Introducing The 42 oz McDonald's "Hugo" Drink

McDonald’s has been struggling to give themselves an image makeover—they’ve cut the “supersize” menu and added salads and “apple dippers.” But what’s this?

The “Hugo”? What the heck is a Hugo?

The Hugo is McDonald’s new drink size, available only in certain markets, the Hugo is 42 oz and when filled with regular soda weighs in at an impressive 410 calories.

It’s priced as low as $0.89. A hell of a deal! But who needs that much soda? From the NYT:

“People, I believe, tend to drink more during the summer,” said Danya Proud, a McDonald’s spokeswoman. “People are out and about.”

She said the Hugo was being offered because of customer demand, and so far, it has sold quite well. Ms. Proud cautioned about comparing the Hugo to McDonald’s old Supersize menu.

“That’s not what this is about,” she said. “You have to put it in context with the rest of our menu.”

That’s a rediculous amount of soda, but what can you do? People want what they want. We just wonder if it would sell as well if it said “410 calories” on it.

Did McDonald’s Give In to Temptation? [NYT]
(Photo:Noah Berger/NYT)

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