AT&T Giving iPhone Users A Case Of Sticker Shock

New iPhone users are gasping as the first bills arrive and they read numbers that are significantly higher than they thought they’d be.

One blogger writes:

A $36 activation fee + a $70 a month plan (Including the $10 more for 1,500 text messages) + 8.9% tax does NOT equal $139.73. Yet AT&T has no explanation as to why this costs what it does. It should be AROUND $117.

When I called AT&T on Friday, they said it was part of the plan and there was no way around it. I was told to call back on Sunday and speak with a representative, (which by the way is IMPOSSIBLE to find on their web site, if it exists at all) to find out that AT&T’s customer service department is not open on Sunday.

Ha, ha, ha! Call back on Sunday! That’s hilarious, AT&T. Anyway, the average amount of tax on a cell phone is 16.8%, according to Forbes, so that explains some of it. The rest is likely due to a prorated month of service being taxed on there for people who activated at the end of June. Also, AT&T bills one month in advance for new activations. New iPhone users should see their next month’s bill drop.

If you have questions about additional charges to your bill and what they mean, check out AT&T’s Additional Charges section.

AT&T Ruining iPhone experience… [A Hind-D?! via digg]
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