Introducing The 42 oz McDonald's "Hugo" Drink

McDonald’s has been struggling to give themselves an image makeover—they’ve cut the “supersize” menu and added salads and “apple dippers.” But what’s this?

The “Hugo”? What the heck is a Hugo?

The Hugo is McDonald’s new drink size, available only in certain markets, the Hugo is 42 oz and when filled with regular soda weighs in at an impressive 410 calories.

It’s priced as low as $0.89. A hell of a deal! But who needs that much soda? From the NYT:

“People, I believe, tend to drink more during the summer,” said Danya Proud, a McDonald’s spokeswoman. “People are out and about.”

She said the Hugo was being offered because of customer demand, and so far, it has sold quite well. Ms. Proud cautioned about comparing the Hugo to McDonald’s old Supersize menu.

“That’s not what this is about,” she said. “You have to put it in context with the rest of our menu.”

That’s a rediculous amount of soda, but what can you do? People want what they want. We just wonder if it would sell as well if it said “410 calories” on it.

Did McDonald’s Give In to Temptation? [NYT]
(Photo:Noah Berger/NYT)


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  1. B says:

    Suddenly I feel bad for anybody named Hugo. And yes people do drink more in the summer, but drinking caffeinated beverages when you are thirsty is counter-productive.

  2. Skiffer says:

    Yeah, but you can’t fill a Supersize meal with diet fries and 0-calorie patties…

  3. Sidecutter says:

    Wait, what? Hugo?

    It’s a Supersize drink. Nice to see it back. Since I only drink non-sugar soda, calories aren’t a concern for me here, so I missed being able to get a drink that size if I wanted one.

    Coming soon, the Hugo fries. And then, you can Hugo-Size your meal!

  4. ptkdude says:

    Please don’t think this gigantic soda has anything to do with their supersize menu? Are they kidding? Folks, this is about 1.25 liters of soda here… take your standard supermarket bottle (2 liters) and drink more than half of it in one sitting. That’s what you have.

  5. Thrust says:

    Holy fat Buddha on a pogo-ball! WANT!

    The only things good at Rotten Ronnies are their fries and their orange drink. Gimme a Hugo fries to go with that and I’d die of happiness.

  6. jacques says:

    Makes sense…soda gives them the most profits. Although, would $.89 undercut their other drinks? (I dunno, haven’t been there this century). And will they be offering it in NYC where they’d be required to put the calories up there?

  7. Threnody says:

    1. Drink unholy volume of caffeinated, sugary beverage.
    2. Get dehydrated and very thirsty.
    3. Mistake thirst for hunger.
    4. Order new McDonald’s “Hugo” meal.
    5. Ghasp in horror as your pants no longer fit.

    The should put the nutritional information on the side of the cup. After all, the bottle of Coke at the convenience store has it. Why should McDonald’s get off easy?

  8. mopar_man says:

    They have those here. The small drink is $1 on the Dollar Menu and this thing is $0.89 so my wife and I get one to split. Most times it doesn’t get finished.

  9. foghat81 says:

    It surely does undercut their other drinks! I got one for kicks recently and the drive thru lady mis-heard me and tried to charge me MORE for LESS (stupid useless medium). Crazy.

  10. joeblevins says:

    Actually, wouldn’t it be significantly less than 42oz of soda since it will be filed with ice? Is 410 calories pure soda, or including ice?

  11. Tristan Smith says:

    They’ve had these for a while where I live. It’s a pretty good deal if your thirsty. Right now they are selling them for only $0.69. I’m only drinking diet drinks right now so I’m not really that concerned with the calories.

  12. rmz says:

    This is not a bad size. IF, that is, 2/3 to 3/4 of that cup is filled with ice.

  13. Threnody says:

    @joeblevins: Well it’s McDonald’s, so the ice is probably loaded with sugar and fat.

