10 Tips For Summer Wine Drinking

Dr. Vino, Tyler Colman, sends us his 10 tips for summer wine drinking. We like this one:

  • Think pink. Cast aside any lingering prejudices and catch the hot wine of summer, a dry ros

    . They are so food friendly and offer something with more substance than a white. I like ones from Provence, such as Domaine Sorin, but they actually come in a range of styles.

And this one…

  • Forget the corkscrew. Go on a hike or a boat and leave the corkscrew behind-choose a wine with a screw cap or possibly even in a TetraPak (lighter to carry back out empty). Or go for the ultimate no-corkscrew-needed wine-champagne! (Caution-not so great on hikes though.)

You heard it people: It’s OK to drink screw-top ros

…. if its good ros

, and it appears that yummy ros

can be had for around $10 a bottle.

Chillin and grillin: tips for summer wine [Dr. Vino]