Mom And Toddler Kicked Off Continental Flight For Talking Too Much

A passenger on a Continental ExpressJet flight from Houston to Oklahoma City says she was removed from the flight because her toddler would not stop repeating the phrase, “Bye, bye plane.”

Her two-year old, Garron, repeated the phrase all through the flight attendant’s safety speech. Afterward, the passenger, Kate Penland, said the flight attendant told the man sitting next to her to shut the baby up. From ABC13:

“As she finished, she leaned over the gentleman who was sitting next to me, and she said, ‘OK, it’s not funny anymore. You need to shut your baby up,'” Penland said.

Penland told the flight attendant that Garron would fall asleep soon enough. Penland told Eyewitness News, “She said, ‘It doesn’t matter. Regardless, I don’t want to hear it.’ And she said it’s called baby Benadryl and (made a drinking motion.) And I said, ‘Well, I’m not going to drug my child so you have a pleasant flight.'”

Soon after the baby Benedryl incident, the flight crew made an announcement that they were returning to the gate. Authorities at the airport were notified of a “passenger disturbance,” but arrived to find only Kate and Garron being escorted off the plane.

Continental ExpressJet responded: “We received Ms. Penland’s letter expressing her concerns and intend to investigate.”

We really can’t figure out why they’d go so far as to kick the woman off the plane. Maybe a creepy kid chanting the phrase “Bye, bye plane” scared them? We know that’s lame but that’s all we can think of. Too weird.

Talking toddler and mother removed from flight in Houston [ABC13]
(Photo:ABC 13)


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  1. dbeahn says:

    Sounds more like a Sky Waitress (cause this woman wasn’t professional enough to be called a flight attendant or even a stewardess) with a case of PMS from drinking to much and letting a few pilots pull a train on her.

    She needs to seriously not have a job anymore.

  2. backspinner says:

    Yet another reason for my preference of Continental over all of the other carriers. Enough with the damn annoying toddlers everywhere. Bye Bye Kid.

  3. whereismyrobot says:

    I am really having a hard time believing a flight attendant said this.
    What I am not having a hard time believing is that someone who named their kid “Garron” wouldn’t stop their awful child from screaming and yelling on a plane.

  4. doodbugboodles says:

    After being delayed for 11 hours, that is pretty good behavior for a toddler.

  5. aparsons says:

    Finally! I hate toddlers on planes. It is so inconsiderate to the other 120 passengers on a plane trying to do work.

  6. banned says:

    Finally an airline that lets us fly free of screaming children. I’ll remember this the next time I fly.

  7. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    Frankly, I think Baby Benadryl is a great idea!

    I wish I was even kidding.

  8. Bulldog9908 says:

    @whereismyrobot:”What I am not having a hard time believing is that someone who named their kid “Garron” wouldn’t stop their awful child from screaming and yelling on a plane.”

    I think you’re on to something.

  9. cabalist says:

    Sorry, but yeah, bye bye kid.

    I don’t know if it is a good precedent or not (probably not) but I have had one too many kids sit next to/in front of me on recent flights with parents who feel that they are on a flight with an equal (the child) and not in a position to discipline the child. Of course the mother says that “all they did was blah blah blah” but she is used to it and feels that everyone else should be used to it as well. Guess what, I’m not the child’s parent(s) so I don’t HAVE to get used to it or even put up with being inconvenienced by it. I paid as much as any other passenger and, trust me, if I caused a problem that inconvenienced other passengers they would remove me as well! It was their decision to have the child and their decision to take the child on a trip that they are obviously not prepared for.

    Sorry, but ba-bye.

  10. missdona says:

    I fully endorse Baby Benedryl and while I think it’s a parent’s decision whether or not to use it, I wish more would.

  11. banned says:

    Doh, you beat me, now my comment looks redundant.

  12. gorckat says:

    I wish this would happen at movie theaters more often. In fact, I wish movie theaters flat out banned kids 5 and under from anything PG-13 and up.

  13. Fujikopez says:

    If you can get kicked off for your toddler repeating a phrase as innocuous as “bye bye plane”, but not for looking at hardcore porn on your laptop in full view of other passengers, THERE IS SOMETHING ENTIRELY WRONG WITH OUR AIRLINE SYSTEMS.

  14. boandmichele says:

    i have 2 kids, both are smart and very talkative (asking questions all the time, etc)

    however, i am conscious enough as a parent AND fellow human being to know that my kid should not annoy those around me.

    this sounded like a two-problem conflict: 1)a parent who doesn’t believe in ‘stifling’ their child’s ‘creativity’ (and naming them Garron…kinda like naming your kid Aiden…)

    and 2)a flight attendant who was a bi*ch.

  15. Black Bellamy says:

    Oh noes teh babies! Duh.

    Geez, all these people were kids once and they were annoying and they thought it was great fun but now that they’re adults oh god fucking forbid a two-year old should talk. Turn up the volume on your iPod and stfu damn whiners.

  16. dvddesign says:

    I don’t have kids, but even I realize that you don’t need to have other people offering advice on what to do with the kid. If the kid wasn’t screaming or crying, no harm, no foul. Houston to OKC isn’t exactly a whip. It’s barely an hour for that flight. If you can’t drone out for an hour while a baby who likely speaks at a 35-40db level while the plane is blasting your ears at 140db, then you’re just a grade A jerk lookin’ to pick a fight with a mother traveling alone with her kid.

    Seriously, planes are loud hollow tubes roaring through the air at 300 mph. You can’t tune out a whisper in a scream?

  17. boandmichele says:

    oh, and benadryl is not a solution, nor is drugging your kids. that is awful you guys. :)

  18. Godz says:

    Drug your child!

  19. Red_Eye says:

    Oh my f’ing side folks. GD do you think youre any less annoying? How about taking a damn Xanax and not worrying about the kid. My daughter flew on a plane when she was 3 months old and other than about 5 seconds of fussing oover a poopy diaper she never made a peep.

    I understand kids who scream for an entire flight are annoying, can keep you form sleeping or working, but if your life is so tied up that you must get that work done at 30,000 feet in a tin can you need to get another job and relax a little.

  20. The Count of Monte Fisto says:

    I wouldn’t mind booting a few of those Southwest people that think it’s hilarious to sing a song when the plane lands.

  21. whinypurist says:

    I think kids should either be aborted or kept at home until they are ready for college. I hate it when I go out to a public place and there are people who are not like me and my friends and they talk or laugh or do what ever weird thing and act like it is OK that they exist. I hate them even worse if they try to talk to me! Like this one time…

  22. 3drage says:

    To all the people who have whiny, crying, children and feel the need to expose the rest of the population to their ear-piercing screams once their PSP runs out of batteries….stay at home please. The last thing I want when I’m out for a nice dinner , is to hear the annoying sounds of a spoiled brat because you are too poor/lazy to get a sitter. There are Chuck E Cheeses and cartoon movies for a reason. If they can’t behave, they shouldn’t be part of adult venues. Seen and not heard, all that jazz.

  23. Hodo says:

    A parent who doesn’t discipline their child for the 364 days a year they don’t travel is likely not capable of getting compliance from them on the one day they travel. Yes, we were all children once, but what is different about today’s children is that today’s parents (who have a strong sense of entitlement themselves, as in: I put up with it, so you can too) have passed this sense of entitlement (or lack of control) onto their kids. Of course, there are always exceptions (and don’t even get me STARTED on what passes for “service” from today’s flight attendants). Kicking a parent and child off the plane for a loud child on one hand seems a bit excessive . . . but only because we’re used to such civil disturbances. Rewind 15 – 20 years and this event probably wouldn’t have played out this way. Btw, ExpressJet is completely independent from Continental at this point.

  24. kerrington.steele says:

    screw baby Benadryl, my mom used to dose me with a little brandy before long trips … she always said I was a great travel sleeper!

    oh, the days when parents believed in intoxicating infants to ensure a pleasant flight.

  25. G-Dog says:

    Now that I’m a father, I see things like this from a different perspective. I can forgive a two year old tot, it’s the people with the mental capacity to know better I can’t stand.

    ‘shutting your kid up’ doesn’t work the way non-parents think it does.

    And I’m not going to drug my kid so some hipster can sit and contemplate how important he is in silence. Grown men throwing temper tantrums at every minor inconvenience in life is just rediculaus. Just deal with it like the rest of us lowly Philistines do. It’s not like the kid was making himself puke or throwing things.

    My question is, if it were hard core porn, everything would be ok?

  26. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    I was flying recently and enjoying my time in first class that I got from finally cashing in my frequent flyer miles. On 1 of the legs there was a family with a baby. The baby needed its diaper changed. The mother stood up, put a blanket on the seat, put the baby down, and then changed the kid right there in first class. I didn’t know what to say. Thankfully a flight attendant came up and suggested she not do that again.

  27. enm4r says:

    I didn’t read anywhere in the story that the kid was screaming or saying anything else in an entirely loud voice.

    If he was just saying the same thing over and over, the flight attendant needs to be fired. Bottom line. If I were the parent, I also would have refused to be removed from the plane, and then allowed the police to calmly escort me off. Rididulous.

  28. Pelagius says:

    You all seem to be missing the part of the article where other adjacent passengers were interviewed who had no problem with the kid.

    “He wasn’t any louder than the adult passengers on the plane,” said passenger Stacey Watts.

    Watts sat just a few rows back from the Georgia mother and heard the entire conversation.

  29. missdona says:


    It’s great that your daughter can fly and not make peeps. If all children were that way, we would not be making an issue.

    I had a job that required flights every single week and that was precious sleep time for me. I used noise-cancelling headsets and if there was unusually loud noises it would pierce right through.

    Besides, you can only turn on the noise-cancelling functions about 5 min after take-off. If you’re on a ground-hold, it will not help

  30. soloudinhere says:

    I’m in the camp of keep your kid controlled and quiet. It’s respectful to teach your child not to talk when others are talking and if he’s busy yelling bye bye plane when the one person on the flight who actually has never heard the safety instructions before is trying to hear them, that’s not acceptable.

    I flew 300,000 frequent flyer miles by the age of 7 and never once did anyone have to tell my parents to shut me up. Every time my mother is on a plane with me she says “I’m so glad you were nothing like that horrid child.” Kids are perfectly capable of playing quietly, and in a confined environment with 200 other people that would be a good time to exercise that skill.

    And some of us get paid to work on flights so yes, it is important that we get work done en route.

  31. acambras says:

    It would be interesting to hear the flight attendant’s version. But from the article, it looks like, while Garron may have been annoying, kicking them off the plane was unwarranted. And I don’t think it’s appropriate for a flight attendant to suggest to a passenger that she drug her child.

    Remember when kids weren’t allowed to “talk back” to parents, teachers, and other authority figures? Well now even we grown-ups can’t “talk back” to TSA screeners or flight attendants without getting in trouble somehow.

  32. Asvetic says:

    This is just like the Kulesza story at the beginning of the year. However, everyone applauded the efforts of AirTran for removing the unruly child.

    I wonder if this story will make the talk show circuit as well.

  33. Moosehawk says:

    @dbeahn: Haha. Maybe a little late but that’s probably the funniest thing I’ve read all morning.

  34. miborovsky says:

    The baby was OBVIOUSLY a terrorist. At the tender age of 2 he is already plotting to destroy a plane!

  35. bombed_pop says:

    I knew I always flew Continental for a reason!

    And yes, Red_eye, I am less annoying–I am quiet, take an adult benedryl to sleep and don’t feel the need to make noise while traveling in close quarters. Just because you have a child, does not give you the right to thrust your sucky progeny in my space. Lucky you–you have the perfectly behaved baby–most people do not. Many parents don’t discipline because they have to hear it they think that we all should put up with it.