  14. Toof_75_75 says:

    Now, my question is, is this “Hugh-go” or “Huge-oh” size? One sounds like they are targeting the Spanish or Mexican groups, the other sounds like they are going more for the NASCAR nation.

  15. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I’m pretty sure McDonalds will be selling “Hugo” size fries in the near future as well.

  16. Murph1908 says:

    When I was growing up, Mom always drank Diet Rite or Diet Coke. I drank the regular, but would drink hers when mine ran out. So I did have a taste for the unleaded.

    But my preference was the sweet stuff. That is until McDonald’s posted their nutritional information on a chart on the wall, and I saw that a large Coke (24 oz at that time?) had over 200 calories. I switched to diet right then.

    Oh, and it’s spelled ‘ridiculous’.

  17. VA_White says:

    Oh, and it’s spelled ‘ridiculous’.


    Meg has a “rediculous” mental block when it comes to that word. She spells it wrong quite consistently.

    They are advertising the huge McD’s drink here for .69 (for a limited time).

  18. Broominator says:

    I smell a LOST tie-in…

  19. deweydecimated says:

    what’s next? katrina fries, large enough to blow through the dams of your arterial walls? the andrew burger, heavy enough to topple a FEMA trailer! they could do a whole range of disasterously huge, disaster-named foods.

  20. Hoss says:

    What size glove does the woman in the picture wear? The cup really doesn’t look that large

  21. Murph1908 says:

    Grr. I forgot the main point of my post…

    I am a certified pop-a-holic. But even I am stunned by what’s a ‘large’ and what’s ‘small’ these days. I ordered a medium at Wendy’s the other day, and it was what once was the extra-large. Portion sizes are, without a doubt, the source of the obesity problem. 400+ calories for a soda. Jeesh. I am all for personal choice and responsibility, but when the 24 ounce that made me change my ways is now the ‘small,’ and these 200-400 calorie sizes are the standards, it’s easy to get your perspective messed up. Especially when you are a teen without the early frames of reference.

  22. bis70 says:

    You know, I think of the name Hugo and all that comes to mind is the huge guy named Hugo on Lost. Do they really want to associate the name of their new “product” with someone who looks like he mistook the movie Supersize Me for an advocacy piece?

  23. Thrust says:

    Damnit. I was going to go for A&W for lunch, but now I HAVE to see if Hugo hit Canada or not… I hope they have Katrinasize Fries.

  24. Ickypoopy says:

    What is the big deal? So they are selling large amounts of soda?

    Its not like convenence sotres haven’t been doing it for years. I remember AM/PM used to sell a 96oz *BUCKET* of soda. Yes, it was so big it came in a bucket, with a handle.

  25. banned says:

    In my english class, you only lost points for misspelling a word once, and as long as it was consistantly misspelled the same way, there were no more penalties.

  26. mopar_man says:

    To all you people drinking 42 ounces of diet soda: ever read up on the delightful stuff that non-sugar sweeteners are? I think I’ll take my calories and burn them off with a walk.

  27. sonichghog says:

    Great, I love the large sized cups. Great for a long trip. Calories do not matter to me, since I only drink diet. Even the low calorie lemonade would be what? 40 caloires in that big cup?

  28. ncboxer says:

    Besides a few people, I doubt most people that eat at McDonald’s care how many calories are in something. Somebody that routinely has a Big mac, large fries, and a soda (pop, Coke, whatever each of us calls it), isn’t going to say “oh-my-god it has 410 calories I better order something smaller”. I haven’t eaten at a McDonald’s in many years- their food sucks (as does most fast food).

    I think if you naturally watch your calorie intake, you are going to know this huge cup of soda has a lot of calories and avoid it.

  29. B says:

    @Ickypoopy: I remember when movie theaters had those, with free refills. Cause the best thing to go with sitting in a dark theather for 2+ hours is 96 ounces of soda.

