Video Of Ted Stevens Wanting To Switch Between Phones "As I Ride My Motorcycle"

Here’s the video clip of Senator Ted Stevens being a crazy old man about wireless number portability.

In it, he says, “Is it coming? Why shouldn’t I be able to say, just by a little switch on my phone at home that’s wired, I’m going off on the wireless now, I want to use this as I ride my motorcycle…I’m bad. Pardon me.”

We feel bad because you know he’s really trying (and for once, completely right) but a guy who can’t understand the difference between carburetor and a router shouldn’t be on a committee overseeing the internets, but we guess that’s just part of our government’s interest in appointing the least competent people possible in oversight positions.

Ted Stevens Wants To Switch Between Phones “As I Ride My Motorcycle”
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