Meet Chris, Guest Blogger

Chris Walters is a veteran shopper who enjoys being outraged by mismanaged customer service experiences. Why, just last week he was treated rudely by an employee at the Nokia flagship store in midtown Manhattan, but then the store manager swooped in and replaced his malfunctioning headset without further problems, which is why there’s not a post on the Consumerist about Nokia refusing to replace faulty Bluetooth headsets.

He’s an unrepentant gadget-obsessed technophile and an avid gamer (DS, Wii, PC, and original Xbox). He likes animals, monsters, craft projects, and gay stuff.

Professionally, Chris writes things for companies. Usually they’re boring things like sales brochures for software or bulleted lists for PowerPoints. Sometimes they’re fun things like scripts for cartoons or blog entries for the Consumerist while Ben goes away on vacation.

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