  30. SkyeBlue says:

    You really never realize, even if you are looking at the “Nutritional Information” (and I think that is an oxymoron in regards to McDonald’s) brochures at McDonald’s what the actual sugar, fat and sodium contents are in the food you are eating. They show the information in grams and milligrams! Unless you are able to convert them to tablespoons and teaspoons in your head (or use a gram/teaspoon converter online) it almost impossible to know how much you are really eating. For the brochures for the US they should print the information in TSP/TBSP!

    That way when yo drink the HUGO it might be helpful to realize you are getting 25 (or however much) teaspoons of sugar in that refreshing drink!

  31. ptkdude says:

    @JustPeteHere: yeah… LOST in that giant cup! Wait a minute, you may have solved the mystery of the show! The plane crashed inside the cup.

  32. meese says:

    @mopar_man: true, but regular soda is not just carbonated water and corn syrup … I’m sure the extra negative effects of aspartame make the drink only marginally worse

  33. mopar_man says:

    For the brochures for the US they should print the information in TSP/TBSP!

    Or….the US could just get with the rest of the world and use the metric system.

  34. bluemeep says:

    Is it possible to just order a cup of ice at McDonalds? A buck for a massive cup of gradually melting ice water isn’t that bad if you’re going to be out and about for the day. It’d beat bottled, anyway.

  35. awall25 says:

    Hurricane Huge destroyed my parents house when I was a kid, so I’m really excited about drinking a Hugo-sized diet coke.

    Thanks for helping me relive those memories Mcdonalds!

  36. rockergal says:

    I agree! I love the metric system.

  37. jmuskratt says:


    Thinking the same thing….. Does that mean the drink is cursed with bad luck?

  38. anams0184 says:

    they had these cups a while back in a small town where i went to college…they’re massive. they dont even fit in your cupholders in the car. but then again, the gas stations such as race track and qt offer the same thing here in texas.

  39. mbleigh says:

    This isn’t some brand new thing…it’s the same size as the old “super-size” drinks that McDonald’s used to have before their “menu simplification.” Personally, I drink diet sodas, and it’s been frustrating not to be able to get myself a mammoth soda on the few occasions I find myself at a McDonald’s.

    I really don’t understand why people don’t just drink diet soda…it takes about a week or maybe two to get used to it (cold turkey approach), and after that it fulfills your carbonated cravings without bloating you to mammoth proportions. I knew someone who dropped 60 lbs just by switching to diet with no other lifestyle changes (of course, they drank a lot of soda).

  40. txinfo says:

    Even with all of the attention to obesity and physical problems, people will still buy this mess. I don’t blame McDonald’s, I blame the people who are shoveling this mess down their throats. And I blame the parents for their kids actions, although the kids are probably just mimicking the parents.

  41. yasth says:

    @B: No caffeine does not dehydrated you in solutions you find in soda… it just isn’t truth. It isn’t salt water it is just a mild diuretic very blah.

    Oh and honestly I don’t see anything too wrong with this if… you take it and pour it into one of those insulated cups for the entire day. I know a lot of busdrivers and the like do that already.

    I almost wish they did have this around here, I have no problem throwing soda out, and it would be the cheapest drink on the go.

  42. defectiveburger says:

    I’m an admitted soda addict. I love the Hugo drink. Where I live (California), it’s only 69 cents, which is a damn good price. Now, the cup is fucking huge. Do I drink it all? Hell no. When I am super thirsty, I’ll fill it with Diet Coke or something so as to miss some of the calories. However, it is still cheaper to buy the 42-oz Hugo than it is to buy a 12 oz kiddie drink, or the 16 oz dollar menu drink. Now, why would I pay a full dollar for 16 oz, when I can pay 72 cents after tax for 42 oz?

  43. umbriago says:

    @awall25: Small, medium, large, extra-large, Hugo and Katrina! You’ll be on the Ponchetrain to thirst satisfaction as your basin overflows with flavor!

    Naaah better not.

