Personal Finance Roundup

A Look At The Consumer Action Handbook [The Simple Dollar] “I thought I’d give this free document a walk-through similar to one of my book reviews.”

Building a credit history is about to get harder [USA Today] “For years, adults with limited or blemished credit histories have [established good credit] by having someone with good credit — usually a parent or spouse — add them as an authorized user for one of their cards. But this shortcut to good credit is about to end.”

The best bang for your buck abroad [CNN Money] “Here are a few tips on how to squeeze that last euro out of your greenback.”

Mining YouTube for Personal Finance Gold [Get Rich Slowly] “Michelle, The Wall Street Geek, has a friendly, engaging style as she takes a look at various stock market topics”

Historical Financial Charts: Are You Invested In These Markets? [The Digerati Life] “I’ve collected some interesting charts that represent how money has behaved for us in the last several decades and which tell us stories of prosperity between bouts of volatility, as marked throughout history.”


(Photo: oneiroi)

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