    If a child needs to be on a plane, the parent should make every attempt to keep it quiet–for everyone’s sanity.

  36. HannahBethD says:

    My brother and I were both astonishingly well-behaved and so are my brother’s two children (ages 7 and 4). Are there children who are complete brats? Yes, yes there are. And I hate being in public with them as much as the next. But their money is as green as mine and if they wish to fly somewhere with their kid, while the least they could do is teach the child to behave, it’s not my place to tell them they can’t.

    Also, I believe intentionally drugging your child can be considered a form of abuse.

  37. Jerim says:

    The baby was chanting this during the the pre-flight instructions? That usually lasts 5-10 minutes. A long time for a baby to be chanting all on his on. My suspicion is that the mother was coaxing the child. The mother says, “Say ‘Bye Bye Plane’.” And the child repeats, “Bye, Bye Plane.” The mother probably got some warm smiles and a few chuckles the first few times, and figured it was entertaining. I am sure by the time the instructions were over, everyone was sick of it, but she wouldn’t stop. I think the mother’s attitude was “So, what” which is why she was thrown off.

  38. madktdisease says:

    Another instance in which you could have driven there quicker than the flight due to delays. This is why I drive everywhere less than 12ish hours away by car. Hey, I can stop whenever I want a burger!

    I think this case as presented by the article (with third party witnesseds) is way different than the last baby episode entirely. If he wasn’t screaming or out of his seat, there’s really no reason for what she did. I’m going to assume that the flight attendant was just really not doing her job correctly and was being a nasty biotch, especially if the phrases she used are true. How rude is it to tell someone to drug her baby, when you’re representing a company?

    Kids are still kids, and while parents should make every effort to control them and if they can’t physically restrain them during takeoff, then remove them, sure. But talking, not yelling, during a flight attendant’s speech? Come on. Don’t they blast those over the intercoms now anyway?

  39. crackblind says:

    I wonder how she’s gonna handle cel phone use?

  40. emilayohead says:

    Congratulations! I bequeath each one of you intolerant travelers a child who throws a tantrum on an airplane, who has a blow-out diaper in the library, who screams at the grocery store, or the mall, or the doctor’s office. I grant unto you many years of fearing leaving the house for the embarrassment that your child will cause you. I bestow upon you a life of renting movies and ordering in pizza, because heaven forbid you encumber someone else with your child in public. And a double-dose of the sick feeling when you know that your kid is making too much noise, but you can’t stop it, no matter what you’ve tried.

    The more you complain about other people’s children in public, the worse your own children will behave, someday when you have them. I can’t wait to be there for it. I’ll be a lot more patient with you than you are with me, I promise you that.

  41. 3drage says:

    @emilayohead: Good parenting can go a long way in living a life outside solitary confinement. As a person who chooses not to bring kids along to places where they are likely to be bored and unruly, I lambaste you for your lack of common sense. Your inability to contain your children does and should not make misery for those people you have ignorantly chosen to annoy.

  42. royal72 says:

    “bye bye plane” boy is obviously a terrorist and a threat to national security.


    maybe everyone needs to grow a fucking backbone and start acting like adults. grow up people, your about as mature as the little kid.


    maybe you should take some benadryl, xanax, or just get sauced at the airport bar… oh wait, but then they won’t let you on the plane either.

  43. mrdelayer says:

    I think this belongs in the ‘Above and Beyond’ category.

    Seriously I fucking hate little kids.

  44. dvddesign says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!:

    God forbid you see baby poo or a naked baby. Poop and nudity must never come into your life frequently.

    Go back to your lush seating and your portable media player and quit whining. If you’re in public, you’re going to be exposed to people doing things that get done in public. A poop filled diaper is best changed in the bathroom, yes, but it’s hardly a mindf*** to see it in person.

  45. rkm12 says:

    So the next time someone talks too much to me on the plane I can have them removed, right? Because using this logic, they’re disruptive and annoy me so they can get off, right?

    Just because you don’t like kids doesn’t mean this was right.

  46. enm4r says:

    The faith that was restored in people by criticizing the girl who overdrafted for the granola bar has now been lost.

    THE KID WAS TALKING. Not shouting, not running around, not crying, not kicking a seat. TALKING.

    Next time every single passanger is required to fly completely silent, I’ll have some sympathy. Until then, what the kid was doing was no worse than you talking to your the person in the next seat. People wonder why flying is such a pain, it’s because the majority of passangers are the idiots in here.

  47. dvddesign says:


    A someone who doesn’t have kids, I will stand alone and applaud your brevity and honesty.

    I hope all the haters on this board have a successful vasectomy/hysterectomy to keep their sane childless worlds held in check.

  48. If the kid’s not being any louder than the other passengers this was unjustified. Maybe the flight attendant should have taken something. She didn’t even start off talking to parent: she asked a random passenger to make the kid stop talking.

  49. clearcut says:

    Benadryl has the opposite effect on my 3 year old – it makes him excitable. Great a rambunctious toddler on speed – yippee!

  50. quagmire0 says:

    1. People should be allowed to bring their children anywhere they want. This is a free country, and we’re all citizens of this country. If seeing a baby or young child really bothers you – YOU are the one that needs to hide inside your house and never come out.

    2. Having said all that, parents need to control their kids and teach them what is appropriate in public. The kids saying ‘bye bye plane’ once is cute. Continuing to say it repeatedly and interupting the bitch is not. The parent should have instructed the child to remain quiet while the bitch was speaking.

    3. That stewardess was a bitch.

  51. Xerloq says:

    @3drage: It’s so sad that you are on of those people who aren’t in control of their own emotions. Without getting too philosophical, no one can annoy you: you choose to be annoyed. Get over yourself, freaking narcissist.

    Everyone (including babies and their parents) has the right to go into public. Everyone paid for a ticket on that plane. If the flight attendant can remove a baby for talking, then I want all the fat slobs, snoring, drooling nincompoops, and music-blasting idiots removed from the plane, too.

    You don’t want kids on a plane, charter a flight.

  52. So 2-year-old’s are terrorist now? Beautiful…

  53. Franklin Comes Alive! says:


    I’m not saying I’ve never seen a diaper changed or that it was some horrific life-altering experience. My main thoughts were a) why not use the bathroom, isn’t that what it’s for? and b) I feel sorry for the next people who have to sit in the seat the baby just got changed on. I don’t think most passengers would appreciate that. So I’ll go ahead and put my ipod back on while you finish changing your bratty kid in public.

  54. Youthier says:

    They probably had no right to kick this kid off the plane.

    That said, they would have kicked me off the plane because it would have taken about 12 seconds for me to snap, “WILL YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!” at this kid.

    @3drage I would disagree those parents are too poor/lazy. I had a number of couples affronted at the fact their children were not invited to my wedding.

    “But we go everywhere as a family!”
    “Okay, I’ll put you down as a ‘no’ then.”

  55. roche says:

    All babies should be forced to fly in those pet carrier things down with the luggage.

  56. whereismyrobot says:

    I am guess they were not kicked off because of the child’s chanting, but the mother’s refusal to do anything about it.

    From the article:
    “She just kept saying, ‘I don’t know what you expect me to do. I don’t know what you expect me to do.'”
    and this gem:
    “Penland explained Garron would likely fall asleep soon.”

  57. emilayohead says:


    I agree that when you know your child can’t handle a situation, not to take them somewhere. But a lot of these posters seem to think that a child who is merely speaking (or possibly even existing) in their presence is unconscionable, and they are the intolerant ones.

    I hate screaming children (my own, or someone else’s) just as much, it’s the idea that this child wasn’t doing anything worse than a rude adult who doesn’t want to listen to the instructions, and there are plenty of those on any given airplane.

  58. yg17 says:

    @roche: AGREED!! I said the same thing when I flew last week.

    If I can’t bring my dog into the cabin because she’ll bark, run around and annoy all the other passengers the entire flight, then why is it OK for a kid to do the same? Control your damn kid or put them with the luggage!

    And baby benadryl? I support giving all babies a healthy dose of it when they leave their house. Whether its a flight, movie or dinner at some place besides chuck e cheese, kids need to be quiet.

  59. @roche: Yeah, yeah, and you also want to punch random children. Yawn.

  60. laddibugg says:

    Sure, it’s annoying when a kid babbles something over and over again. But it’s no more annoying than the asine coversations some adults have in public. You just learn to drown it out.

    And for people who are appalled at the women who changed a baby diaper in the seat: How many airplane bathrooms have you been in that there is enough room for YOU to go, let alone change a baby?

  61. d500 says:

    All the negative comments about kids on planes are the reason we are NOT looking forward to picking up our adopted daughter in Africa. Thanks

  62. enm4r says:

    @Xerloq: If the flight attendant can remove a baby for talking, then I want all the fat slobs, snoring, drooling nincompoops, and music-blasting idiots removed from the plane, too.

    Speaking of which, I was once on a flight and assigned a seat next to someone who obviously needed two seats. She proceeded to life my armrest up to fit in, and I politely asked her to put the armrest back down. I don’t have a problem with you being fat, I have a problem with your fat in my space. So immediately she yelled off a few comments. Now feeling the need to purposefully piss her off, I hit the call button, and with her obviously still there, explained to the flight attendant that I would be requiring the armrest down, and even if it was the other passenger’s opinion that I could use a few more pounds (on of the comments) it was not my responsibility to provide her with extra seat space, just because she couldn’t fit into her own.

    I explained this extremely professionally and with a serious tone, and the flight attendant had a hard time holding in the laughter, and I could notice the other passenger getting more furious by the word. The flight attendant went to see what she could do about it, and found the overweight woman another seat in the back of the plane, where apparently there was more room. (ie an unoccupied seat) Looking back, I wish I’d have just told her to fuck off, and get her fat ass to a gym. Unfortunately, I took the high road.

  63. aka Cat says:

    @G-Dog: It’s interesting that you would assume that grown men regularly throw temper tantrums. Projecting a bit, are we?

    @emilayohead: You can’t have kids and not expect your lifestyle to change. Until they’ve been taught how to behave in public, you’re just going to have to budget extra for baby-sitters. And thanks, but since I don’t want to rearrange my life around kids, I think I’ll just skip having them entirely.

    Back to the subject of this particular incident, I can’t imagine what that flight attendant must have been smoking. A chatter-mouth toddler is hardly a safety issue (unlike the little darling from a couple months ago who was apparently blocking the aisle), and it sounds like this toddler wasn’t even loud enough to annoy the other passengers.

  64. kaikhor says:

    I flew in March with my 1.5 year from Los Angeles to Columbus, OH (and back). Were there times when she was fussy? Yes, but I calmed her down. Oh, and I tried the baby Benedryl, mostly for those of you who hate flying with annoying babies (trying to be kind to my fellow passengers and all that) and it made her more excited.

    That said, I am more inclined to be on the mother’s side. The child wasn’t screaming or running around. Could she have done more to distract him? Maybe, but we don’t know. He probably would have fallen asleep once the plane started. It was incredibly rude of the stewardess to tell his mother to shut him up and to drug him just so her plane would be a little quieter.

    As for all those who say children should not be on planes, some of us don’t have the freedom to drive days on end to visit family who expect to see said child. A 2 year old had a ticket bought just like you did and has the same right to be on the flight you do. If you can talk to your friends on a plane, a 2 year old can talk to his mother. And obviously none of you have been on a plane full of teenagers because they are much worse than a 2 year old who is just talking.

  65. acambras says:


    DOGS ARE PETS, NOT CHILDREN. I know a lot of people treat their pets like children, but it is not the same.