  44. kidgenius says:

    Maybe the 410 is with ice? There’s no way there are that few calories in 42 ounces. According to Coca-Cola there are 99 calories in 8oz of regular coke. 42 ounces gives 520 calories.

  45. UnStatusTheQuo says:

    @Threnody: You forgot:

    6. Profit

  46. uricmu says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. So McDonalds is selling large cokes? Wow… Hold the presses. You can get a giant drink at 7-11 (a slurpee, which is even more fattening but at least worth it). You could go for a 2 liter bottle at the grocery store. Have them offer cheap bottled water, that’ll be something to write about.

    Besides, the real benefit of the huge coke is that two people can split it: one person gets the huge meal, the other one gets a mac, and you’ve got a meal for two people.

    @KIDGENIUS: Fountain sodas are usually watered down compared to the stuff you buy in the bottles. Though 410 still seems like a little.

  47. Thain says:

    @Yasth Ummm…mild or not, a diuretic dehydrates you, so yes, the caffeine solution in soda will dehydrate you (not to mention the sugar). What kills me is the fact that people will drink this much soda and think that makes up for the fact they haven’t had any water all day. It’s also kind of sick that a 20 oz. water costs more than this.

  48. joemono says:

    Here are prices from our local McDonalds –

    You can order:
    Large Drink (1.59) + Cheeseburger (1.39) = 2.98

    or get twice as much everything, for cheaper:

    Extra Large Drink (0.89) + Double Cheeseburger (0.99) = 1.88.

    Go figure.

  49. Jasmo says:

    Soda gives you diabetes. Just so you know!

  50. catskyfire says:

    If they do the Hugo the same way they do the rest of the drinks, half or more is ice, so how much soda do you really get?

    I like the idea, myself. I tend to get a large drink and then (gasp) take it with me, and continue drinking it for awhile longer.

    As for the name, I give them points for cleverness. The essence of ‘huge’ with a slight difference. As for it being named like a hurricane… I truly hope that just because natural disasters get names, that they don’t become completely taboo to use. Especially a natural disaster that happened nearly 18 years ago.

  51. endless says:


    I work at a retail store and when I came back from lunch once at wendys a co worker and i debated which size drink I had received. I had gotten a medium, but she would not believe it was anything less than a large!

  52. catskyfire says:

    @Jasmo: “Soda gives you diabetes. Just so you know!”

    No, it doesn’t. Diabetes is a medical condition wherein the body cannot either: A: Make the insulin to process the body’s sugars (Type 1) or B: Handle the insulin being made (Type 2).

    While sugared sodas can make diabetes worse, and certainly can exacerbate undiagnosed diabetes, it is not the direct cause. But the same problem can come of eating a lot of grains, potatoes, and corn. (Complex carbohydrates still become sugar to the body. To the body, sugar is sugar, whether refined cane, corn syrup, or a bag of carrots.)

  53. Youthier says:

    @Murph1908: Yes! I drink a lot of pop (yeah, yeah, all my teeth are going to fall out, I know the consequences and I’m not going to sue anyone so leave me alone) but I ordered a medium from Wendy’s last time I was there and the thing is MASSIVE. The value size is what the old small used to be.

  54. EtherealStrife says:

    42 ounces? Please. Tell me when they have my 64s that I get at the gas station.

    @mopar_man: @rockergal: When the commies took over in Russia they switched to metric. Are you some kinda commie? Metric = Un American. Next you’ll be wanting the title changed to “1,715,440 joules Without Taking a Bite…”

    “For the brochures for the US they should print the information in TSP/TBSP!”
    Those are useless. Canadians, USians, Brits, Others, they all have different definitions of those.

  55. geeoph says:

    Finally, they brought a bigger size back!

    I think that it’s a smart move to be more “health conscious” when it comes to food and stuff, but don’t take away my supersize drink and fries! You can sit there and call me fat and unhealthy, but at the end of the day, I’m happy with how I am. I enjoyed a Big Mac with a whole bunch of fries and more soda than I need!

