iTunes Support Is Music To Our Ears

We regularly receive emails praising Apple’s customer support for the iTunes Store. Apple’s standard, often proactive, response is to offer a flexible credit. Below is one story from reader Evan:

    “I have read many horror stories online of the iTunes customer support department. I just wanted to share my excellent experience. I was attempting to use the Complete My Album feature, but I continued getting an error message. Here is an email thread from me to Apple.”

“I have been attempting to Complete the album “Rush of Fools” by Rush of Fools. When I click on the “Buy” button to complete my album, I am presented with the following error: “Purchase of this item is not currently available This item is currently being modified. Please try again later.[?]” I have been attempting to purchase this product for almost 15 hours. I would really like to get a hold of this product soon. Thanks! Have a great day.”

“Dear Evan, My name is (removed for privacy) and I understand that you are experiencing some difficulties using our ‘Complete My Album’ feature for “Rush of Fools”. I am sorry for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Please reply to this email and include the title(s) and order number (s) of the songs you have previously purchased from this album. Once I have this information, we can look into this issue more in-depth.

iTunes Store order numbers begin with the letter “M” or “W,” and you’ll find them in your iTunes Store email receipts as well as in your Purchase History. To review your Purchase History, follow the steps in this article:

I look forward to your reply, Evan!


(removed for privacy)
iTunes Store Customer Support

Thanks for the quick response.

The song I have purchased from the album “Rush of Fools” is “Undo”. My order number was M#########.

Thanks again for you help. Have a great day!”

Dear Evan,

Thank you for providing me with the requested information. I have issued 10 replacement song credits to your account “(removed).” You can use the credits to buy the remaining songs from “Rush of Fools” or any other songs of your choice from the iTunes Store.

When you sign in to the iTunes Store with this account, the song credits will appear by your account name in the upper-right corner of the iTunes window. The next time you buy a song from the iTunes Store, one song credit will be used to pay for the purchase.

If you don’t see the credit, choose Sign Out from the Store pull-down menu at the top. Then choose Sign In from the Store menu, enter your account name and password, and click Sign In. Your song credits should now appear next to your account name.

Thank you for your understanding, Evan. I hope that you continue to use and enjoy the iTunes Store!


(removed for privacy)
iTunes Store Customer Support

    “This is nothing short of amazing in my opinion. I wanted to buy this album, but due to my issue, Apple chose to simply give me the album for free. iTunes will get my business in the future. Just an awesome experience.”

(Photo: Baston)

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