was probably a faulty definition of “Masterpiece.”

  8. yg17 says:

    just an FYI, that’s Montana, not Missouri….

  9. Dustbunny says:

    Mouse Makes Montana Man Mistrust Munchies!

  10. umbriago says:

    Yes, if it had happened in Missouri this wouldn’t be a story, it’d be “Hey look, a bonus!”

  11. Cowboys_fan says:

    Sounds like a clip from “Strange Brew” when they find the mouse in the beer. They got jobs and beer for life out of it. Maybe you can get a job and Lays for life.(Not suggesting you need a job)

  12. Fry says:

    @Cowboys_fan: “Lays for life”, eh? *dials same 800 number*

    I remember when I was a kid hoping to get a free prize in my bag of chips, but this just takes it to the extreme…

  13. dbeahn says:

    @Cowboys_fan: I was just thinking, since Lay’s is sending someone out to personally pick up the remaining chips and the mouse….they must want it pretty badly. This guy might want to check with a lawyer before turning over the evidence.

  14. @timmus, @yg17: That partly explains why the link didn’t work. The original story, posted the day before, began:

    HAVRE, Mo., July 23 (UPI) — A Havre, Mo., resident…

    Both versions feature the deep-fried mouse.

  15. eli_b says:

    mouse gets layed, guy gets paid….

  16. evil_doer420 says:

    “Hines has vowed never to buy barbecue potato chips ever again”

    I don’t think its the flavor he need worry about

    My girlfriend once chipped a tooth on iced cream containing porcelin somehow, and got free iced cream for a year

    When I was a kid, we used to buy a big bowl of chili or something at ballgames and such, then eat 1/2 of it and when we were full, we’d put a hair in it, take it back, get another bowl free, and we would all get fed on a single purchase.

  17. ivieso says:


    I was brushing my teeth when I read your comment, now I got tootpaste is all over my keyboard. Good one.

  18. @Dustbunny: Dustbunny FTW!

  19. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Somebody slipped him a Mickey!

  20. The Bigger Unit says:

    What’s going on? Usually by around comment 3 or 4 some dumbass usually says “What’s the big deal?” “We eat animals all the time!” “Get over it and just eat your chips!”

    This is unsettling. Have the comment moderators moved in??

  21. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    This story is useless without pictures of the actual BBQ mouse! ;-)

    But seriously, this is the reason why I don’t eat in the dark. Mass produced food is made in factories with more machines than people, and at high speed. Every once in a while “something” is going to fall into the assembly line and make its way into the final product.

  22. Consumer-X says:

    People seem to think that finding a mouse in their chips will earn them a big payday. The problem is that in such cases the person rarely has any damages to sue for. Other than being grossed out, how has he/she been harmed? Yes they may win the case but the award is usually tiny.

    “Somebody slipped him a Mickey!”
    Nice one Dwayne.

  23. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Was the mouse regular or extra-crispy? Our local Chinese place gets most of the fur off before they stir-fry them :)

  24. faust1200 says:

    What Lay’s wanted to say is “Let us come pick up the evidence, I mean mouse so you don’t sue us.”

  25. macinjosh says:

    More like Mouse-terpiece!

  26. RapperMC says:

    It’s confusing to me that a mouse was even interested in the BBQ. I’d expect it to be found maybe in Nacho Cheesier Doritos. Mice LOVE cheese.

  27. miborovsky says:

    American poison train?

  28. Marce says:

    I’m sad the original didn’t have a photo of the mouse. What happened to stomach-churning investigative journalism? UPI’s a bunch of slackers!

  29. DanKelley98 says:

    Did the bag have a hole in it?

    I smell a rat…oops.

  30. HungryGrrl says:

    I’m amused that he’s only sworn off the BBQ flavored chips, and not mindlessly shoveling junk food into his mouth while watching tv.

  31. nequam says:

    @DanKelley98: The mouse was cooked. There was no suggestion that it burrowed into the bag.

  32. Musician78 says:

    I’m glad I don’t like potato chips.

  33. Havok154 says:

    I need to stop reading consumerist. Soon enough, I won’t want to eat anything from anyone.

  34. ShadowFalls says:

    I find the sneaky part is how Frito Lay wanted to retrieve the evidence as soon as possible. Then they can just say you have no proof since they took it.

    Though accidents do happen, a company should try and make up for the accident to show they actually care about their customers. It is not about the mistake, it is how you handle it afterwards.

    The thing I would be worried about is possible disease, bacteria, etc. that could have spread onto the other chips while the bag shakes around, some which you have already eaten. The effects might not show up for even a week or so. He might not be sick, yet.

  35. blkhrt1 says:

    Hahaha . This makes me wanna eat some potato chips.

  36. zaka says:

    They wanted to get the mouse back in order to get it out of this guys hands. If he says “hey, I found a mouse in my chips!” it is quite different from “hey, I found THIS BBQ FLAVORED mouse in my chips!” The goal is to strip him of material evidence in the name of customer service.

  37. mconfoy says:

    Its nice to live in the northeast and eat Utz or Herrs, real German Pennsylvania potato chips that blow Lays away. (or Route 11 if you are more gourmet).

  38. silenuswise says:

    My advice regarding potato chips: stay local. I am a potato chip connoisseur, thanks to growing up in a town with two local potato chip factories. Here are the top two, best potato chip brands I’ve ever eaten:

    1) Ole Salty’s–Rockford, IL
    2) Mystic Chips (Utz)–Hanover, PA

    Just three ingredients each: potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt. That’s it. Crispy, thick but still delicate; absolute perfection. And so far, deep-fried-mouse free.

  39. The Walking Eye says:

    It’s clearly the guy’s fault for eating Lay’s in the first place. I mean, seriously, who eats Lay’s? Fat Wal-Mart shoppers who don’t bank at credit unions, that’s who.

    I saw this yesterday as I was sitting down to eat lunch and then didn’t eat for an hour. As someone said above, the more I read Consumerist (and the more I learn in my food related classes), the less I want to eat anything not grown and prepared by me.

  40. jrdnjstn78 says:

    I wonder if he continued to eat the chips after he “threw the mouse over his head”. After he finished he then called Lay’s.

  41. agent2600 says:

    @The Bigger Unit:

    people find weird stuff in there food all the time, no need to make a news story about it…this is almost as intresting as all the harry potter and lindnsy lohan crap that has been making front pages.

    Lays made a mistake and handeled it well, acutally most compaines do, one time my jerk friend called and said to Arazona iced tea, that his tea was watery and tasted bad they sent him a entire case of it. He did the same thing to pepsi too.

    finding a mouse (which if you have ever worked in the food industry it is a GIVEN that there will be mice and cockroaches in the vicinity, thats why the FDA has a ratio of acceptable number of vermine and not a zero tolerance police, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of the “problem” or as I like to call it nature) it is not that big of a deal(a cooked mouse carries very little chance of carrying desise) and is not a reason to get lawered up and try to make a buck off it.

    funny thing is, frito-lay is part of Pepsi…is it just me or do Amiercan made American based companies seem to treat there consumers a bit better?

  42. Yourhero88 says:

    the puns in this thread are even more than the chips mentioned therein!