    I KNOW I don’t NEED that much soda, but I WANT that much soda! Excuse me for drinking a lot while I eat. If I only ate and drank what I needed, life would be boring. I’d be eating bread and water. I go to McDonalds because I want to eat that food. It’s not like I have no choice of food otherwise, and I’d find it pretty hard to believe that anyone would find McDonalds being their only choice for a meal. That being said, I don’t mind having a big tummy as long as I can enjoy my meals. If I cared about being fat, I’d work out.

  56. The Bigger Unit says:

    Sweet! So if I inhale 5 of these suckers, I can knock out my 2000 calorie diet/day, and not have to worry about eating anything else! God bless America and its fatassedness.

  57. Dervish says:

    @catskyfire: [] would seem to disagree with you – “Depending on several factors, the diuretic effects caused by caffeine can be considered weak to negligible under normal caffeine consumption and for people without urinary tract problems.” They quote a number of published scientific studies. I wouldn’t worry too much.

  58. Dervish says:

    Sorry, wrong quote – should have been @Thain:

  59. jmackowi says:

    Why does McDonald’s get criticized for everything? Go to a gas station, you’ll see enormous cups for soda, and they have been offered for years. It’s up to people to fill it with either diet soda or something without the calories (minute maid light lemonade is pretty good). Regarding the ingredients in diet soda, who knows what is worse, aspartame or HFCS? At least you don’t get all the empty calories with diet soda.

  60. TeraGram says:

    I recently went into a McDonald’s just for the 42 oz. cup. My local McDonald’s has decent iced tea. I’m pretty sure I received more than sixty-nine cents worth of lemon slices when I asked for them.

    Total drink caloric content? Maybe 5 cals due to the lemon juice.

  61. JoseRZ says:

    When I worked thier in high school(1999ish). We had humongo size(something to that effect). Which you got a 44 oz drink and 44oz cup of fries.

    Also 42 oz is small compare to the corner stores around here(south texas). Every once in a while they have a 64oz fountain drink for 99cents.

  62. Toof_75_75 says:

    @The Nature Boy:

    Seems like a much easier diet…I don’t have to watch what I eat all day. Just drink 5 a day and I know my caloric intake is JUST RIGHT! Yay, McDonalds!

  63. Thrust says:

    @catskyfire: Ok. Re: Diabetes, Catskyfire is close to how it works.

    You are either A) Born with it, B) At risk of developing it, or C) Never gonna get it so stop worrying. Problem is, you know if you’re (A), but the only way to tell if you are (B) or (C) is to actually develop a form of diabetes. The people in (B) who have the potential to become diabetic are no different than people who have the baldness gene or history of cancer in the family. It is something that if there is a family history of, you have the chance of having it, but it can skip you too. If it’s NOT in the family history, you can STILL get it, but your odds are lower.

    RE: The big cup, and why it is the next best thing to free porn…

    Take my dayjob. I sit at a desk (with plenty of time to F’ the dog on the Consumerist apparently), and don’t really get to move around a lot. A nice big honkin cup ‘o wakeup juice is just what is needed. And it being LESS than the price of the medium or large I normally get, Kupo!

    Oh, and no, no Hugo in Canada. Or at least, not at my local clownstand.

  64. Jasmo says:

    @catskyfire: you didn’t really think I was serious, did you?

  65. Chicago7 says:


    With a HANDLE? That is AWESOME!

  66. Chicago7 says:


    And 5 times the caffeine of Coca Cola! You must have been FLYING!

  67. Chicago7 says:

    You know, 2 liter bottles of soda are usually on sale somewhere for 99 cents!


    Also, you can buy your own soda maker at and drink until you puke!

  68. Chicago7 says:

    One last thing. Don’t think you are drinking healthier by drinking fruit juice. 8 ounces of fruit juice has 100 calories and a LOT of sugar.

