JetBlue Pilot Refuses To Return To Gate, Fights To Keep Flight From Cancellation

“Hello, I’ve been seeing all these negative stories about airlines on your site, and I just thought I would share 1 positive one. Well, I have been flying jetblue since 2001, even before they had the TV’s installed in their planes For years, I have taken jetblue only, but recently they have been pretty hit or miss, really disappointing.

On June 21st, I was on flight 6 from JFK to Buffalo departing at 5:20 and arriving in Buffalo at 7:12. We pushed back from the gate at exactly 5:20, and started our journey to the runway, as number 20 or so in line. At this point, the weather just got worse and worse, and eventually all flights north were suspended, with us being 2nd in line for take off, bummer.”

From this point, I would say the captain was in contact with us almost every 15 minutes, as we were shuffled around the taxi ways of JFK. He was giving us constant weather updates, trying to find alternate routes to buffalo with the help of ATC, and refused to go back to the gate because our flight would then be canceled. After about 2 hours, they were kind enough to start the food and drink service, even though they were pretty much not allowed to.

All the while, the TV’s were functioning, which was great. Finally, after 3 and a half hours on the taxi ways, we take off and get into Buffalo at about 10:30. 2 days later, without any asking, Jetblue emails me with a $100 refund in accordance with the Customer Bill of Rights

The captain of the flight was absolutely excellent, CONSTANT communication with us every step of the way, from the medical emergency in the plane behind us, to telling us that the engines burn 2 gallons of fuel per minute idling on the runways. Totally restored my faith and love for jetblue.

Even I was knocking them recently. I just felt that this was a great experience (other than the weather)..and hey, $100 back on a $170 flight isn’t half bad.

Now that was jolly good of the captain, and very good of JetBlue for emailing the refund without even being asked. That’s what we like to see, especially considering that the delays would’ve been due to the weather and most airlines only give refunds for non Force Majeur events.

(Photo: Star Trek)

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