    While I find both screaming children and barking dogs annoying, I am allergic to dogs. Therefore, I would not want to sit near even the most well-behaved dog on a plane.

  66. shari says:

    Wow – to me, the two glaring things about the story are (1) the 11 hour delay – the poor mom, imagine 11 hours looking after the child at the airport, no wonder she was reduced to saying “I don’t know what you want me to do.” I have no idea what I would do after an 11 hour delay looking after a 1.5 year old. (2) the flight attendant suggesting that she drug the child. Horrifying.

    And as others have pointed out, the kid was only saying, “bye bye plane.” The best strategy, for any sane fight attendant (or mom), would be to distract the kid by offering him some pretzels or something.

  67. Islingtonian says:

    i’m glad that all these people here complaining about the mere existence of kids were perfect angels when they were young. no tantrums, messy diapers or (god forbid) speaking – EVER!

  68. pestie says:

    Thank god! That’s all I can say. I know a lot of parents here seem to think that the fact that they reproduced absolves them of all social responsibility and elevates their lives to a level of admirable sacrifice rivaling that of a martyr, but that’s just the sort of self-absorbed “it’s all about me” attitude that’s undermining any sense of community left in this country.

  69. Saboth says:

    Lol have to laugh at RED_EYE. Makes their parental problems into being the fault of other people.

    “OMG, if you guys are so wrapped up in yourselves that you want to sleep on a boring flight, or listen to a movie or read a book instead of listening to my child scream the entire flight, you guys need a life.

    L2parent. Children should be seen and not heard. They don’t have anything worthwhile to say anyhow, regardless of how cute you think yours is.

  70. Lordstrom says:

    “And I said, ‘Well, I’m not going to drug my child so you have a pleasant flight.”

    Oh YOU BET YOUR ASS you’re going to drug your child so the rest of us may have a pleasant flight. The world does NOT revolve around self righteous parents.

  71. enm4r says:

    @lorddave: Please drug yourself so I can have a pleasant internet expereince.

  72. Pelagius says:

    @enm4r: Check the terms of service. Delta, at least, defines the armrest as the border. If someone is spilling over that or has to lift the armrest to fit in their seat, that person can be removed from the flight if other seating arrangements can’t be made onboard.

  73. Chris says:

    And I said, ‘Well, I’m not going to drug my child so you have a pleasant flight.'”

    That tells me all I need to know about “Garron’s_Mom” (which I’m sure is her online handle). Not that she wouldn’t drug her child, but that she’s not going to inconvenience herself to accommodate someone else who, it should be noted, is doing her job.

    But yeah, it sounds like the stew overreacted.

  74. alpha says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s why his complaint was taken seriously and the lady was moved.

    And to all you morons, you know they plan on allowing cellphone use on planes eventually don’t you? I’d rather hear a few kids TALKING IN NORMAL CHILD VOICES than hear 30 of you asswipes all blathering into your cellphones to waste time.

    They were absolutely in the wrong to kick them off the plane and all you who are cheering in agreement with the decision are imbeciles. If there was literally barely a pause between each utterance of the phrase (ie “bye bye plane bye bye plane bye bye plane bye bye plane” non-stop), then I can at least see why someone (raging bitch of a flight attendant included) might POLITELY ask if the mother can make the child stop.

    Other than that, I’m pretty sure talking isn’t illegal, even on a plane.

  75. alpha says:

    Shall we drug EVERYONE that talks on a plane so they pass out and are silent? This was not a kid screaming/yelling/crying their eyes out. This was a child talking.

    Perhaps you’re the self righteous one.

  76. ronaldscott says:

    Parent here.

    I realize that you privileged, self-righteous, articulate, educated, Starbucks-drinking, iPod-wearing, insanely hip and knowledgeable, up-and-coming little “we are the future” shits who pass for young adults these days are just playing the role society dictates for you. I did it too, when I was your age, back in the 18th century. Conformity is as strong a force today as it has ever been.

    We breeders realize that our diapered little land maggots who waste your air, disturb your peaceful sonic environment, and violate your sense of justice and morality would never, ever act this way if subjected to your fearsome and experienced parenting skills. Skills that you choose not to use, in your infinite coolness, since you are living your awesome lives and believe that the very existence of children is a crime.

    Sorry! We didn’t mean for you to see something that scarred you for life, like poop. Sorry! We didn’t mean for you to actually hear someone throwing a fit or having a breakdown because they’re tired and hungry. Sorry! We accidentally exposed you to the sight of a less-than-perfect child. We can only hope and pray that your sensibilities are not permanently damaged.

    We’re sorry that we chose to reproduce. We’d like to apologize to each and every one of you for daring to think that we were ever qualified. We should have left it to you, because you will clearly be so much better at it after you’ve had your fill of binge drinking, spring break, girls gone wild, cheap internet porn, bluetooth headsets, apartment living, world of warcraft, xbox 360, and smug superiority.

    We’ll all just go die now. Sorry.

  77. Youthier says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: What did she do with that nasty diaper? Didn’t she have to go throw it away in the bathroom anyway?

  78. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    @missbrooke06: Yup, took it to the bathroom (which was about 5 feet away FWIW). Makes one wonder why she couldn’t go there in the first place.

  79. SadSam says:

    I, for one, am tired, so very tired of poor service or being patted down and poked and proded each time I need to fly for business. I’m also so very tired of children who run and scream and throw food and behave badly in adult situations while their assigned adults remain completely oblivous. I’m also very tired of the poor service, cramped quarters, late arrivals, etc. that accompany most plane trips. I’m tired of loud cell phone talkers who must scream to who knows who before and after takeoff so that those around are forced to participate in their conversation. I’m tired of peole who throw down the recline function on their airplane seet without checking to see whether the person behind has a laptop out or hot coffee, etc. So when I find myself in a plane with a poorly behaved child (or adult for that matter) its a lot harder to be patient and understanding. I try, I really do and I like kids but sometimes its hard to be understanding (especially when no one else is trying).

  80. banned says:

    TYVM, I’m glad someone came out and said it, though I wasn’t expecting it to be that in-depth, a simple I’m sorry would suffice.

  81. Thrust says:

    Seriously, I’m stumped. I don’t know what side to go with.

    I f**king hate kids only slightly less than parents who cannot control their kids. Annoying, loug, crying, or flailing brats piss me off worse than republicans, democrats, or hippies. It should be in the rules that children fly heavily sedated, or handcuffed, gagged, and down with the luggage. If any parents out there have a problem with this A) Suck my balls, B) DIAF, and C) see how you like it if I’d bring an irate monkey on a plane with me and just let it roam free.

    And yet

    The frosted side in me also can’t f**king stand the airlines and how they don’t seem to realize when you shit on the customer, they won’t come back, thus the airline would be out of business (if the c*cksucking governments in Canada and the US would stop bailing them out). She is a paying customer, and that kid is being less-hellish than many MANY I’d flown with. The stewardess deserves to be fired, the airline deserves some fines from the FCC, all the passengers aboard deserve compensation for having to re-taxi and all the lost time, and the woman who got the boot deserves a refund, apology, and some Benadryl to shut the little brat up.

  82. Lordstrom says:

    @alpha: Yes, drug everyone that’s annoying, absolutely. Btw, that’s why they serve alcohol.

  83. SecureLocation says:

    Some of you commenteers need to grow the fuck up..or have kids. There was no earthly reason to toss this mom and child except folks who work for airlines can now use 9/11 as an excuse to do whatever the hell they feel like and if you don’t like it they’ll happily threaten to have the plane diverted and you arrested. Of course, Continental blew even before 9/11.

  84. Skyoodpov says:

    Yikes. I do a lot of traveling and have put up with a lot of crap from stupid parents and their stupid kids (having a woman change a pooped-in diaper on her fold down tray right next to me for example), but the vehement response by a lot of readers here seems a little extreme. The kid wasn’t screaming. The kid wasn’t making a scene. He was waving out the window and saying “Bye, bye plane” to aircraft as they were taking off.

    I hate kids, am a social darwinist, and support the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, and even I think this was extreme.

    Especially since all it did was FURTHER delay the flight!

  85. brokennails says:

    I believe that the public sphere is the realm of adults. Adults are the ones who can go out in it, unsupervised, understanding that there are rules to follow. (One’s own home can be the realm of children: if a parent chooses to let their child run amok at home, that’s their choice. And of course, misbehaving adults out in public must face the consequences of their actions.) But children do not enter the public sphere alone. Their parents bring them out into it as guests, and are therefore responsible for their actions. The rules of behavior do not go out the window just because it’s a child. The parents need to make sure that their child can behave as any polite guest would. In most cases, the child should be on better behavior than when they are at home because adult rules of behavior are stricter. Should the child have gotten kicked off the plane? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. I don’t know if that particular child (and its mother) was out of line. But I don’t think it’s too much to ask that parents control their children more in public. Children that cannot behave should not be brought out into the adult world. Sorry, but them’s the breaks. That’s part of the tradeoff for being a parent. Sometimes you have to stay at home or hire a babysitter.

  86. Skyoodpov says:


    A: LOL
    B: There are some pretty bad, irresponsible parents out there, with no common sense or ability to deal with their kids. They give a bad name to the responsible breeders. If you are a good parent, there really is no excuse for not being able to control your kid, excluding injury or sickness.

  87. @lorddave: If you’re willing to pay more to have an entire plane full of people be put under so that no one has to *gasp* hear something then that’s on you.

    I haven’t heard of an airline having such an option though so maybe you should just invest in some earplugs.

  88. DXDawg says:

    @ Brokennails:

    Bravo, my friend. Bravo.

  89. 2cents says:

    Well as far as Fright Attendants go they have really become almost completely useless. Most times the only thing they bring to work with them is a bad attitude.Being the wife of a pilot I have been privy to the’wonderful’ things they say about you after the flight. One of my favorites – “this would be a great job with out the passengers”.(obviously not all airlines have bad service) I do understand that the public is difficult to deal with at times but it happens to be the waitressing job they applied for. The male flight attendants tend to be of a different caliber for some reason. I have no comment as to the toddler except to say – have you ever tried to control a toddler?

  90. Thrust says:

    @brokennails: AMEN!

  91. alpha says:

    Oh yes, alcohol. That makes people quieter all the time. No one ever gets LOUDER and MORE ANNOYING after drinking. You’re right. I will bow down to your brilliance now.

  92. Children that cannot behave should not be brought out into the adult world.

    @brokennails: I can’t wait for someone to use that as an excuse in a child negligence case.

    “For God’s sake man, why didn’t you take the child to a doctor?!?!”
    “He won’t behave in public.”

  93. endi says:

    PESTIE: Please tell me you’re kidding…

    Why is the “self-absorbed attitude” of a parent any different than the “it’s all about me” attitude of a solo traveler unable to endure 5-10 minutes of a child chanting?

    The sense of entitlement and feeling that one should be insulated from the real world doesn’t come from having a kid — it tends to be pervasive. If anything, the age at which Americans are having kids correlates with the general adoption a broader social perspective of group benefit maximization that emerges from the generally self-serving perspective of adolescence that exists prior to the complete development of the prefrontal cortex at about the age of 30. In other words, people grow up and stop believing that the world owes them something.

    I have two young kids. I prefer to travel using Marquis — not because my kids can be loud, but because I can afford to insulate my family from all the people in the world who feel entitled to a life much more comfortable than society provides.

  94. Smackdown says:

    Yeah. We need to grow up or “have kids” . What amazing alternatives! Using up more natural resources while thumbing our noses at the world population problem sounds fantastic!

    God. Look, I’m not having kids, and I think you psycho over-defensive parents screaming about how we use iPods and play XBox (man, talk about your “just jealous” syndrome) sound like a bunch of fucking loonies.