  69. Thrust says:

    Thems soda thingy ain’t available in Alberta :(

    Drink Brawndo, the Thirst Mutilator. It has Electrolytes.

  70. QuirkyRachel says:

    Dude, I don’t think my bladder is that big….

  71. catskyfire says:

    @Jasmo: “you didn’t really think I was serious, did you?”

    Any reason I shouldn’t have? You didn’t make any of the usual sarcastic marks to suggest you weren’t. And it’s something that a lot of people believe/repeat. Right up there with the ‘you’ll catch cold if you go outside with wet hair’.

  72. RebekahSue says:

    i wish i could get 42 oz of iced coffee for that price.

  73. bbbici says:

    i love this. the fatter and dumber the majority get, the more power the members of us ‘thin elite’ have.

  74. gruffydd says:

    In L.A. , this 42 ounce soda sells for .69 cents.

    While I think this is an obscene amount of soda, I was just a little pissed when I ordered a medium Diet Coke and was charged $1.79!

  75. Jasmo says:

    @catskyfire: Yeah, dry wit. It certainly was an exaggeration. But then again… [] … I wasn’t completely blowing smoke.

  76. Howie999 says:

    What’s wrong with the 42 ouncer? Nothing, especially at this good price. Get two straws and share with a friend! Or use only one straw if it’s a really good friend.

  77. TedSez says:

    It’s called “Hugo” because if you eat enough Supersize meals with these babies on the side, you’ll end up looking like Hurley from “Lost.”

  78. Observer2121 says:

    Are you people suggesting that merely by selling a larger cup that people will drink more soda? Ameircans are by and large greedy for soda, I see people sitting in the restaurant getting their free refills, why not save them the short walk and give them a bigger cup? McD’s isn’t forcing anyone to buy this. My problem with McDonalds is not the size of the cup but rather the choice of drinks, where is the Green Tea, where is the vitamin water, where is the Gatorade? Can’t they give us watery drinks such as these as a selection?

  79. Thrust says:

    @Observer2121: Gatorade is worse for you than pop. It has just as much sugar, worse kinds of it in fact, and enough salt that it makes you over-drink. Hugo Cups + Gatorade = the easiest way to make people’s stomachs asplode.

    @bbbici: The “Thin Elite” consists of the other end of the retard spectrum, where teenage girls have more ribs showing than an ethiopian child, and image-obsessed bitches dishonor the great taste of food by puking it back up. The only advantage the Thin have over Fatso’s is at Super Paper Mario…

    Somewhere inbetween fat and thin lies happiness, and the ability to eat french fries because you know you’re going for a run later that night.

  80. huginn says:

    Is this… a lost reference? The Hugo?

    hmmm… Sad

  81. pragakhan says:

    42? Thats hugo? The most common sale at my local gas station is 44oz, they also have 64oz, but the latter just isn’t easy to tote around.

    42oz is less then a can of coke bigger then a 32oz drink, and is equal to 3.5 cans of coke.

    Is that REALLY a LOT? Doesn’t seem like it to me!

  82. synergy says:

    Ickypoopy beat me to it. I was going to say that the convenience store has been selling the Super Big Gulp for ages and that sucker is 44oz!

  83. TVarmy says:

    @jacques: I believe it is only $0.07-$0.12 cents for the syrup, plus a trivial cost for the CO2, water, and the cup itself. So, it’s a huge margin, even on this scale.

    FWIW, baseball statiums have sold a drink at least as big for a while in a “collector’s cup” along with the promise of a free refill. On a hot day in bleacher seats, when your brain is not 100%, that sounds like a good deal. Of course, about 40% through you realize you can not finish this drink ever. Darn marketing.

  84. nequam says:

    @Dervish: The website you cite is essentially an ad for caffeine supplements for athletes. You include the phrase “under normal caffeine consumption.” The fact is that Coke (for example) contains 45.6 mg of caffeine per 12 ounces. That’s 136.8 in the Hugo. Your source says that side effects for an athlete (150 lbs) consuming 210 mg of caffeine include: “Anxiety, jitters, insomnia, inability to focus, GI unrest, irritability, and dependency with withdrawal side effects.” Would you consider 136.8 mg of caffeine “normal consumption” for an average-sized non-athlete? GI unrest? good god!

