New Texas Law Guarantees Access To Restrooms

Under a new law signed by Texas Governor Rick Perry, retailers can’t deny restroom access to any consumer with a valid medical condition. Stores with less than two employees on duty are exempt, and mistrustful employees can ask to see a doctors note. The Texas Retailers Association had no objection to the law, which for some consumers, is a godsend:

“When I was 7 and was shopping for a Halloween costume at a store here in Austin, I asked to use the bathroom and they said no,” Wicker said. “They said the closest one was across the street at a Taco Cabana. I ran out the door and I almost got hit by a car because I wasn’t looking both ways, I was just interested in finding a bathroom.”

She and several other children set up a meeting with state Rep. Mark Strama, D-Austin, who knew nothing of the problem but was immediately impressed by their research and passion. He sponsored the bill and the kids did most of the lobbying for it.

The new law still would not have helped Catherine access a bathroom at Jo-Ann Fabrics, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Restroom law ensures those with conditions have access [Houston Chronicle]
(Photo: Landii)

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