    That being said, even though I probably would have been driven completely insane by a child repeating the same phrase over and over and over again, I would have reminded myself that a) the child is not crying or screaming, b) I am irritable because of the delay, thus not quite so reasonable, c) so is everyone else, and we all deserve the benefit of the doubt, and d) once the plane hits cruising height, I can turn up the Current Symbol Of My Selfish, Non-Breeding Asshole Starbucks-drinking Some Other Ridiculous Generalization Bullshit About Me Ways, and listen to a little of Hipster Indie Band XYZ and turn on, tune in and drop out.

    The stew was way out of line, but goddamn, you guys. Talk about hyper-defensiveness.

    I also would like to hear her side of the story. Usually these things have two of them. At least.

  95. brokennails says:


    Obviously, a child’s health is more important than following societal rules of behavior. But there are still “adult” realms and “children” realms. I don’t go to a preschool and get annoyed at all the kids running around and making noise. I’m a Harry Potter fan, and I know it’s unreasonable to expect that there be no children at a HP movie screening. A pediatricians office, obviously, would be a place where children (especially sick, in-pain children) would not only be tolerated, but expected and accommodated.

  96. Lordstrom says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: Are you on drugs right now?

    @alpha: Yeah, planes are always full of loud annoying drunks! You sure nailed that one!

    Seriously, just stop.

  97. Tonguetied says:

    Good lord what a bunch of whiney crybabies. From the ‘adult’ comments I’m guessing that most of you wankers were spoiled rotten brats your own selves. A few points.

    1. Even the best behaved child is going to have off-times where they are fussy and whiney. That’s the nature of the beast. They are CHILDREN which means that they aren’t self controlled adults like you are (rolling eyes).

    2. If they are on a flight obviously they are going someplace. Was it a frivolous reason or a serious one that necessitated bringing the baby along? None of you know it but a goodly number of you assumed that this was a afternoon’s pleasure cruise the mother took ‘just to annoy people. Were they going home? Were they making a trip to see grandparents? There was a reason for the flight. No parent takes a baby along on an airplane ride “just for fun”.

    3. If the worst thing a 1.5 year old is doing after ELEVEN hours is saying “Bye, bye plane” over and over in a conversational tone of voice I would count my blessings if I were on that flight.

    4. I hesitate to wish babies on all you folks who very obviously have no children of your own. While for most of you it would be a dramatic wake up call it sounds to me like some of you would be child abusers. (Hey they’re brats they deserve a punch in the mouth don’t they?)

    5. While I can’t stand spoiled brats any more than other people do I understand that children are in the process of growing up. Part of learning how to behave in public involves, gasp!, going into public!

    6. Going to the other side of the coin (and to boggle some of y’alls’minds by the dichotomy); if this had been a spoiled screamer (and a year or two older) and she hand promptly spanked the child to quite him down she’d probably be up on child abuse charges and a lot of you would be applauding that. One of the most effecitve tools parents have to control unruly children (corporal punishment) has been removed from the public square and, surprise, surprise now folks are complaining about unruly children…

  98. telepanda says:

    Regarding the diaper, if it was a short-hop flight, there may well not have been changing tables in the bathrooms. A lot of planes, especially small ones, don’t have them. It would be better for all concerned if they did.

    In terms of kids-in-public, this may come as a surprise to the kid-haters out there, but the only way for a kid to learn to behave in public is – gasp – to have exposure to public places. It’s not like you stuff ’em in a cocoon and out pops a social butterfly. Parents need to make every effort to get their kids to behave in public, and to remember that there are places which are absolutely inappropriate to take said kids, but it wouldn’t hurt others to remember that kids are people-in-training and are going to screw up on a regular basis despite the best efforts of their parents.

    I have tons of respect for the young couple who spent the ENTIRETY of a twelve-hour flight, in shifts, shushing, making funny faces, and bouncing the baby to keep it quiet, since it started crying every time they stopped. They were exhausted by the time the plane landed, but at least all the rest of us got to sleep.

    In stark contrast, I wish I could have had removed from the plane the childless drooling morons who sat behind me on another flight, who felt compelled to converse about the most inane (and over-personal) topics at the top of their lungs for the entirety of that flight.

  99. superbmtsub says:

    NO ANNOYING KIDS ON CONTINENTAL! They should advertise it on tv or something. Sales should pick up pretty quick.

    Baby Benadryl is a fantastic idea too. I’ve always wanted to put a bullet thru crying/screaming kids on planes but puttin them to sleep is more humane I guess.

  100. axiomatic says:

    Wow! Just wow!

    All you a-holes who think think the kid should have been kicked off the plane are grumpy a-holes! What, people can’t fly with kids?

    Even if the kid is throwing a fit, you have to deal with it. If I have to deal with your mouth breathing, your snoring, your coughing, your constant need to go to the bathroom when you are in the window seat, your reading a newspaper that is two times wider than the plane seat, then you get to deal with a kid repeating himself in a normal speaking voice.

    FYI, some people HAVE TO FLY. Let say that this lady was delivering her son to the father in another city for VISITATION that was COURT ORDERED in a divorce decree? What if this lady just violated the terms of her visitation because she got kicked off the plane? Can she sue the airline for her penalty for violating her (speculative) divorce decree? NO.

    If the airline sold her and her child a seat, you a-holes have to cope with it. YOU ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE!

    Sorry but this one pisses me off. I never got deplaned, but I was in the divorce situation myself and ya know what I had to travel 4 times a year with my daughter from Houston TX to Bangkok Thailand with a 2 year old. Thankfully my daughter became a very good traveler, but that first year was made extra difficult by a-holes like you guys in this thread complaining about my daughter.

    Unbelievable. I agree with a previous poster. When you a-holes have kids, I hope they are the most unruly beasts possible.

  101. WV.Hillbilly says:

    If this kid was 2, he was more than likely a full fare, ticketed passenger. He’s got just as much right to fly as all of you self important douchenozzles do.
    Many of us are tired of hearing all of you Extremely Important Businesspeople yammering into your phones the minute we hit the ground.

    Kids are kids. They talk and make noise. As much as you know-it-alls think you know, you can’t just tell a 2 year old to stop doing something and he stops immediately. It just doesn’t work that way.

    Get some earplugs and sedate yourselves.

  102. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    @telepanda: It was not a short-hop flight. It was a full-service flight on an Airbus A300 from the Caribbean to JFK.

  103. j-o-h-n says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: Ever been in an airplane restroom? There isn’t a flat surface bigger than your hand anywhere in the place — where the heck would you change a baby in one?!

  104. Fidomom says:

    Actually some of the flying public HAVE to fly too…for work or other obligations. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would be more than willing to pay EXTRA for a CHILD-FREE flight or area on a plane, just like some people pay extra for business or first class.

  105. Xerloq says:

    @enm4r: AMEN! You cannot expect children to behave better than adults.

    Narcissistic twat.

  106. junkmail says:

    H.O.L.Y.S.H.E.E.O.T… what a bunch of self-important cry-babies. If my kids acted like half the posters on this topic, I’d get arrested for abuse. Grow the hell up… seriously. Most of you are whining more than my kids EVER have. I hope and pray that each and every one of you are on my next flight and I find out about it. I’ll be sure and keep my daughters up all night and pump ’em full of sugar just in time for take off. I’ll give you little shitheads something to cry about!

  107. North of 49 says:

    sure… let’s give a toddler an allergy medication when they don’t need it. Even if you give it to the child, there is no guarantee that it will work. For some, like our son, it will wire him up for hours and make the situation worse. And if that flight was so short as others have commented, then there would be no need to give it to him anyway!

  108. Skyoodpov says:


    Every airplane restroom I have ever been in (including tiny Embraer jets, and Dash-8 Turboprop Deathtraps) has had a fold down table that usually comes down over the toilet specifically for changing kids.

  109. Skyoodpov says:


    From the looks of things you and your monsters will just get kicked off the plane.

    Knock yourself out!

  110. honu-girl says:

    @ronaldscott: Thank you for saying that. I am a parent, too. I do my best to control my child in public, but as the child is his own person, I don’t have complete control. I can’t “make” him shut up, or behave. I can instill consequences for his misbehaviour, but it is still his choice how to behave.

    I know this makes me sound like a soft, touchy-feely no discipline “it will stifle him” sort of parent. I’m not. I discipline my child, and IN GENERAL, he is very well behaved in public. HOWEVER, just as you not be having the greatest day sometimes, he has his bad days.

    So for all of you who are kid-haters out there, I’m sorry if my child offends you. You’re probably offending my child and me, so I guess we’re even.

  111. neithernor says:

    Have any of you who think the baby should have been removed ever MET a two-year-old? In learning to talk, they do tend to repeat things over and over again. It’s how. they. learn. And no, it’s not always an option just to “keep the kid at home” until they understand how to behave.

    Garron didn’t know any better, unlike the adult assholes who have to get out of their window seats every 10 seconds, put their knees into my back every time I try to recline my seat or spend 20 minutes attempting to shove their TOO BIG carry-ons into the overhead bin.

  112. samurailynn says:

    I would like to mention, to those of you think that babies have equal rights to be on the plane because they also “paid for their seat” that that is usually not the case. Children who are under 2 years of age are allowed to ride on their parent’s laps for free. So if you see a baby on a parent’s lap – it did not pay.

    Also, yes, I was a child that was rarely heard in public. My mother was strict and made me behave when we were in public. I still had a happy childhood, and the people around me thought I was pleasant rather than a pain. So, please, parents, shut your children up. I don’t care if you think I have an “entitled” attitude. If entertainment venues offer an enjoyable evening children free – I am more likely to frequent them. I feel the same about airlines, and I would even pay a little more for the convenience of not having kids on the flight. I also think all people with children under 13 (at PG13 and above rated movies) should be required to sit in a certain section of movie theaters so that the movie attendants can make parents with loud children leave the theater until their children can behave.

  113. axiomatic says:


    You are wrong. And until there actually IS a flight that is 13 year olds or older then you are still wrong.

    Where did it say in the article that the kid was being a pain or unruly in any way? What if I repeated myself over and over. Would you get me booted from the plane?

    What if I were autistic and repeated myself over and over. Would you still want me booted, or does your insensitivity have limits?

  114. silenuswise says:

    This might have already been suggested, but I think I have a solution: use the dude with porn from the previous airline post and show it to the screaming baby. Baby allowed on plane, porn allowed on plane, baby shuts up. Just make sure the coital screams are muted or on headphone. Everyone wins!

  115. Skyoodpov says:


    I Second the theater idea. I was at Batman Begins when it was still in theaters, and some dip brought his LITTLE kid. I am bad at guessing ages, but I would think maybe just starting to walk (2ish?)

    Of course the movie was way to loud, scary, violent for the kid and he starts crying. What does daddy do? Pulls his shirt up and starts giving him raspberries on his tummy. I got the usher and kicked them out, the dad making a huge scene the whole way.

    Sigh, there are some deusies out there…

  116. J DTZR says:

    @ronaldscott: Isn’t that hair shirt you’re wearing awfully itchy? Unbunsch those panties and climb down off your cross.

  117. brokennails says:

    Heh. Both the “breeders” and the “iPod-wearing hipsters” love to accuse each other of believing that the world revolved around them.

  118. axiomatic says:

    @Skyoodpov: The theater is fine. Kick em out. It is implied that you need to be quiet there.

    But on a plane with a high price on the ticket. You whiners are just going to have to cope. What else can parents do?

