Does Comcast Hate Mac And Firefox?

You’d think the country’s largest ISP would embrace customers who use Firefox and Safari. Or maybe you wouldn’t. Tech.Blorge blogger David says they “hate” Mac and Firefox. Strong words!

He bases his claim on Comcast’s install procedure, which he says requires IE5… even on a Mac. Teehee! Here’s the best part:

The web contains other stories — including one from a user group for Apple fans. One Mac owner reports he’d called Comcast to troubleshoot his cable modem. Comcast’s technician told him he knew “nothing about *&@#$ing Macs,”eventually disappearing into his truck. By the time the technican returned, the customer had repaired the cable modem himself with a phone call to Comcast’s support line.

*&@#$ing Macs! *&@#$ing working for a living!

Do we think Comcast hates Macs and Firefox? No. Do we think Comcast considers the customers who use these products to be a statistically insignificant anomaly not worthy of the considerable investment it would take to optimize their products? Yes.

Does Comcast hate Macs? [Tech.Blorge via Slashdot]