Sicko, For Pets!

“I just got off of the phone with the insurance company [VPI Pet Insurance] that covers our puppy. They advertise a broad range of protections for pets and make lots of promises about the great coverage that they offer. They were recommended to us by our vet as one of the most reliable in the field. It seems, though, that they are just as shady and unreliable as so many other insurance companies that we hear horror stories about.”

About eight weeks ago, our dog was treated for a stomach bug, a bout of diarrhea. He was treated and we submitted the claim. This one was denied because it fell between the time when we applied for the insurance and when the policy kicked in. No problem. Then, several weeks later, he had some vomiting, we took him to the vet and filed a claim with the insurance company [VPI]. Now that claim is being denied. They are claiming that all stomach-related illnesses fall under the category of “pre-existing conditions” although he has no chronic stomach problems and the two incidents were entirely unrelated to one another. Both incidents occurred after we applied for the policy, but the second one is being denied because we filed the first one during the short window before the policy kicked in. This seems entirely unfair, as we applied for the policy in total good faith, when he was in great health. Now I am told that we cannot get reimbursed for any medical expenses related to stomach issues, because they will all fall under the category of pre-existing illness, although he has no illnesses to speak of. He will have to go for a full year without any stomach problems (almost impossible for many puppies) before we can apply to have the exemption removed.

I’m not sure what to do, other than to write a long letter to the Insurance company and to alert everyone to the unethical practices of VPI Insurance. They don’t care about pets, only about profit.

Barry T.

It’s almost like VPI, and said hey, those are some great ideas. Let’s do the same thing, except for pets.

We don’t know, can you file a chargeback against an insurance company? Otherwise, yes, take your own advice and write a letter to the company. But don’t make it long. And don’t make it about how unethical they are. Make it about how you feel there was a misunderstanding and you feel your claim was unfairly denied. Here’s a how to to get you started.

(Photo: Catskills Grrl)

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