Verizon To Pay $6 Million For Sending Junk Faxes

Verizon will pay $6 million to businesses in Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama for sending 10,145 junk faxes advertising its services. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act bans businesses from sending unsolicited faxes, and allows for fines reaching up to $1,500 for each violation. Verizon will pay class members only $625 per fax, despite their crack legal team’s best efforts to deploy novel and absurd legal arguments in Verizon’s defense.

From The Advocate:

Two years ago, [U.S. District Judge James Brady] rejected arguments from Verizon and others that the Telephone Consumer Protection Act violated the First Amendment by regulating commercial speech.

Very clever, Verizon lawyers, but no dice. Now tell your company to stop sending junk faxes, and go back to munching on Vonage’s rotting carcass.

Junk faxes may cost Verizon $8 million [The Advocate]
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  1. j-o-h-n says:

    Dear Verizon,

    I will accept as many faxes or phone calls as you care to send at $625 each, plus you can save on lawyering-up costs.

    PS, sending any constitutes agreement to these terms.

  2. azntg says:

    LOL, the free speech argument is a classic! Real funny. Now, can the Verizon lawyers please have a talk with AT&T lawyers… you know, tell them a thing or two about free speech?

  3. zentec says:

    Junk faxes violate my right not to piss away my paper and toner. Nice try on the free speech angle, but when you use my resources for your speech, it’s a little difficult to just walk away.

  4. TechnoDestructo says:

    Gee, I thought the junk fax law was well-known and well-tested. It was the basis for so many early attempts at fighting email spam, right? This sounds like a lame attempt to fix things after the fact. What, was it one stupid, ignorant marketroid who did this?

    Well, I doubt they have a job anymore.

  5. frogman31680 says:

    Hey guys, is this why I didn’t get my “$40 customer appreciation discount” we had in a previous post?

    On a more serious note, these companies often use bulk sending companies and I find it odd that they don’t find fault in these lawsuits.

    And you would think that Verizon and all their high priced lawyers would have thought that this would have been a bad idea…..

  6. Is there one for junk text messages even if you are on the donotcall list?