Today is National Ice Cream Day! Though we know of no free ice cream deals, President Reagan’s 1984 proclamation compels every freedom-loving American to hallow today with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”


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  1. Dustbunny says:

    You have to live in in Porterville, CA to get any free ice cream apparently:


    The rest of us are SOL I guess. Feh.

  2. grunwald says:

    Bruster’s is having a b1g1 deal on cones today only. Here is a coupon for those local to one.

  3. banned says:

    Why is this not a national holiday!?

  4. ElizabethD says:

    Who knew?

    In any event, I celebrated with a half-pint of one of Rhode Island’s finest frozen products: Gaga’s Lemon Sherbetter. Heavenly.
    (No, I’m not related to Gaga and her family!)

  5. zyphbear says:

    I didn’t know, but just happened to have stopped at “Cold Stone Creamery” today and bought two pints (one for me, one for my partner), but the store was so empty, the employees were doing their own mini races to see who can get the faster utensils and such. Nothing that changed the quality of the product, just a little fun, but they were pretty bored looking and acted pretty surprised when we went in there.

    Go figure, on a 90° day outside on a sunday, (and National Ice Cream Day to boot!) and the slowest store was the Ice Cream shop.