  119. ancientsociety says:

    @Thrust: “Seriously, I’m stumped. I don’t know what side to go with.
    I f**king hate kids only slightly less than parents who cannot control their kids. Annoying, loug, crying, or flailing brats piss me off worse than republicans, democrats, or hippies. It should be in the rules that children fly heavily sedated, or handcuffed, gagged, and down with the luggage. If any parents out there have a problem with this A) Suck my balls, B) DIAF, and C) see how you like it if I’d bring an irate monkey on a plane with me and just let it roam free.
    And yet
    The frosted side in me also can’t f**king stand the airlines and how they don’t seem to realize when you shit on the customer, they won’t come back, thus the airline would be out of business (if the c*cksucking governments in Canada and the US would stop bailing them out). She is a paying customer, and that kid is being less-hellish than many MANY I’d flown with. The stewardess deserves to be fired, the airline deserves some fines from the FCC, all the passengers aboard deserve compensation for having to re-taxi and all the lost time, and the woman who got the boot deserves a refund, apology, and some Benadryl to shut”


  120. axiomatic says:

    I’ve done my fair share of sitting next to another parent having a tough time with a kid on the plane, and ya know what? I helped entertain the kid to make everyones plane ride enjoyable.

    No, you asshats would rather kick people off the plane.

    OK, I need to bail on this thread. I’m getting actually mad. Some of you have no cooth.

  121. 3drage says:

    @Xerloq: That’s rich, It’s now my fault that you can’t control your kids?

  122. zibby says:

    I’m thinking there might be more to this and the woman innocented her part of the story up a bit to make everyone seem unreasonable.

    But either, if your kid is normal (yeah, I know) and old enough to speak but won’t shut up when you tell it to, you gotta work on the discipline a bit.

  123. silenuswise says:

    @Skyoodpov: I died laughing when I read your comment, because I first had the disturbing image of the father lifting his own shirt and actually feeding the kid raspberries off his hairy belly to shut him up. Of course, that would have at least been quiet, albeit horrifying to watch. But yes, the fact that the father thought it was reasonable to make raspberry noises on his kid’s tummy in the middle of the theater is utterly ridiculous. Good on you for getting the moron tossed out.

  124. Skyoodpov says:

    Hey whoa there, no whining here. I am with Mom and kiddo on this one.

    There are examples where kids SHOULD be kicked off the plane. A while back there was a post about a little girl throwing a tantrum in the isle, mom and pop did nothing. Boom, off the plane. Exactly how it should have been, because it is a safety hazard for everyone, not just the tot.

    There are nut jobs on here who seem to think that kids should get the boot for looking at them sideways. There are also nutjobs who think their precious little snowflake should be allow to run naked screaming up and down the isles flinging fingerpaint (if we are lucky) on everyone for fear of stifling their creativity.

    All I am saying is that if a parent is doing a good job, their kid should be able to conduct themself in public. If your kid is habitually a terror in public, chances are you suck at parenting.

  125. Saboth says:

    No thanks…I chose not to have kids for a reason. I don’t want to or have to put up with them. If your paternal instincts forced you to have kids, they are your problem, not mine. Bad kids are just as annoying as second hand smoke…unfortunately they just affect your mental health, not physical.

    I think the parents on here need to realize something. Not everyone has kids, and not everyone wants them. Society is turning. More and more people are chosing to stay single, not have kids, and enjoy life and excess cash. I certainly don’t intend on having them. I don’t know how many times a meal or movie has been ruined by parents just sitting idly by while their kid shrieks or says some phrase over and over. “momma. momma. momma…” while they sit there oblivious. And it isn’t just a few parents, it is a lot. So yeah, we are sorry you have so many problems, responsibilities, issues and things to deal with because of your *choice* to have children, but don’t act like it is my responsibility to endure them.

  126. 3drage says:

    @ronaldscott: Would you also please stop letting your little snot-nosed hoodlums roll around on their “roller shoes” while you ignore them to talk on the cell phone to your marriage counselor about how your prozac addicted wife ignores you in bed?

  127. silenuswise says:

    @axiomatic: “ya know what? I helped entertain the kid to make everyones plane ride enjoyable.”

    Uh, thanks, Mother Theresa. It’s great that you consider babysitting to be an extra air travel fee, in addition to all the other taxes. Maybe you can also bring the kids into the restroom and make bubbles in the sink for the duration of the flight, so I don’t have to sit next to either of you.

  128. Skyoodpov says:


    Congratulations. That thought never crossed my mind. But picturing an infant casually grazing fresh raspberries of his fat hairy scumbag father’s recumbant beer belly just made me shoot gatorade out my nose. All my cubicle neighbors are looking at me wierd now…

    I have to stop reading 1 post, reply. I missed your second about entertaining the kids. I have tried that exactly twice. Once on a rental car bus where it worked perfectly. A second time was in an airport terminal where it worked for 20 seconds before mom saw me making funny faces at the kid, and freaked out. “Leave my baby alone!” and stormed off with kid/luggage in tow.

  129. axiomatic says:

    @silenuswise: Mother Theresa LOL!

    My friend. I am a punk rocker software engineer with a mohawk. LOL.

    I also happen to be a nice guy and realize that there is no such thing as a child free flight and realize that people need help.

    What do you want these people with kids to do? Not fly, thats unrealistic.

  130. pslim940 says:

    I can’t believe how intolerant of children some of these comments are. No matter how well behaved a child is there are going to be instances where they become agitated and choose to act up in public. My kids are very well behaved but have on occasion had an outburst in public which took some doing to calm down. I certainly am not going to drug them to quiet them down. When we go out to eat as a family I am not going to only expose them to McDonalds or Chuck E Cheese, we will go wherever we want to (within reason). If someone doesn’t like it, they can leave for all I care.

  131. @brokennails: What about the bus they have to get on in order to get to the doctor? Is that the “adult” realm or the “kid” realm?

    @lorddave: Your’re the one who wants everyone on the plane to be knocked out not me.

  132. zibby says:

    @axiomatic: Damn, dude, I just want other people to control their kids. People that pretend you can’t tell a 2 year old to be quiet and expect compliance are full of it. Trust me, if you can teach a dog to roll over or a cat to use the friggin’ toilet, you can teach a 2 y.o. to be quiet when you tell it to – if you do the work.

  133. enm4r says:

    @Skyoodpov: A second time was in an airport terminal where it worked for 20 seconds before mom saw me making funny faces at the kid, and freaked out. “Leave my baby alone!” and stormed off with kid/luggage in tow.

    I have had this same experience. About a month ago I was taking flight out of Reagan back to Midway and our flight scheduled for 6ish didn’t take off until 1ish. Obviously it’s late, and of all times the night crew came in to install new flooring in some of the terminal. Of course this involves drilling into concrete and using table saws. It was insanely loud in there. There was a mom sitting on the other side of the seating who was nodding off while her son (probably 3) was still wide awake. He had a ball that rolled over to me, so we tossed it back adn forth a few times.

    She wakes up to him laughing, sees me (clean cut, young adult, not in the least bit intimidating) and barks out “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” grabs the couple bags she had, yanks on the kid’s arm, and storms off.

  134. roche says:

    @axiomatic: Yeah, it is everyone else’s fault your kid was acting like a brat that first year……

  135. waswik says:

    I cannot believe the number of people who have posted siding with the stewardess. Apparently none of them have kids or were ever kids themselves. I hope that you cold selfish people never get a chance to experience the joys of having children. If you do have kids and you drug them to make life easier for yourselves, they should be taken from you. Why not just give them a shot of whiskey before the flight. Unbelievable.

  136. axiomatic says:

    @zibby: I hear ya zibby. I agree as well. It’s others here who are the problem. It would be one thing if there actually were “kid’s allowed” and “kid free” flights. But there aren’t. So that means we all have to share, and the asshats getting people with kids booted from planes are not sharing. They are in fact being bigger babies, than the real babies.

    From how the article reads, especially with another passenger acknowledging that the kid wasn’t being loud, only being repetitive, is not grounds for getting booted from the plane.

    Trust me, as a parent, and a punker, I have been on my fair share of “unfair” attitudes towards me. People can’t handle a punker successful in business. What angers people more is that I’m a manager as well, with a mohawk. I get dismissed regularly in a lot of places and I HATE to see it happen to others like this lady. This lady and her child on the plane were treated unfairly.

  137. silenuswise says:

    @axiomatic: “I am a punk rocker software engineer with a mohawk.”

    Christ, worse than I feared–I’d have preferred Mother Theresa. You’ve successfully combined the worst of both worlds: irritating hipster cliche with irritating baby-coddler. Congrats on that. Just keep the entertaining at mute mime-level, and the uber-radical “punk-rock” mohawk away from my drink, and we should be fine.

  138. axiomatic says:

    @roche: Wow man. Do you think it could be the air pressure and difficulty equalizing that air pressure that might unsettle the kids in the first place? Or possibly that they get scared on the plane?

    Or did you just call me a bad parent? Cuz’ I think you called my kid a brat, and called me a bad parent.

    You are my beacon of morality roche. Shine on you bastion of American equality.

    (read as: piss off)

  139. axiomatic says:

    @silenuswise: Yay, an alocoholic.

    Thats all I can come up with for you.

  140. brokennails says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: I think it’s a pretty simple test. Just look around. Schoolbus? Children. City bus? Most likely, adults. Once again, I am NOT saying that a sick child who cannot behave should not be allowed on a bus to see their doctor — the welfare of the child comes before comfort — but I’m shocked that it is apparently too much to ask of parents to try and get their children to behave. I realize this this is difficult/next to impossible with some children (especially when sick, in our example), but some parents on this page are acting like even trying is too much to ask.

    Although our sick child example is one where it’s necessary/an emergency, not all situations are like that. It is not necessary that you bring a child to a movie theater, so if you’re going to, you’d better be sure it’s well-behaved. Airplanes are a much tougher call. Axiomatic used the example of bringing a child for court-ordered visitations. That’s necessary. But is it necessary to bring a two-year-old on a vacation to the Bahamas? Maybe, but maybe not. I think that MINIMIZING unnecessary plane trips with children (especially the poorly behaved ones) can also minimize stress for everyone on the plane — including the parents.

  141. Pelagius says:

    Hey Meg, Ben,
    When are we bringing commenter executions back?

  142. JayXJ says:

    Yes, people should endevor to teach thier children proper manners in public. I have three kids, they (for the most part) know how to behave in public places.
    However, this poor woman had already been delayed like 11 hours at the airport with a 2 year old. Keeping a two year old quiet is sorta like keeping a kitten still. Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t. Kids have bad days. Even the best behaved child will be a terror on occasion and no amount of fussing at them or spanking them will work on those days. And no, they don’t generally let you know in advance when one of those days is going to be.
    While I think the woman in question could have done more to keep her munchkin quiet it was totally out of line for them to be removed from the plane, if the report we’ve read accurately depicts what happened.

    Airline workers: Is the flight attendant the final arbitrator of who stays on the aircraft or would she have had to get approval to remove these folks?

  143. Geekybiker says:

    Wow. What a sense of entitlement the breeders have. Just because life is difficult for you we should have to put up with it. You know having a child is a choice. That choice means that you might not be able to go out to nice restaurants, evening movies, or other child inappropriate venues. If you want to do these things you need to be respectful of other people and get a sitter. Sure you might have to travel sometimes, but you have a responsibility to keep your child under control and keep them from screaming and running up and down the aisle. Coach class is uncomfortable enough without dealing with your rug-rats.

    In this particular case, Its hard to tell if the flight attendant was justified. I applaud airlines that do make the choice to eject disruptive customers though, even if it involves a child. Just because they are young doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to the same rules as the rest of us in a public place.

