10 Tips For Summer Wine Drinking

Dr. Vino, Tyler Colman, sends us his 10 tips for summer wine drinking. We like this one:

  • Think pink. Cast aside any lingering prejudices and catch the hot wine of summer, a dry ros

    . They are so food friendly and offer something with more substance than a white. I like ones from Provence, such as Domaine Sorin, but they actually come in a range of styles.

And this one…

  • Forget the corkscrew. Go on a hike or a boat and leave the corkscrew behind-choose a wine with a screw cap or possibly even in a TetraPak (lighter to carry back out empty). Or go for the ultimate no-corkscrew-needed wine-champagne! (Caution-not so great on hikes though.)

You heard it people: It’s OK to drink screw-top ros

…. if its good ros

, and it appears that yummy ros

can be had for around $10 a bottle.

Chillin and grillin: tips for summer wine [Dr. Vino]


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  1. Tombfyre says:

    Yeah, the pinkish wines arn’t half bad. For wine though the only stuff I regularily have is various blends of Sake. I enjoy Nigori Sake the most. Best when chilled!

  2. j-o-h-n says:

    And you just missed an excellent one a couple of weeks ago on [wine.woot.com]
    Very Yummy!

    (PS not affilaited with wine.woot except as a satisfied customer)

  3. DeeJayQueue says:

    two things:
    1. Screw top bottles actually keep air out better than corked bottles, even those with the synthetic cork. It’s our own perception that corked bottles = value = better wine that keeps bottlers from abandoning them altogether. Don’t let the top of the bottle sway your decision at all.

    2. Innocent Bystander makes a really good rose from Australia. It’s like $15 a bottle and goes well with just about anything you can bring on a picnic, from cold fried chicken to Cranberry Stilton to PB&J.

  4. WV.Hillbilly says:

    Works in West Virginia.

  5. chimmike says:

    How is the consumer fighting back on this one?

    Seems to me this article better belongs on like home and garden the website, or food network…….

  6. VA_White says:

    You can remove a cork with a knotted string in an emergency. Emergency being defined as not having a corkscrew handy.

    You push the cork in the bottle, push the knotted string in past the cork, then slowly pull out the string. The knot catches the bottom of the cork and pulls it out. If you don’t have string, a torn strip of cloth also works. In a desperate situation, I am sure you can find a volunteer to sacrifice a t-shirt to get to the alcohol.

    It can take a few tries but it works.

  7. TheName says:

    Or, spend a comparable amount of money for a number of very refreshing craft beers! Far more thirst-quenching and the quality you’d find in a $6-7 bottle of beer far exceeds that of even the most on-sale $10 bottle of wine.

    Here’s hoping people stop snubbing beer!

  8. flyover says:

    sorry, THENAME, unless you’re referring to a 40oz, the value of a bottle of wine far exceeds that of a ($6-7?) bottle of beer.
    I’m talking 14% alcohol in a nice zin! And, you don’t feel all bloated and full afterward.

    I recommend the rose by Gundlach Bundschu or Matanzas Creek, if you can find them.
    For cheap cheap, I’d also go French.

    Combine the best of both though – go for a bubbly rose! Gloria Ferrer isn’t cheap, but it’s gooood.

  9. TheName says:

    Well FLYOVER, it’s unfortunate your judgment is restricted to “value” by alcohol content. Why not skip the 10-20% and go straight to the $5-7 quart of Red Star Vodka? Or the $2.50 bottle of rubbing alcohol?

    If, on the other hand, you look for price vs. quality, there are many fantastic, incredible beers in 22oz or 750ml bottles in the $6-10 range. Or, better yet, by a few quality 6ers for $6-7 a piece. Have more selection for everyone (“You didn’t like the pilsener? Have you tried the helles? Maybe the dortmunder?”).

    As for the bloated and full bit … well, that’s what comes from the popular misconception that “beer” is solely pale, watery and fizzy.

  10. Trackback says:

    So my cell phone screen conked out and it’s pretty old and lame. I got a new one and it’s not a very much more advanced model, but this one does enable me to download ringtones. My other phone probably did that but I didn’t really care enough.

  11. Chicago7 says:

    White wines? Rose wines? Why don’t you just put a skirt on and drink wine coolers?


  12. zekedms says:

    I will vouch for the lovely Berringer’s White Zinfindel, which comes in small serving bottles and is a lovely shade of pink. Tastes as good as any of the better wines I get. But those of us in the know have been aware for a long time that Charles Shaw is dirt cheap and great.

    Of course, sometimes the cheap wine is just that. Avoid a brand called Barefoot(and it has a big ol’ foot on the label) at all costs. It really is like hot, sweaty foot wrapped in old leathery bacon, then dripped into a glass. Old Crow has a better flavor(and was used to try and get that taste out of my mouth).