Bill To Outlaw "Fleeting" Swear Words Passes Senate Committee

Ars Technica says that a bill to give the FCC power over even”fleeting” swear words has passed a Senate committee and now moves on to the full Senate.

What’s a “fleeting” swear word? Well, say Bono says, “Hey this is f*cking great!” on live TV, or a girl wears a shirt that says, “F*ck” a certain sports team and they show her on TV. A recent court decision said that the network could not be fined if they let it slip by accidentally.

Now this new bill is aimed at closing this “loophole.”

The bill, called the “Protecting Children From Indecent Programming Act,” seeks to assert that even “a single word or image may be considered indecent.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how your representatives spend their time. Good thing, too. We hear that 13 children who were watching that football game killed their parents after seeing that shirt. Not really.

S. 1780 (PDF) [via Ars Technica]

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