  144. Caitlin says:

    It’s a misconception that Baby Benadryl is a guaranteed way to make sure an infant/toddler falls asleep on trips. It can make some kids hyper to the point of almost giving their parents a nervous breakdown.

    When I flew with my toddler, I usually tried to time it so he’d just be hitting his nap about the time we’d be taking off. But when you have 11 hour delays and are uncertain of when you’re going to take off again, it’s hard to line up a sleeping period with your takeoff time.

  145. @brokennails: OK, I hear what you’re saying.

  146. TechnoDestructo says:


    “I understand kids who scream for an entire flight are annoying, can keep you form sleeping or working, but if your life is so tied up that you must get that work done at 30,000 feet in a tin can you need to get another job and relax a little.”

    No, I’m trying to relax. I’m trying to sleep.

    If you can’t shut your kid up, don’t take them on a plane. Drive.

    A couple of minutes over a dirty diaper (god I hope you took it to the restroom) isn’t anything I’m going to flip out over. But if your kid keeps going for hours, I’m going to have words with your kid. And if you take issue with it, you’re going to get worse.

    BTW, most toddlers and infants down to maybe 10 months or so will shut right up if a stranger starts looking angry at them, or mocking their crying. (At least, if their crying isn’t serious they will)

    I discovered this on a flight from Sitka to Anchorage. There was a little girl, maybe 3, at most 4 years old sitting across the aisle from me. The plane hadn’t taken off yet, and she was bawling her eyes out. Her mother had tried to calm her down, but nothing was working and she was clearly exasperated.

    This was going on for like 15 or 20 minutes I think, and I was getting pretty annoyed. I had been trying to ignore it, just looking straight ahead and trying to read.

    I got fed up with it, and I just turned quickly towards her with the angriest scowl I could muster on my face and stared right into her eyes. She immediately went quiet as the grave and sank slowly down into her seat, looking terrified.

    Her mother laughed. The little girl stayed quiet for the rest of the flight.

    I’ve tried it on a lot of kids since. It doesn’t work if the kid knows you really well (so parents and close friends can’t do it), and it doesn’t work if the kid is too young to be aware of you as a stranger.

  147. TechnoDestructo says:

    Oh, and I don’t think this kid should necessarily have been kicked off. It doesn’t sound like he was being a screaming little monster. It sounds like he was making some paranoid superstitious snivelling coward nervous.

  148. brokennails says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: Cool. :-) Yay for cool heads prevailing!

    Basically, my peeve is when parents disregard the comfort of other adults unnecessarily. It boggles me when people bring their kids to, say, horror movies because they just didn’t feel like getting a sitter. (If they couldn’t afford a sitter, or their sitter had to cancel, then please just stay home.) Pretty much everyone knows the stereotypical bad flight is one where a baby screams the whole time. You’d think most parents would consciously try to avoid that. (And wouldn’t they want a vacation from the screamer as well?) I also don’t understand the necessity of taking very small children on big vacations. They’re not going to know the difference if you leave them with Grandma and Grandpa. Apparently, I went to the San Diego Zoo when I was two. I don’t remember a damn thing, and I hope to god I didn’t annoy anyone on my way there.

  149. superbmtsub says:

    How bout a premium charge to bring lil kids on the plane?

    Kudos to parents who make an effort to quiet their kids. But seriously. Put yourself in the shoes of the other passengers? Sometimes kids cant be controlled but if the parents dont make a valid effort to quiet them (aka entertain em or make em fall asleep), the parents are to blame.

    To those who hope we all have airborne-problem-children, here’s hoping to you too: hope your whiny lil attention starved kid grows up to be a street bum!

  150. icruise says:

    I’d be pretty surprised if any of the people applauding this action have kids. It’s easy say to “control your kid” but in reality, it’s pretty much impossible to control a tired 2-year-old. I can see kicking someone off if the kid was having a serious meltdown, but people have to understand that parents often have no choice but to take their kids on a plane, and may not be able to make them behave perfectly. Seriously, what can you do in a situation like this? And no, drugs are not an acceptable solution.

  151. North of 49 says:

    my school bus WAS the CITY bus. I didn’t have the luxury of being bussed to school by the school district after the end of grade 1.

    Do any of you realize just how dangerous it is to give “baby benedryl” to a toddler? There’s nothing “baby” about it. It is a dangerous drug. The side effect of sleeping is not something to be taken lightly. It is actually dangerous!

    Sharing a seat on a plane with a baby is just suicide – for the baby. I’d rather spend the extra money for the extra space. Too bad most airlines stopped offering discounts for children.

  152. axiomatic says:

    A lot of hypocrites in here. How many of you “know” you were silent when you were 2 years old on a plane with your parents?

    Look people, I’m a parent, but I’m on these planes for business as well. You want a world where only you win. But unfortunately for you its called PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.

    When they make “kid free” PRIVATE flights. They you can get your way and be the center of your universe.

    Until then, suck your corporate thumb and deal with it. I have too cope when I’m on a business flight and there is a screaming kid, why can’t you?

  153. brokennails says:

    @North of 49: Then I hope you were well-behaved. That’s all I’m trying to say.

    @icruise: So you CAN’T make the child behave and you HAVE to take them on the plane? That just seems too inflexible. Part of living in a civilized society is compromise. I’ll put up with a misbehaving child if the parent is making an effort to quiet them. And if I’m in a plane I can put up with a misbehaving child in a car 30,000 feet below quite well. :-P

  154. ronaldscott says:

    a) Do you really think that’s true? The demographic information I’ve looked at says differently. I suggest you back up that assertion with actual proof. Can’t? Then sit down, kiddo.

    b) Assuming for a moment that it is true, where do you think that’ll lead? I am personally glad that you’ve chosen not to propagate your own portion of the human genome, all things considered, but suppose society really is “turning” and everyone in your generation chose to do that. Are you comfortable with the eventual results of that choice?

    @everyone else: The problem I have isn’t with people asserting that parents should “control” their children–of course a certain level of discipline should be maintained. Of course courtesy should be shown to others–I’m so hypersensitive to my kids making noise that I will rush them out of whatever public place where they might be having a problem so as to avoid causing offense. I may err on the OTHER side of this equation.

    No, the problem I have is when the line is crossed from suggesting that courtesy and discipline should be employed by parents to suggesting that kids are sub-human, a nuisance, worthless, or have other than full human rights. Or that the choice to be a parent somehow lessens one. Or that the very existence of children imposes on your world. Sorry, feeling that way makes you a douchenozzle. Welcome to humanity–there are others in here with you, had you heard?

  155. ColbyWolf says:

    Some people have to fly, as was said above. Should I deny my child the right to meet his or her grandparents or great grandparents? Moreso — should I deny my parents or my great grandparents the right and ability to hold their grandchild or great grandchild before they die?

    My grandfather just died. I’m not even pregnant, but I’m still so sorry that I never gave him a great grandchild to hold and love.

    I’m not close enough to any of my family to make driving an option–in the places where it’s even possible. so I would HAVE to fly.

    This poor kid and his mother. that’s my thought on it.

    Oh, and again: the Parent’s Curse on all of you as well :) (that is: I hope your children are JUST LIKE YOU)

  156. Kifune says:


    I’m so glad I didn’t sit next to any of you self-absorbed obnoxious twits complaining on these forums two months ago when, due to family emergencies, I *had* to fly with my then 18 year old niece on two short-ish flights back home, alone.

    1) My niece is very well-behaved for her age — but fercrissakes these are toddlers. They are not easy to shush when they start their babbling and are not all that easily distractable. Stopping them mid-obsessions with something like “bye by plane” is not easy — as much as you people seem to think. Go ahead, try it.

    2) And again let’s not forget that a witness said the child was no louder than the talking adults on the plane. He was not running in the aisles, crying or screaming. I’d take that over endless public cellphone chatter from you self-important douches any day.

    2) Diapers. My niece had a poopy one mid-flight. It smelled, yes. Their was no flat surface in the bathroom near large enough to lay her down on. I was in a panic! Did I want to change her on the seats? Hell no! But what else was I to do? Luckily, I was sitting next to a nice grandmother on her way back from visiting her similarly aged grandaughter who helped shield the other passengers from the oh-so-awful site of my niece’s bare rump and a flash of poop.

  157. ColbyWolf says:

    *peeps, ninja-swaps Kifune’s 18 year old niece for an 18 month old version.* :D

  158. Skyoodpov says:

    “Or that the choice to be a parent somehow lessens one. Or that the very existence of children imposes on your world.”

    Yeah, and for every nutjob that thinks that way, there is another nutjob who think having kids gives them the inalienable right to do whatever the hell they, or their kid, wants.


    I’m sorry you lost your grandfather. Nothing but sympathy for you there, I know how hard that can be.

    I’m not even pregnant, but I’m still so sorry that I never gave him a great grandchild to hold and love.
    This however deserves the worlds smallest violin. You shouldn’t want to have had a kid just to make your grandaddy a happy pappy.

  159. rdldr1 says:

    This article is more of a commentary on BAD PARENTING. That kid needs to behave while flying or I’d blacklist that kid from my airline.

  160. Kifune says:

    @ColbyWolf: Haha thanks for that. She was indeed only 18 months. And I caught a their instead of there….damn where is the edit button?

  161. Promethean says:

    Baby heroin.

  162. eli_b says:

    I very very much doubt that the flight attendant said ‘it’s called benedryl’ and made a drinking motion. I’ve known lots of attendants and flown on lots of planes…I’m pretty sure nobody would ever risk their job to say that.

    Now re-gating the plane is an awesome idea. I’m sure the kid wasn’t just ‘saying’ it, he most likely was ‘screaming’ it if a child, rows back, can be heard and disturbed by the flight attendant all the way in the front of the plane. If a flight attendant has reached annoyance level, I’m sure the passengers have as well.

  163. wring says:

    @emilayohead: i just wish they wont procreate altogether. this way, everybody wins!

  164. Skyoodpov says:


    .2) Diapers. My niece had a poopy one mid-flight. It smelled, yes. Their was no flat surface in the bathroom near large enough to lay her down on. I was in a panic! Did I want to change her on the seats? Hell no! But what else was I to do? Luckily, I was sitting next to a nice grandmother on her way back from visiting her similarly aged grandaughter who helped shield the other passengers from the oh-so-awful site of my niece’s bare rump and a flash of poop.

    I was with you till that one. That is gross, inconsiderate, and a health hazard. I have been on the receiving end of another person doing this right next to me. I said it before. Every plane I have ever been on (From the mighty 747 to the deathtrap Dash-8) has a baby changing table in the bathroom. It folds down out of the wall. Even if that isn’t there, you change your kid in the bathroom SOMEHOW.


  165. kaikhor says:

    As earlier stated, I’m a parent of a 1.5 year old. I can understand that there are places that are inappropriate for small children (I agree, by the way, about keeping children out of non age appropriate movies) but an airplane is not. There are valid reasons for children to be on planes. If a child is over the age of 2 (or, will turn 2 between flights), a plane ticket must be bought. That gives the child the same rights on the plane the adult does. Does this mean the child can scream and run around on the plane? No, but neither can you be belligerent on a plane. This child wasn’t screaming, he was talking in a normal voice. This family did not deserve what happened to them.

  166. Kifune says:

    @Skyoodpov: Get over yourself. There wasn’t any room! And the poop didn’t touch a damn thing — it was controlled in the diaper. So I’m supposed to let her sit in her own feces for the last two hours of the ride?

  167. Benny Gesserit says:

    @PSLIM940: “we will go wherever we want to (within reason). If someone doesn’t like it, they can leave for all I care.”

    And that is PRECISELY why parents get little or no respect from people without children. It’s that sense of entitlement – the world is made for you and your child and the rest of us can go to hell.