  85. xian says:

    For an extra 10 cents you can get a 42 oz soda on a Taco Bell combo meal (instead of the regular 32 oz). It’s been that was for a while here in MI.

  86. andrewsmash says:

    New research connects drinking more than one can of soda a day to metabolic syndrome.

    McDonald’s offers new drink size that is equivalent to several cans of soda.

    Do they plan these releases or what?

  87. Dervish says:

    @nequam: Ok, I’ll admit that a website with an agenda is questionable, but they do cite several scientific papers on the subject. How about [] , a website from the McKinley Health Center at Urbana-Champaign?

    “There is no evidence that caffeine in beverage form is dehydrating. Its diuretic effects are usually compensated for by the beverage’s fluid content.”

    I’d think that this is doubly true for someone who sips at it all day while living a fairly sedentary lifestyle. This site also lists 300 mg (about 3 cups of coffee worth) as a moderate intake. 136.8 mg (and you’re assuming the cup contains no ice, which is probably erroneous) just isn’t that much. Again, caffeine and its diuretic/dehydrating effects should not be something to worry over, here. I’d be much more worried about the sugar content and overall calories.

  88. nequam says:

    @Dervish: Fair enough. Thanks.

  89. MissAnnThrope says:

    What is the big deal? They want to compete with the giant drinks at convenience stores? They’ve been doing it for years and the price of the Hugo is pretty much in step with such places everywhere I’ve been in the country.

  90. Dervish says:

    @nequam: My fault for quoting a shill site in the first place.

  91. middy says:

    “Making matters worse, Hugo ads are available in several languages, making sure that minorities – who are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic – are aware of the budget beverage.”

    Remember folks, McDonald’s hates minorities.

  92. 42oz?! Jeez thats almost as big as the suckers you get at Seven Eleven…

  93. methane says:

    So, if I weigh 175lbs and want a 20oz. Coke that’s okay. But if I weight 350lbs and want a 42oz. Coke, that’s not okay?
    To hell with personal responsibility! McDonald’s is forcing me to drink 420 calories of diabetes inducing HFCS! If it had real sugar in it, they probably wouldn’t be able to drink it all…

  94. ZonzoMaster says:

    @rockergal: same, but i’m kinda used to the metric system =P.

  95. fishiftstick says:

    McDonald’s is doing what any company in a free market does–responding to consumer demand. If consumers demanded smaller servings, McDonald’s would provide them.

    Just why is it McDonald’s responsibility to ensure that people stick to a healthy diet? It’s not like they put a gun to anyone’s head and make them eat Big Macs.

    Let’s stop pretending that this is a public policy issue. People are responsible for their own decisions. If they choose to eat junk food, that’s their problem.

    It’s no secret that regular soda is full of sugar, that a 42-oz drink has 3x the calories of a 14-oz., or that fast food is bad for your health. If people decide to eat at McDonald’s anyway, hey, it’s a free country. And if you don’t like McDonald’s, you have the inalienable right not to eat there.

  96. MSUHitman says:

    This has been offered here in St. Louis, MO for the last two years. It sells very well. I get it sometimes with the new Sweet Tea they have (just launched this summer.) Many times the stores here run out of cups from people buying the drinks (probably because of the humid STL weather.)

    This has also caused all of the gas stations to combat with cheaper fountain drinks. Many times the Quik Trip stores and other gas stations here will have drinks ranging from .25 to .69 cents.

    Mobil gas stations offer .25 20 oz fountain drink, coffee, or ICEE/Slurpee/whatever the day after the St. Louis Cardinals score 6 or more runs in a game. This is probably the second most popular drink special in STL.