Most Stores Pull Chris Benoit Action Figures

Most stores pulled their stock of Chris Benoit action figures after the WWE wrestler murdered his family, but the toys can still be found by those morbid individuals, and reporters, who look hard enough.

According to news reports, Target is still selling something called the ” “Micro Aggression Crash and Bash Playset & Cage Match,” which includes a Benoit figure, and some eBay sales of Benoit related merchandise have attracted a crowd of bidders.

Most stores, however, have pulled all references to Benoit from their shelves, including Walmart and Toys ‘R Us. The manufacturer of the Benoit action figures has discontinued all Benoit merchandise.

“The company takes what happens very seriously and we don’t want to contribute anymore to the situation, so we are no longer going to be distributing or making any more Chris Benoit action figures,” said Genna Rosenberg, spokeswoman of Jakks Pacific Inc. “We have the power to not make them, and no longer send them out, and that’s what we are planning to do.”

Wrestler’s death, murders overshadow merchandise [Mercury News]

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