    That’s why we sit and watch while you try to get shopping bags, purse and child(ren) on or off the bus without offering to help.

    You think of it as “your special burden.” I look at it a hole you dug yourself.

  168. Trai_Dep says:

    “Well, I’m not going to drug my child so you have a pleasant flight.”

    That pretty much ends it right there. “MY little precious is more important than 200 peoples’ peace of mind and sleep.

    Screw that. Screw her.

    Next time, she can either drive a car, read up on how safe child medications are or learn to properly raise a child.

    GAWDS save me from lousy, over-protective parents. Bet the child grows into being an over-entitled pest of a human being.

  169. geeniusatwrok says:


    Fuck, people just pull any ol baby name out of their asses.

  170. hoo_foot says:

    If you can’t get your kid to shut up for five minutes while the attendants are giving important directions to the rest of the passengers, then you should be booted off the plane.

    I also have a hard time believing that the flight attendant said those words, but with the way airlines act these days, who knows…

  171. FordPrfct says:

    @backspinner: I truly wish your parents had similarly believed that the world was better off without “damn annoying toddlers”.

  172. Jerim says:


    I wouldn’t say that it was the child’s behavior that is the problem. Kids will be kids, but adults have to attempt to at least parent their child. I very seriously doubt she was thrown off because of her child, but because of her “I don’t care” attitude. If she had just made some honest attempts to calm the child down everything would have been fine. It was her actions, not the child’s, that resulting in the incident.

  173. waswik says:


    Are you serious? I am amazed that people like you exist. You obviously do not have children, and have absolutely no idea what it means to “properly raise a child”. That seems to be the biggest difference between the 2 sides of this argument: 1) people who know what it’s like to have kids, and 2) people who think kids have an off switch.

  174. DF says:

    “I’m in the camp of keep your kid controlled and quiet.”

    If you’ve discovered a way to get a toddler — you know, 1 to 2 years old, just learning to communicate, doesn’t yet understand the concepts of “quiet” and “considerate,” etc. — to “keep quiet” on a plane without child abuse, please let the rest of us know.

    Better yet, patent the technique and become rich overnight ;-)


    @SKYOODPOV: “If you are a good parent, there really is no excuse for not being able to control your kid, excluding injury or sickness.” See above: An older kid? Sure. But kids aren’t born knowing how to “behave.” Below a certain age — different for each kid — even the best parent in the world can’t always prevent a meltdown.

    But I guess some of you think that just means that until our kids reach that magical age, we should just stay inside and lock the doors… (News flash: kids learn to behave by *being in situations* where they have to learn how to behave.)

  175. Skyoodpov says:

    No, your kid doesnt have to sit in its own poop, but neither should the rest of the cabin be exposed to its feculent mess. What if you HAD spilled the diaper? What then? The risk is still there.

    And there is plenty of room in an airline bathroom to change a kid, you were just lazy and inconsiderate.

    Did you tell the stewardess to disinfect the tray table? I will guess not. People eat on that. The poop doesn’t need to touch the table for it to become soiled. Do you eat off of where you change the kid at home?

    God, I can’t even COMPREHEND how inconsiderate that is, and you say I need to get over MYSELF? You need to show a little common courtesy for your fellow passengers.

  176. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    I think all of the folks in category #2 (who think kids have an off switch) and those who are posting about drugging your kids being an option, or think they have some ‘right’ to not have to put up with OTHER PEOPLE (regardless of age), you folks all should have never survived childhood. We should have treated you all like you want us to treat kids now. When you OWN THE FUCKING PLANET you can make the rules. Now run along and whine to someone else.

  177. @brokennails: “I think that MINIMIZING unnecessary plane trips with children (especially the poorly behaved ones) can also minimize stress for everyone on the plane — including the parents.”

    But here’s the thing: Parents of poorly-behaved children are typically the parents who can’t be bothered. Parents of generally well-behaved children who occasionally have an off day are SQUIRMING WITH EMBARASSMENT while their infant cries on the plane on the way to grandma’s funeral (or whatever).

    @all: So most of the really angry posts in this thread about the evils of “breeders” are just pissing off and upsetting the good parents (who are going to be far less inclined to worry about the tender feelings of a self-righteous non-breeder who fails to understand the basic construction of a civil society (it includes children, assholes) the next time little Johnny acts up) and flying right by the bad parents.

    The bad parents don’t give a rat’s ass what you think regardless of how nasty you get. But you’re sure doing a great job alienating the people who agree with you!

    (No, I don’t have children.)

  178. Fidomom says:

    I think that all the outraged pro-child/pro-parent readers should re-read your comments. When you talk of entitlement, it is unfortunately those with unruly children that think they are entitled to “understanding” from the rest of us who either do not have children or choose not to impose them on others. Ever sat in front of small child on a flight that kept kicking the seatback every 5 seconds – I have. And when I asked the parent to get the child to stop – I was told to mind my own business!
    Childbearing is a choice – as was said earlier. And part of that means choosing to not impose your decisions (including uncontrollable children) on others. If you have a difficult child…ever thought about driving?

  179. brokennails says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: Sadly, you are too, too right.

  180. SpaceCat85 says:

    @all the people suggesting that it’s okay to just drug a kid on cold medicine when taking him/her out in public, do you ever actually read warning labels? This kind of stuff will mess with your blood pressure and, in some cases, damage your liver if you abuse it.

    It’s not like the flight attendant suggested giving the toddler a lollipop or something else that would placate him. This is a drug.

  181. Televiper says:

    As far as I’m concerned, having the kid repeat “bye, bye, airplane” is exactly how you get them to behave. I child not behaving is throwing fits, they’re grabbing, they’re not sitting still, and/or they’re screaming at the top of their longs. YOU CANNOT GAG A TODDLER nor do they fully appreciate that they need to be quiet sometimes.

    Also remember that you are in public, and when you are in public you can only expect to enjoy yourself. You ARE NOT entitled to enjoy other people.

    That kid was an angel. You want a bad kid?? You try doing performing all the little trick that you think will make that kid behave the way you want them too. I GUARANTEE the opposite effect.

    I was lucky that the couple times I’ve flown my daughter behaved. Most young children fall asleep when the pressure changes. That’s probably what the mother was expecting, but until then she was keeping the kid entertained the best way she knew how.

  182. Televiper says:


    This kid wasn’t misbehaving in that way. Kicking the back of someone’s seat is misbehavior that shouldn’t be tolerated. We are talking about a 2-year old saying “bye bye airplane” We are responding to people who seem to equate children with robots and expect children to behave like they’re in some Norman Rockwell painting.

  183. Televiper says:


    I do put myself in the shoes of the other passengers. I still don’t care that it bothers you. Drive next time. You won’t have anyone to bother you then.

  184. mskim says:

    As a general rule, I do not inflict my children upon the public past 6:30 p.m., a.k.a. “the witching hour.” As their caretaker, I can predict their whiny periods without fail. There are times, however, when public appearances – and transportation – cannot be avoided. Like this crazy-ass two-leg 9:30 p.m. flight we took from South Mississippi to San Antonio…a week after Hurricane Katrina devasted our town. My kids were tired, hungry, dirty and sweaty (from no running water or air-conditioning) and WHINY. They weren’t screaming or throwing tantrums, but their attitudes were pathetic, and the looks of utter disdain coupled with the rolled eyes and passive-aggressive comments we received while waiting at Dallas-Love did NOT help.

    Yes, I am responsible for keeping my children’s behavior within reasonable bounds for public consideration, i.e. quiet voices, hands and feet to themselves, messes cleaned up. I wish more adults traveling without children would self-police half as well.

    That said, public transportation is a human experience rife with the smells, sounds and sights we all emit. If you can’t hack it, fly private or drive.

  185. ronaldscott says:

    @Televiper: We do pay one of those. It’s called BUYING A TICKING FOR THE KID. As long as they’re 2 or older, they pay full adult price for their seat.

  186. ronaldscott says:

    @Jim (The Canuck One): How is that a sense of entitlement? Isn’t that just insistence on one’s rights? Shouldn’t we all insist on our rights? If you want a world where children never grace your field of vision, you’re out of luck.

  187. ronaldscott says:

    @hoo_foot: LOL, “important instructions.” I don’t think that speech has changed in 30 years.

  188. pine22 says:

    i am a frequent traveler, and Ive been on countless flights. its real simple, get the music player of your choice, or watch the in-flight movie. you could also pay the extra money and sit in first class. sometimes after a rough trip i feel really burned out, so ill pay extra for a little more comfort. they paid for the flight and they’ve got somewhere to be just like me. be the bigger person and dont let petty sh*t get to you.

    i find it amazing at some of the comments made here. you b*tch about how kids are unruly, are sometimes loud, and OMG disobey their parents?!? ive never seen that before! you were once a child, and i am 100% certain you acted out too and directly caused other people in public to be uncomfortable at some point in your childhood. people might have stared sharply at your parents, but most would have given you the benefit of the doubt.

  189. AnastasiaBeaverhousen says:

    Sigh. The obnoxious breeders and those they annoy are both overlooking the most important element of this. YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO FLY!!! It is a privilege. The airline is a business and if they are not discriminating against a protected class they can pretty much boot off anyone they damn well please. The youth, and even the fat, are not a protected class. Suck it up lady and realize that it is the impatient businessman who makes up the majority of a major carrier’s revenue. Toys R Us doesn’t cater to us and we don’t have to cater to you. If you don’t like it you can take your $59 to Southwest.

  190. dbeahn says:

    @rocnrule: “@aparsons:
    Doh, you beat me, now my comment looks redundant.”

    Wow, that was redundant…

  191. dbeahn says:

    @axiomatic: “If the airline sold her and her child a seat, you a-holes have to cope with it. YOU ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE!”

    Here’s a news flash: YOU are not the center of the universe, either. Neither is your howler-monkey daughter.

    Seriously, why should anyone care that you have to do what the court orders? Why should anyone have to put up with an unruly child for the duration of an international flight just because you couldn’t hold a marriage together?

    Normally I’m not this callous, but your whole “YOU MUST PUT UP WITH ME BECAUSE I SAY I HAVE TO FLY” bullshit attitude sucks. You DON’T HAVE TO FLY. You had other choices. Keep your marriage together. Move to Thailand. Take a boat.

    So you want to say “I’m flying with my daughter, so tough shit to everyone around me!”? Guess what lady? Tough shit – it’s EXACTLY parents like you who think everyone OWES bratty little you and your bratty little kid special treatment that makes normally tolerant people say they don’t want to be bothered putting up with your kid.

  192. robyndanielle21 says:

    I am disgusted that someone would even suggest “Baby Benadryl” to shut a child up. Have they never heard of all of the children that die from drug overdose because someone was trying “shut a child up”. Everyone has the same rights and why should parents not have the right to travel with their children? I have met too many obnoxious adults in my life and I can definitely be more sympathetic to a child than I can to some loud mouth jerk thinking they are being cute.

  193. Slytherin says:

    @dbeahn: VERY WELL SAID!!!! Parents should really think about actually assuming the role of PARENTS and start to control their kids. No wonder today’s kids and teenagers are such fucked up, spoiled, and “entitled” bastards!!!!

  194. Televiper says:


    It appears that kids have been “fucked up, spoiled, and “entitled” bastards” for so long now that they’ve grown up and started posting on The Consumerist.

  195. Ola says:

    So if they kicked the mom and her kid off for TALKING (he probably would’ve shut up/fell asleep soon enough on his own), does the mom get to have her ticket refunded after an ELEVEN HOUR WAIT?! Seriously. The male passenger sounded incredibly rude to begin with, and then the stewardess suggests drugging a kid with Benadryl to keep him quiet?!

    Here’s a thought – what if the child had been autistic or something, which often causes a child to latch onto a particular thing? Sounds like some folks at Continental need to loosen up.

  196. nardo218 says:

    @axiomatic: I’ve done that too. *shrug* I like kids. I agree with the people calling modern parents lazy and kids are more obnoxious than they used to be. But this kid was just a little talkative and it was play with him and not read my book, or sit by while his mom tries to keep him and the baby quiet and not read my book, so. It was good for me, I hadn’t thought I was good with kids until then. And it was nice to feel appreciated and like I’d done a goood thing, with the mother so grateful.

    Um. I’m still seeing Harry Potter and Ratatoille at midnight to avoid kids both small and high schooling.

  197. mconfoy says:

    wow, so many angry “men” here that evidently are not men enough to get married and have children. all that testosterone and no place to put it.

  198. Christopher_Dittmar says:

    I only see one thing wrong with this entire story. I have been searching and reading all versions of this story from news stations, web sites and other news media of various sources. The media really needs to start investigating deeper before publishing their stories. Not a single line is put into any of these news stories from the other end of the stick.

    Where the interviews with other passengers on the plane that witnessed this? We see the mother’s side of the story and that makes it apear as though the kid was just repeating a phrase, but the real question is – how LOUD was he saying this?

    I am a pilot, and I take safety in the air VERY seriously. It is not as if you can just pull over in case something happens. If an incident happens in the air, then no matter what it is, it’s serious and has to handled right the first time, every time. There’s no room for error up there.

    Thus, the safety announcement is crucial. People really do have to be able to pay attention to those announcements and not have distractions at the time they are being given.

    1) I have not flown a single airline flight where there was not a soul present who is taking his/her very first flight and has no clue what is going on. I remember the first time I ever flew — it was with Frontier when i joined the Army. It was all exciting and everything happened so fast. Fortunately on that flight people were quiet and i was able to follow along with the F/A and know what the heck was going on.

    2) People not paying atention to the safety announcements endanger others as much as they endanger themselves – ESPECIALLY on smaller aircraft like the ERJ-145LR/XR, which is the aircraft ExpressJet uses. It’s a small 50-seat aircraft and it never ceases to amaze me how many folks start jacking with their cell phones during critical phases of flight. In the passenger’s mind, they think that “rule” is just a “convenience” so we don’t have distractions or noises in the cabin. Not so. The reason we cannot use cell phones is two-fold — it is a violation of the FCC codes because of line of site (too complicated to go into here) and it also screws with some critical navigation equipment in the airplane.

    Fortunately airliners have good backup systems, but in the smaller prop aircraft i fly, it never fails — I always give a safety briefing (I fly little puddle jumpers — we don’t have flight attendants) and at LEAST once per day my VOR needle goes whacko — all I have to do is look in the cabin and see someone jacking with their cell phone — right after my announcing they need to be shut off.

    The point here is we as the readers of this story have no idea how loud this kid was being. We know the phrase being said, but we don’t know the volume or how much it really interfered with the announcements.

    Oh . . . before I get flamed here, I do admit that IF the flight attendant did handle the situation precisely like that, I’d have approached it a bit differently. maybe explain to the passenger, “I apologize, but we really need you to keep your child quiet during the safety announcements. You may have flown before, and we understand and appreciate your business. But there may be passengers on the flight who have not flown with us before and if we have an emergency they need to know what to do.”

    THEN if the issue persists, then heck yes I’d taxi back to the gate and take action. But I’d do it not because a child was annoying me. I’d do it because as the PIC (Pilot in Command) I have to assure the safety of everyone on board, and that includes maintaining order. I must admit from a parent’s point of view, if I have my kids with me on a flight – that safety briefing is the most crucial part of the flight. Maybe that’s the loving parent in me . . .

  199. Christopher_Dittmar says:


    In reply to the divorce decree comment — if that situation were to occur, all you’d have to do is contact the airline and have them verify that a circumstance occured that delayed your travel and the courts would take that into consideration. Even if it was the mother’s fault, she was deplaned — period — and thus the court could not do anything but delay the visitation by the amount of time it took the mother to get to her destination.

    Oh . . . and flying is never a “have to” thing. It’s always an option. Buses, trains, boats and cars still exist as well.

    And on the part of putting up with breathing, snoring, coughing and going to the bathroom, you can always request the F/A intervene and possibly even move you to another seat. Newspapers do have to be within the width of your own seat so the F/A can make a passenger close the paper.

    And again nowhere in the news articles is there mention of “normal speaking voice”, so again until witnesses are interviewed and this goes further, we cannot assume on that part.

  200. eli_b says:

    If you watch the video, when the kid is playing basketball, you can hear the child has the voice of the devil. Was he ‘saying’ bye bye plane or was he screeching it?

    Either way, regardless of the flight attendants stance, it was the pilot who made the decision, and if he didn’t think it was a big deal, why would he go through all the trouble of turning the plane around? There are a few facts missing from this story for sure.

  201. Christopher_Dittmar says:

    By the way — I didnt have a chance to edit this into my prior comments — I am not taking sides on the matter with either the parent od F/A. I think, based on what’s been published so far, that if everything int he story is true, it could have been handled better by both sides.

  202. superbmtsub says:

    @Televiper: I’ll remember to munch on some bean burritos on my next flight. I hope you don’t mind my farts because I sure as heck don’t.

    Maybe driving from coast to coast is an easy thing for you but sure aint for me. You can take your crying children on your road trips. Just do us all a favor and avoid flying will ya?

    True, kids cant always be controlled but if the parent doesnt make any reasonable attempt to get their to child behave, social niceties are being trampled upon and somebody’s gotta do smth.

    Kicking them outta the flight was a bit too harsh though.

  203. TangDrinker says:

    Yall are missing something. It’s a 2 year old. Benadryl for babies does not calm them down – it makes them agitated. If she dosed her baby up – imagine the terror he would become.

    Comparing a toddler/infant to an older child who can respond to your requests is beyond stupid.

  204. Slytherin says:

    @Televiper: Hence your presence here, Televiper.

  205. rockergal says:


    no we are not the center of the universe, but neither are “mommy’s with their Daaaarling kids”

    after having been on a cross-atlantic plane ride for 17 hours next to a “daaarling” kid,
    I would pay a premium to fly an “adults only flight”

  206. J. Gov says:

    Clearly he was a terrorist. “Bye-bye plane?”

    Seriously, though, come on. I’d just be grateful he wasn’t kicking my seat.

  207. str1cken says:

    No one is the center of the universe, including mothers.

    I’m sick of this maternal sense of entitlement. The whole world does not revolve around you and your spawn, nor should it. You, as a mother, are responsible for the behaviour of your child and if the child is loud enough that even on a loud plane it is disturbing to the flight attendant or other passengers, you need to shut the kid up. Her refusal to do so is exactly the problem in this situation.

    The needs of the other 119 passengers trump the mother’s desire to let her child say whatever it wants at whatever volume it wants.

    Anyone who says the child should be allowed to disturb all the other passengers because the other passengers aren’t the center of the universe have it backwards. The other passengers shouldn’t have to deal with a wailing child because the child is not the center of the universe.

  208. Metschick says:

    This thread has been comedy gold.

    “Breeders SUCK!” “No, childless hipsters suck!”


    Anyways, I fall somewhere in the middle. I’m a breeder hipster. (Actually, I’m totally unhip.) I have a 2 year old who, luckily, has been well-behaved on the three flights I’ve taken her. I only say luckily because two of those flights were taken when she was 4 months and 12 months.

    When I flew with her in March, I made sure to have some snacks and juice handy for the 3 hour flight. As soon as we sat down, I kept her entertained with the goings-on outside the window. The older she gets, the more I’ll make sure the keep her entertained with books, crayons, what have you, so she doesn’t get bored – that’s when most kids get cranky, when they get bored. (She even kicked the seat in front of us, and I firmly grabbed her leg and told her “NO”. She didn’t do it again.)

    I flew last year to Pitt from Philly, and my sister wanted me to bring the baby along. I refused. We were going for the weekend, there’s no need to have a baby along for that. (Good thing I didn’t. There was a 4 hour delay – in the plane – on the way there.)

    I agree with everyone saying we should be a bit tolerant of a child when we see that the parent is actually trying to do something about his/her unruliness. And I also agree that not every place is intended for children. My daughter’s been to the movies twice. Both were early shows of cartoons. She will NOT be going to the movies at night till she is older and knows how to sit quietly for 2 hours. (Unlike my cousin who recently took her 1 month old baby to an evening showing of some adult movie or other. Seriously, I just do the opposite of whatever she does.)

    I see I’ve rambled on for far too long. Let me shut up now.

  209. honu-girl says:

    @Skyoodpov: I have flown A LOT with a small child (family overseas). NOT ALL AIRPLANE BATHROOMS HAVING CHANGING TABLES. I have flown on many a plane that didn’t have one. If I can change my baby in the bathroom, I do. But, as stated by others, there often isn’t any room, and then it becomes a safety issue for me and my child to try to maneuver in that cramped space, with no flat surface large enough to make the change. As for the health “issue” everything should be contained in the diaper, and if I ever have to change my child in a non-standard place, I put something down to protect it. However, if you make me not change my child when s/he needs to be changed by not allowing me to do it where it is SAFE, there very well may be leakage, thus creating a biohazard. Deal with it.

  210. synergy says:

    @Hodo: IAWTC!

  211. synergy says:

    @emilayohead: You should watch a show like Supernanny where jelly-spined parents are taught to turn monsters like that into civilized human beings with a little bit of firm discipline.

  212. synergy says:

    @Islingtonian: Of course not, but my mother didn’t hesitate to discipline me so I didn’t do it again.

  213. synergy says:

    @brokennails: “Heh. Both the ‘breeders’ and the ‘iPod-wearing hipsters’ love to accuse each other of believing that the world revolved around them.”

    No shit, right. So, if I complain about parents not attempting to discipline a child (“what do you expect me to do about it?” etc), then I must automatically be a grown-up child. Uh no. These undisciplined children who think the world revolves around them are probably the ones growing up to be the annoying, self-centered, self-involved “hipsters” these holier-than-thou parents are bitching about.

  214. tricia_lynn says:

    I have 3 children, never have road on a plain, by choise. a child is going to be a child. sure they can drive you batty, and make you want to run screaming into a burning buliding. but they are still children, and a 2 yeahold, does not know anybetter , he was not acting out , he was just repeating the new words he had learned. I will be the 1st to say parnets are letting their children get out of control and run amock, but that was not the case here and the airline should have handled this a lot better. becaouse there are alot more parnets flying and when you mess with our kids you will start to lose bussness. and no matter what you say today when you were a child you did the same thing. look at it this way, child or adult if you have a problem and needs a helping hand whould you want this flightattindent helping you or just embarrsing you and making the matter worse.

  215. Skyoodpov says:


    I have flown A LOT with a small child (family overseas). NOT ALL AIRPLANE BATHROOMS HAVING CHANGING TABLES.

    You can do what you like on some piddly little 3rd world airline overseas. The flight TAKING you there I guarantee has a changing table. No international flight will NOT have a changing table because they are all larger planes.

    Secondly I have personally, successfully changed a diaper on the lid of a bus toilet seat. I guarantee a BUS bathroom is at most the same size as an airline bathroom. So once again, yes there is room, if you are considerate enough to find it.

    But if you are alright being a disgusting human being with no consideration for those around you, knock yourself out. Your kids will probably end up the same way.

  216. SJActress says:

    “Shall we drug EVERYONE that talks on a plane so they pass out and are silent?”